Feelin’ Blue

October 11th, 2012

As a member of the My Colortopia team this week, we’re all taking turns featuring our favorite color as part of My Colorful Life Project and naturally I picked blue.  A lot of things inspire me when it comes to decorating my home and choosing meaningful accessories for it.  Travel inspires me, pattern inspires me, nature inspires me, exotic architecture inspires me, and color inspires me greatly.  The first that always comes to mind when I decorate is blue.   

I’ve always been drawn to blue, and cannot resist its soothing powers.  It’s the color we witness when we go outside on a sunny day or when we visit the coast or take a dip in a pool.   

As an ode to blue, I pulled together some favorite images to illustrate. 

water blues


blue glass


outdoor blues


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Where Are They Now?

October 10th, 2012

Did you think I was referring to the past American Idol winners or teen stars of a popular 80s sitcom or flick?  (I love those shows by the way).  No, I’m referring to something else, but first, there are some questions that come to mind when I look at this image.

where are they now outsiders

What ever happened to Emilio?  How is it humanly possible that Rob still looks so amazing?  Who else loved Ralph on Dancing with the Stars?  #ageless  How unforgettable was Patrick as Johnny Castle?  Who’s that guy in the middle next to Matt?  Will Tom ever convince a gal to become wife #4?  These things I wonder about. 

Back to my point.  I was asked the other day about all that furniture I’ve dragged home from thrift stores and revamped over the years, so I’m here to answer the question, where are they now? 

These are the pieces I still own and have sitting somewhere in my house:

furniture i still have

furniture i still have 2


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