Summer Is… by 320 Sycamore

June 21st, 2012

It is so nice having spent this past week on vacation and I’m *almost* ready to return home – I do look forward to the familiarity that awaits.  Our vacation has been so great, yet I can’t wait to enjoy even more pleasures of summer in our own backyard.  Today, I have two more guests who will share their favorites about this time of year in the “Summer Is” series, the first is my friend Melissa who offers so many great tips, ideas, and projects for the home at her blog 320 Sycamore

320 sycamore blog


“Thank you, Kate for having me over at your place! I love summer. When I think of summer, I think of  flags and home-town parades,

summer 2

cloud watching in green grass,

summer 3

do you see the whale eating the fish??

summer 4

lazy afternoons in the hammock with a good book,

summer 5

blueberry picking,

summer 6

the lake,

summer 7

playing until dark,

summer 8

lanterns, white candles, driftwood, and shells

summer 10

and yummy salads.


(we love this one from Southern Living)

For us, it’s a perfect time to slow down a bit, to lighten things up around the house, to open the windows at night, to soak in childhood and make memories, and to be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy that others have sacrificed so much for.

It’s the smell of green grass, sunscreen, and burgers on the grill. It’s the sound of marching bands, crickets, and sprinklers.  It’s the touch of gooey toasted marshmallows, cool water, and hot pavement underneath your bare feet.  It’s the taste of watermelon, strawberry jam, and ice cream cones. It’s the sight of fireflies at night, green fields, flowers, and lemonade stands. It’s the time that you look back on a cold, dreary February afternoon and long for.  Here’s to summer of 2012!”

Thanks so much Melissa for sharing your summer favorites with us – burgers, and watermelon, and ice cream?  Yes, please!  And I so love how Melissa’s summer’s are ones dedicated to making memories, do you feel the same?  



Summer Is… by Just A Girl

June 21st, 2012

Today my blog buddy Chris from Just A Girl is my teammate today in the Paint & Stain class we’re teaching at Haven, and so I invited her to share a few of her favorite things about summer too. 

just a girl

“Hello, everyone! I’m Chris from Just a Girl, and Kate couldn’t have chosen a better topic to guest post on. Who doesn’t love summer? My only problem, of course, is narrowing it down to a handful of favorites when it comes to summertime! Where do I begin?

Sleeping in. The rest of these are in no particular order, but this one?  It’s first. Throughout the school year, I get up around 6:00, so the opportunity to sleep in until it’s actually light out is life-changing for me!

sleeping in


The beach.  No matter what time of day (and believe me, we’ve been there during all of them) or what time of year, this place is always beautiful. It’s the one time when we can guarantee no cell phones, no arguments, and no whining. The whole family loves it, and we’re thankful it’s part of our summer schedule.

beach sunset


The ol’ red, white, and blue.  I don’t know what it is about summer that heightens my appreciation for America and its flag, but I find myself more aware of its beauty during the summer months. It’s not uncommon for me to ask my husband to pull off the road so I can snap “just one more picture” of another flag.

american flag


Lawnmowers.  No joke. Our harsh winter months can put us into hibernation mode, and I love the summer sound of people mowing their yards. It encourages me to be outside more, and it certainly facilitates neighborly conversation.

cut lawn


Food on a stick. I’m not really sure how else to describe my favorite flavors of summer. Marshmallows, hotdogs, waffles…for some reason, they taste better when placed on a stick and torched in a backyard fire. Can I get an Amen?

marshmallows on stick


And last but not least? TIME. My husband and I make a conscious decision not to stack our kids’ schedules with sports, camps, tournaments, etc. We want  them to be home. We want them to ride their bikes in the neighborhood and chase frogs in the backyard. Time is what summer’s all about, isn’t it?

kids on beach

A special thanks to Kate for letting me share some summer highlights with her readers! I hope you all have a wonderful summer and are able to enjoy all of your favorites of the season.”

Thank you Chris!  I love seeing summer through others eyes, don’t you?  Everyone has their unique favorites, but it seems we all share the need to slow down, relax and spend time with family, wouldn’t you agree?