Best of October!

November 1st, 2012

Well it’s November my friends and the holidays are underway, let’s do this!  The beginning of a new month deserves a look back so here’s the roundup featuring the top ten not-to-miss posts from October.

best of october 1

1.  We remodeled a kitchen for our local emergency shelter;  2.  five things I’ve learned about styling and shooting great photos;  3.  A simple sew box window seat cushion cover;  4.  making digital abstract art.

best of october 2

5.  The study is finally complete!  6;  My favorite gray paint colors; 7.  oh yum butternut squash mac and cheese;  8.  Our new trestle table arrived;  9. how to tile around a window;  10.  do you prefer the upper/lower or inner/outer style of painted cabinetry in a kitchen?  Join the debate!


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Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags

October 31st, 2012

There’s something I’m very guilt ridden about and need to get off my chest.  Last year I failed to adequately prepare my elementary school children with the proper equipment for the intense and aggressive Pursuit of Sugar otherwise known as traditional Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night.  

Last year, we were invited to an event where a large group of kids excitedly gathered up together to go running door to door for two hours to collect candy from willing neighbors.   As mine ran out the door I handed them a paper bag but by the end of their intense Pursuit of Sugar, the paper bags were ripped and torn proving them an inadequate vessel for the weight of candy collected inside the weakening paper of the bag I had provided.  

And the guilt has haunted me ever since.  Get it?  Haunted?  :)

I kid because really they don’t care, they just want that candy.  But I made up for last year’s paper bags with a simple sew project:  Halloween trick or treat bags made from ½ yard of spider web fabric with purple ties for my wizard/witch and black ties for my little ninja.

halloween trick or treat bags simple sew


Each one took about 15 minutes to make and cost me only a few bucks.   For each trick-or-treat bag you’ll need 1 yard of cotton belting and a 18” x 27” piece of fabric.  Here are the simple steps to stitch up something similar.  

simple sew treat bags supplies

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