DIY Tile Outdoor Table

May 1st, 2013

So you’ve all seen that mosaic tile table I built earlier this week sitting in the courtyard seating area. This was one of those “couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so I’ll built it” DIY projects coupled with a “make it up as I go along” strategy. I knew how wide, long, and tall I wanted it to be and I also wanted it to be unique and snazzy, but beyond that, I just got creative and went with what came up inside my head.

diy mosaic tile table

I call it a coffee table but the design works just as well as a bench and you can embellish the basic frame as you please, with tile or reclaimed wood on top, whatever suits your style. The benefit of building something yourself is that get the exact dimensions you want and you get something totally unique too.

I built, painted, and tiled this table in a day starting with stock lumber from Lowe’s. I combined pine and redwood, not for any other reason except that I was in a hurry and since Lowe’s has a great selection I just grabbed the sizes I needed.



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Takeaway Tuesday: A Beautiful Bedroom

April 30th, 2013

Hello everyone! Today is another takeaway Tuesday feature, taking a peek at a beautiful bedroom, design by Melanie Turner Interiors. I saved this bedroom in a board on Pinterest as inspiration for a future guest room. I love the bright green console that acts as a nightstand and the focal point ornate headboard too. Here are five great takeaways from this gorgeous bedroom!melanie turner bedroom takeaway tuesday

What elements do you love about this bedroom?


Design by Melanie Turner Interiors.