The Psychology of Color

March 16th, 2013

Today is a holiday defined by tradition and also by the color green. We take liberties with color when decorating at Christmas and Easter, often incorporating unexpected hues to avoid the predictable, but when St. Patrick’s Day arrives, there is no other color than green that defines this holiday.

I spent last night at home doing some writing (tis the suburban life I lead) and my friend Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick pinned this succinct chart on the psychology of color. It came from graphic designer Carey Jolliffe and I was delighted to see someone had taken the time to condense colors and their associated moods into one referential chart.

So here’s a Sunday morning exercise for you. Before you read, close your eyes and think of your favorite color. The first one that comes to mind. What is it? I know mine, what’s yours?  Have you named it? 

Okay then… click here, zoom in, and read the emotions that surround your favorite color. What are they? Are those the reasons why you love it? Does your favorite color describe you? Mine does. 

psychology of color

My favorite color is Peacock Blue, but since there was no Peacock Blue on the chart I chose its closest neighbor Teal which conveys these traits and emotions:  “Serene, cool, tasteful, sophisticated, confident.” All the reasons I love that hue!

What’s your favorite color on the chart?  Do you love it for all the emotions or moods mentioned? 


Friday Finds

March 14th, 2013

Hello hello and happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Do you celebrate? I always make the classic corned beef dinner and spicy mustard, so I’m looking forward to the traditional feast! I’ve spied some lovely links online this week so here’s another round of spaces and articles to enjoy this weekend. 

I really loved Michelle Adams NYC apartment feature in the March issue of Lonny.

march lonny


The Spring Issue of Sweet Paul is also brand new and as always filled with glorious recipes and inspiration.

sweet paul raspberry swiss roll


I’m not setting a St. Patrick’s Day tablescape this year, but if I was, it would be fun to do it with these green and gold favorites. 

st patricks day table

dinnerware / napkins / diy celtic tablecloth / hammered goblets / gold flatware


Two very cool ceramic studios I discovered while browsing on Etsy:

ceramics on etsy

 Pigeontoe Ceramics and Ingleside Pottery


And a few other posts I enjoyed this week:

Nate Berkus has a new TV show

The prettiest 600 square foot condo in Montréal

Over 100 designer’s tips and tricks

Very cool houses on wheels

The 96 year old (with 7 decades of experience) who shares marital advice

The power of “I don’t” versus “I can’t”

A tantalizing tour of Les Madeleines (I also sampled a few in January, yum!)

She refuses to be airbrushed

She gets to be his mom forever 


Wishing you all a lovely weekend! I’m finishing up my daughter’s room, stitching up some curtains for the closet and a few pillowcases too, I’ll share it all on Monday!


Have a great St. Patrick’s Day,

irish kate