Definitions of Creativity

June 23rd, 2012

I’m recovering today from the whirlwind of last two days, feeling so amazed by all the talent on display and impressed with the hundreds of creative people present at the same conference, sharing their knowledge and skills with one another.

I’ve been thinking about creativity a lot, what it means, how to channel it, where it comes from, and how to use those inspired ideas to turn them into something satisfying and tangible.  Children are great examples of creativity in action.  Their minds are free to make up worlds and crafts and ideas and art with their wild imaginations and most express themselves creatively without reservation.

But then something happens as we grow.  We start to care what others will think and then we squelch our creativity deep down out of fear.  I think that’s where the common phrase “I’m not creative” comes from, our adult shell refusing to let our childlike inspiration run free.  I believe we’re all born creative, and as adults, we need to consciously tap into those ideas, those feelings, those moments, and take action to express them, whether it’s writing or photography or art or design or whatever subject it is that brings forth those unique ideas.

On this topic, I asked a few ladies who express their own creativity with great confidence and finesse to share their personal definitions.  I hope you enjoy their responses as much as I do.

“Creativity often happens for me when I’m out and about in Mother Nature (even if it’s only the Urban Jungle).  It’s combinations of color especially blow me away, like the trees in a forest whose perfect shadings of multiple greens and browns inspired my living room walls and trim.”  – Elaine Griffin, Interior Designer

elaine griffin family room


“The thing about creativity is that it works best with three ingredients that most of us try to avoid. The first is margin, you know like white space. I do my best creative work when I give myself permission to mess around with no expectations if I know I need to be done in 15 minutes my creativity is squelched. Creativity takes unscheduled time.

The other ingredients? Risk and limitations. If you don’t take a risk then you aren’t really being creative are you? And those pesky limitations? Those are the parameters where the creativity happens. My most creative days last year were when I worked ahead of time and decorated for my sister’s book release party. I limited myself to decorating with only book pages and then I had time to take big risks knowing if something didn’t work out, I could make something else.”  – Nester from Nesting Place

nesting place creativity



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Summer Is… by The Inspired Room

June 22nd, 2012

Hello hello all, I’m still in in “Hotlanta” today, but enjoying the faces and people I’ve met here at the Haven Conference, we’re all so happy it’s been a great success so far, and the Haven team really appreciates all the support from our amazing sponsor brands

My final visitor in this “Summer Is” series is my good friend Melissa from The Inspired Room.  She’s a fellow west coast gal who I’ve traveled with to several events, and we’ve become good friends over the years.  She writes all about home decorating and design and loves the topic as much as I do, please welcome Melissa!

Hello! My name is Melissa and I’m from The Inspired Room. I’m so honored today that my lovely friend Kate invited me here to share what summer is to me! I do love summer! While Fall has always been considered my most favorite season (I’m a sit-by-a-cozy-fire-kind-of-girl, what can I say?) there is so much to enjoy about summer! While it is hard to narrow down all of my summer favorites, I’m happy to share a few with you today.

melissa summer inspiration

When I think of summer, I dream of relaxing on cool evenings in a lovely outdoor space, sipping cold drinks with friends in the warm summer sun, wonderful family vacations at our beach front home and lightening up the decor inside and out with fun summer accessories and vibrant color.  I love to indulge all my senses in every season, so as soon as summer arrives I always fill my home with the most refreshing summer scents!  I’m currently loving the tropical fruit candle called Volcano from Anthropologie.

I’m so glad summer is finally here and I intend to enjoy every minute of it!

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I want to thank Melissa and my three friends Myra, Chris, and Melissa for taking over the blog during these past two days and sharing their summer favorites.  Don’t forget to enter the ‘Boost Your Roost’ contest for a chance to win a $20,000 home renovation – it’s easy to enter and it could be YOU!