Courtyard Resurfaced!

April 23rd, 2012

So I’ve been dreaming of resurfacing our courtyard space for years and years and years.  Long story short, after our home’s expansion and remodel six years ago we were left with hodge podge pieces of old and new concrete surfaces that never matched up.  Over the years, I covered it up and diverted attention with outdoor rugs and furniture and pots in places, but oh heavens it was not an attractive scene. 

We went back and forth on how to remedy the whole problem.  Rip out the concrete and repour new?  Cover it with travertine or slate?  All the solutions we could think of over the years ended up too costly and too big of a headache, so it sat and sat for season after season. 

After the back breaking job of adding stone to a smaller circular patio last year, we knew the large courtyard was a job we wanted to hand over to professionals. A few months ago, Matt found the perfect solution: a company that offered concrete restoration that would completely resurface our existing courtyard and unite it all together without any removal at all, and that was exactly what we were looking for. 

Here’s our rear courtyard before the work began, it measures roughly 20’ x 20’. 

courtyard before


Here’s how it looks now after the resurfacing.  Much improved!

resurfaced courtyard after


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Raspberry Lemontini!

April 22nd, 2012

Hello everyone, happy Sunday, I’m back and finally rested from the SNAP Conference!  It was a whirlwind three days, and I left Salt Lake City on Saturday completely exhausted.  I traveled with my sis, so we had a blast spending time together, plus I had the opportunity to meet a lot of bloggers I’ve never met and hang out with some blog friends too.  I didn’t snap many pics of the trip since I was running around everywhere, but I am looking forward to some of the recaps we’ll be reading in the upcoming days.

I promised the recipe for one of my favorite cocktails earlier this week, so here goes.  This one is fun for when you’re hanging out with the girls!  It’s a raspberry lemontini made with fresh ingredients that can be prepped in advance of your upcoming soirée.  Here’s the quick way to make them, enjoy!

raspberry lemontini cg

Ingredients you’ll need: cocktail shaker, ice, citron vodka, Triple Sec, large lemons (1 for each drink), 12 oz. raspberries, 1 cup sugar, sugar rimmer, lemon wedges for garnish, lemon juicer, martini glasses.

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