A Favorite Perennial

April 24th, 2013

I’ve always believed that the simplest things can bring the most joy in life. People have said it over the years in various clever ways because you can’t escape its truth. For me, the presence of a simple botanical that costs me nothing and is within reach just a few steps from the back door brings much happiness.

I love our hydrangeas and roses and grapevines too, but if you asked me what my favorite blooming perennial is, I wouldn’t hesitate to answer “Viburnum!”  (Although ask me again next spring after the new lilac bush I planted has blossomed and I may have changed my story.) There are over 100 varieties of viburnum and the one growing in our yard is ‘Chinese Snowball’ which blooms in small white puffs that resemble mini hydrangeas.

viburnum in blue glass vases

It grows tall and wild on woody stems each season, but unlike the hungry citrus or temperamental grapevines, it tolerates my frequent neglect and still gives me the most beautiful white blossoms every April.

viburnum bush

They first bloom in a vivid lime green color (pruned and placed in a vase, seen here) and then quickly turn to white puffballs in the spring sunshine. They only bloom for a few weeks but when they do, I hurry to gather many arrangements and fill up vases around the house.

viburnum in vase on nightstand

viburnum blooms


In early fall the viburnum gifts me once more with gorgeous stems of leaves that have turned all shades of amber and gold (see them on last year’s autumn mantel). Wherever I live, I know I’ll always have a viburnum planted somewhere in the yard.

What is your favorite perennial that blooms each season?


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Takeaway Tuesday: Colorful Sitting Space

April 23rd, 2013

I’m sitting at my desk today awaiting news of what happened to our sweet cat Coco, she’s at the vet right now and it’s hard to think about anything but what might be wrong (she’s in a lot of pain and barely able to walk since I found her curled up on the porch). I have to get my mind off of the situation while I await the X-ray results so I sat down to distract myself and Pinterest is always a great place to start.

I was going through some of my favorite images and thought up a new series on the fly – a “takeaway” series where I highlight a favorite image and point out five great takeaways from it.

Here’s a favorite from Katie Rosenfeld that I love so much for these reasons.

colorful sitting space takeaways


Thanks to everyone for your sweet sentiments on Instagram, thankfully the kids are at school so they are unaware. I’m headed back to the vet in an hour, I’ll keep you posted on the kitty cat news.

room design by Katie Rosenfeld


*** kitty cat update: she was bit by a very large dog within the last 12 hours and has a bite wound in her left leg but has been given pain medicine and antibiotics. She will live and is sleeping now, thanks everyone for your concern, we’re glad she will be okay.