Which Style Home Would You Choose?

January 13th, 2012

I notice the architectural details of homes everywhere I go, I just can’t stop, it’s an obsession of mine.  My mister has grown accustomed to me shouting “Stop the car! Check out that house!”  followed up by “I neeeeed to take a picture!”.  This happens a lot when we take a road trip or travel, we drive around the neighborhoods to get a feel for the real estate in the region. I love so many styles from Colonial to Craftsman and it’s so hard to commit to just one favorite.  Are any of you the same?  Do you go pretend house hunting too?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun this weekend to find out what style of home is your favorite. Is is a country farmhouse that makes you swoon, or a modern contemporary structure that makes you go ga ga?  Here’s a look at ten popular styles of residential architecture in America, and then you can vote for your favorite at the end! 

1.  Craftsman Bungalow:   Triangular low pitched roofs and mixed materials of brick, wood, and stone make this style of home one of the most popular in the country.  Craftsman bungalows have recessed covered porches with tapered square columns, overhanging eaves, decorative brackets, and exposed rafters.    

craftsman style home

craftsman home

images: river front builders; la times


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Installing Beadboard Wallpaper

January 12th, 2012

Hey all, I’m so excited to show you the beadboard wallpaper in our powder room!  I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time, especially after reading Rhoda’s tutorial, and at last I got around to it the other day. This really is such a great solution for those who want to add the classic look of beadboard wainscoting to a bathroom but avoid the expense of real panels (and the tricky cuts around the plumbing).

This project is step one in the little makeover going on in here, and I worked up a ‘how to’ with the steps I followed.

how to install beadboard wallpaper

I’m took a lot of these step-by-step pictures with my phone (sorry for the quality) but you’ll get the idea!  First, here’s your supply list: primer* for walls; beadboard wallpaper, chair rail trim, sponge, measuring tape, bucket, level, scissors, roller, brad nails and hammer (or brad nailer), paint color of choice, miter saw for chair rail trim.

*I primed the walls with water based Zinsser 1-2-3 Plus where I was installing the wallpaper because the before paint was semi-gloss and I needed that paste to stick… I believe the wallpaper is recommended for primed walls as I recall from the instructions inside (which I threw out of course before I sat down to write this today…gah.)  If you have flat paint on your walls, you probably don’t need primer.


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