Weekend Reading

May 24th, 2013

It’s officially summer???  Wow, that happened fast. We’ve got a full house this weekend, with my sister and parents coming to stay for my niece’s graduation and my brother and his new baby coming to the house for a barbeque on Saturday. All the makings of good times!

I started an Outdoor Room series over at BH&G since this is that time of year when we’re all sprucing up these transitional spaces. Three of them are linked below, as are a few other articles I’ve written lately.

serene screened porches

sunroom style

decorating above the bed

covered patios and porches

diy stenciled headboard

decorating with a tan sofa


And a few other links I enjoyed this week:

How to create a focal wall

Insider secrets to Walt Disney World (know of any others?)

Someone bought these Jedi jeans for $36,100.

The impact and history of the Mason jar.

Credentials and the fraud police.

The most important thing you will watch all week.

Some amazing color photos from the Depression era from the Library of Congress.

If I had a radiator, I’d do something fun like this with it.

I love the way Alicia writes about a rainy day.


Be back on Monday for a Memorial Day edition of Best of the Blogosphere…

Have a great three day holiday weekend!

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Home Tour (Finally!)

May 23rd, 2013

This post is way overdue, I’ve been meaning to get to it for like ever but at last the time has come. This blog has been a perpetual home tour for over four years as we’ve improved all the spaces over time. I promised a home tour last year and finally got around to assembling some pictures together in a slideshow.

I never consider my house “finished” more like styled and comfortable and lovely for today, but ready for changes whenever the mood strikes. And y’all know I’m big on decorating during the holidays. So I rounded up a bunch of images, some you’ve seen, others you haven’t.

[slideshow id=3]

I’m a little bit coastal, a hint modern, but a traditional girl at heart. I like clean lines, the contrast of dark wood and white together, neutral paint on the walls with gray undertones, classic furnishings, comfort, sculptural colored glass, elegant mirrors, natural light, pearlescent finishes, and subtle geometric textiles. I decorate with Target pillows on my fancy tufted sofa. I thrift a lot. If something is not the color I want it to be, chances are I’ll paint it white. Or gray. I collect white ceramics. I love branches and botanical motifs. And me and the color blue, we got a thing going on.

I know what I want to see when I walk through my front door. What feels like home. Not everything is DIY, but if I can’t find what I’m looking for, I’ll buy retail and tweak it so it suits me. This is a home we’ve built ourselves from many years of hard work and plenty of elbow grease. A house that echoes our memories and is filled with our personal touches.

I don’t decorate to impress friends or to be featured in magazines. It’s happened to me and I am blessed because of it, but the truth is I decorate with what looks beautiful in my eyes and what is meaningful to me. From the art on the walls to the flower clippings from my yard.

I think we all have that power to make our homes a reflection of who we are. It takes time. Years even. It’s a slow process and it should be. Decorating your home should not be rushed. It’s a process that requires one small step at a time, one room at a time, but when complete, leaves you feeling like the saying goes, “There’s no place like home”.

Enjoy the slideshow!

*For those having trouble seeing the slideshow, you can see all the pictures here.