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February 22nd, 2013

Hello!  So glad it’s Friday and the forecast is no rain! We’re doing a major “stuff purge” this weekend and getting rid of all that is unnecessary in our lives – I predict several trips to Goodwill. The trick will be not to go in the front and grab any more. :) Here’s a roundup of some favorite spaces and links from this week.  

It’s not often I find a home tour where I love each and every single room and not one but TWO caught my eye this week. The first is by Julie Nightingale Design, so fresh, modern, and welcoming, take the tour.

nightengale design window seat


The second is this Lake View Residence by Staples Design Group, I love all the contrast, lighting, and furnishings in this home, here’s the tour

staples design group


Holly opened an Etsy shop and the knitted blankets she sells at Hey Oyster are the perfect sofa accent – I love them all.

knit blankets hey oyster


More articles I enjoyed this week:

Well duh!  DIY measurements made easy with This Trick

25 Ways to display family photos with style

Adding white space to your home and day: The Power of Quiet

One blogger’s showdown: Benjamin v. Sherwin

A little paint + pillows + thrift store finds = a cozy and colorful living room.

Thoughtful words on why you should Fall In Love With Your Home

An Open Letter to All Paint Companies

How to eat oysters (Matt loves them but not me, it’s a texture thing)

Golden Age of Hollywood Stars at Home

Clever paintbrush packaging

A fun Best Picture guessing game with Oscar statues 


Another round of BOTB coming up this weekend . . .

. . . lots of great spaces + ideas to come!

Have a great weekend.

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6 Ways to Dress a Kitchen Window

February 21st, 2013

Hello hello everyone, so happy to have a great contributing writer back today, Shannon from AKA Design is here to discuss the various ways to dress up a kitchen window and her ideas are superb. I love how she also includes a little history! Please welcome back Shannon and her inspirational roundup.

“As a girl growing up I often dreamt of what my life would be like as an adult. I figured it would be just like in the movies; I’d be a stay at home mom with a Volvo (yes, a Volvo!) and a great big house just like the Father of the Bride house.

When imagining this dreamy life and home, I always pictured a bright white eat-in kitchen with a large window over the sink. Of course I also always pictured myself the June Cleaver type too – complete with dress, high heels and pearls every day. Yeah, the high heels and Volvo won’t be happening any time soon.

But when we moved into our new house just before Christmas, I did get the kitchen with the large window over the sink that I’d always dreamt about!

Here are six ways to dress a kitchen window:

six ways to dress your kitchen window


1) Bamboo Blinds or Woven Shades.  Bamboo has been a multifunctional natural resource in the East for a long time. There is nary a home that hasn’t incorporated bamboo into its structure or décor in some format. Partitions, walls, rugs even toys are made from bamboo.

Here in the West, it’s taken a little longer to incorporate, until bamboo blinds came along – now they seem to be everywhere. And for good reason, woven shades are classy, inexpensive, easy to find, easy to install and they add fabulous visual texture and warmth to any space.

woven shades bhg

Better Homes & Gardens

kitchen for the love of a house

For the Love of a House


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