8 More Ways to Add Curb Appeal

April 22nd, 2013

I’m back home from my whirlwind trip to Salt Lake City, had a great time at the conference and got a chance to connect with a lot of blog friends too. Yesterday I did a little shopping since I’m sprucing the sit down section of our courtyard and wanted to pick up a few colorful accessories. I’m hoping to pull it together and show you later this week! 

We also spent some time in the yard doing all those necessary things like feeding and watering that come with shrubs and plants that are blooming once more – this is that time of year that gets us all thinking about ways to improve the outdoor areas. Today contributing writer Shannon from AKA Design is back to share with you eight additional ways to add curb appeal to your home.

“It’s a fact, a house with pretty curb appeal stands out in a neighborhood. Often curb appeal is a priority when a house is being listed for sale, but it needn’t be reserved solely for that occasion. Improving your home’s curb appeal adds to its value, and a home that possesses it brings a smile to both the homeowner and the neighbors that pass by, demonstrating that the home is well loved and well cared for.

Kate wrote a post called Curb Appeal: 8 Weekend DIY Projects back in 2012. Her ideas are still applicable and included painting or replacing the front door, creating a container garden, adding window boxes, creating a porch seating area, adding architectural accents, updating garage doors, investing in good landscaping and lighting a pathway to the front door. To build on those ideas, here are eight more ways to add that extra something special that will improve the impression of your home’s exterior.

1. Spruce Up the Side Yard.  Whether it’s the space adjacent to the garage or the area of yard that includes the gates, the side yard shouldn’t be overlooked when improving a home’s curb appeal. Extend the front yard landscaping around to the side and consider including an arbor, gate, or attractive pathway. 

side arbor with lantern sconces bhg

Better Homes and Gardens

side yard walkway

Amelia B Lima & Associates    

2. Add a Fence. There’s a reason we all cite the “white picket fence” as the ideal, it adds depth and encloses the yard but also draws the attention of a passersby with its clean lines and classic style. Other styles of fencing are equally attractive depending on the style of the home. Front yard fencing in the form of stone, wrought iron, or a wooden all accomplish the same delineation of property lines and offer a a place to anchor shrubs or grow trellising vines.

blue house white picket fence

Sarah Dorio for HGTV

black fence stockandhill

Stock and Hill

white home black shutters tom plant

Tom Plant, Realtor 

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Weekend Reading

April 19th, 2013

Hey everyone. A bit of a difficult week, wasn’t it? Since the Boston incident, I’ve had less spring in my step, especially after reading and watching all the news accounts, and all the reports this morning are incredible. I’m still processing it all and praying for the people there.

yellow roses

I left town yesterday and I’m in Salt Lake City today at the SNAP Conference. I’m presenting on this topic with Mandi and Melissa, it should be a great conversation for all who attend!

collaboratin with brands


Here are some lovely links I found this week to share with you.

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How architecturally savvy are you?


Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out with my sister who lives here, we may go thrifting, but we’ll be making mischief I’m sure.

Have a great weekend everyone !

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