BOTB 8.16.13

August 16th, 2013

Hello all, it’s another fine summer weekend! We’re excited to attend a farm to table dinner tomorrow at a friend’s ranch, party of ten, as a way to say farewell to summer since the kids are back to school next week. Also I’m working on a painting project I’ve been putting off for ages, so there’s a full weekend of activity ahead.

Time for another Friday round of ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ where Amanda and I scout out our favorites, here are our picks gathered from around the web, enjoy!

Tour a beautiful craft and family room makeover in muted shades of gray at The Creativity Exchange.

craft room the creativity exchange


Here’s a great tip on how to lengthen drapes by Courtney at A Thoughtful Place.

how to lengthen drapes athoughtfulplace


Simple yet stunning is the result with this IKEA Tarva dresser makeover at Smitten Studio.

smitten studio online ikea tarva makeover


We’re all asking where can we get a diamond bulb to make a wood and diamond pendant like Gretchen Gretchen.

wood ball and diamond light gretchengretchen


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5 Reasons to Choose Laminate Kitchen Countertops

August 15th, 2013

With all the options out there for kitchen remodels, most people are eyeing smooth surface countertops for their beauty and practicality. The choices are numerous from high end stone products that come from a quarry to wood and recycled materials to the budget friendly laminates. Laminate has gotten a bad rap for a lot of the products from the past decades, but times have changed. I’m a fan of laminate countertops in kitchens for these five reasons.

1. Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean.  When we were growing up my mom had ceramic tile countertops and I remember her saying she couldn’t wait for the day to rip them out. I also remember her scrubbing (and making us scrub!) the grout to keep it clean and bright. Laminate offers an easy to clean solution with a household cleaner, a sponge, and some hot water, cleaning them is a breeze and maintaining them is a cinch since you don’t need to seal them.


Wilsonart Perla Piazza installed in this kitchen


2. Budget Friendly.  Compared to stone and other solid surface countertops, laminate wins in the price war. Starting as low as $15 per square foot, they are far more affordable than quartz, marble, or granite which are often $50 to $100 per square foot depending on the material. You do have to be careful of sharp objects, abrasive cleaners, or extremely high heat. Here is a brief and interesting read about how laminates are made.

3. Stylish. Laminate countertops are looking so good! The new patterns complement dark and light, painted and wood cabinets, but do you notice how they’re installed?

wilsonart laminate kitchen counter

wilsonart laminate counter

wilsonart laminate dark cabinets


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