Back to School Organization

August 26th, 2013

This past weekend our family parted, Matt taking our oldest on their annual summer camping and hiking trip while I stayed home with the littler ones. We started our Saturday with stop at a local office supply store to check off the list of necessary school supplies, it’s a ritual I love. All the pencils and markers and glue sticks and pen cases in bright colors, all fresh and new and ready for Monday morning.

back to school supplies

I was especially lazy over the summer, paying no mind to the piles of paperwork leftover from last year that required sorting. But it’s August again and if I’m not equipped to handle the new school and sport schedules and looming homework assignments, it makes me crazy. So I spent two full days organizing and filing and readying the house for the fall semester.

I toss the kids’ school papers in a big drawer during the year after I’ve weeded through the weekly stash, but then I always have to purge once more. I find a few months of emotional separation from the previous grade (and the excitement of the new one) helps me sort through it all and keep only what’s funny, special, or shows their academic progress.

canvas bins for storing art and homework

I use these canvas storage bins to compress two grades of work for each child into one place. They’re sturdy and large enough to hold that oversized artwork and I can store them away in the window seat in the study.

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Weekend Reading

August 23rd, 2013

Wow how fast is this year moving along? I blinked and here we are at the end of August. The kids are back to school this week and I always have mixed feelings about it. I love the long leisurely days of summer but also welcome the structure and schedule. They’re excited to see all their friends again and it always looks like the group of them grew a foot in just a few short months.

indigo bunting calendar


We’re starting a house painting project next week over at the shelter home (the one where we remodeled this kitchen and this bathroom). The exterior is looking pretty sad so with the help of some volunteers and generous donations we’ll be making it over with paint and a few other upgrades, I’ll share some photos when it’s all complete.


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Join me at the World Market Pinterest party on Monday for chances to win gift cards.

pinterest party

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Have a great weekend!

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