Etsy Treasuries + Favorite Shops

June 18th, 2014

I went looking for a particular vintage brass object the other day and of course one turns to Etsy in such situations. As always I hop over for one thing and end up spying dozens more charming finds, but then I discovered there’s a way to bookmark them there. Pinterest is fab but I discovered with an Etsy profile that you can create Treasuries of favorite items and then share them with the community. How long has this been around? A month? A year? Forever? Anyway, I love it!

Handmade, unique, vintage… it’s those one-of-a kind finds that personalize a space, give it a little quirk, make it feel collected over time and less one stop big box shop.

You can find all of that at Etsy, which is why I love to feature favorite artists and creatives in the Etsy Art I Heart series once a month. I was going to do a roundup of really cool home decor but got distracted curating various Treasuries and Favorite Shops of my own. I convinced myself it’s more efficient to categorize them that way. I created several lists including finds from amazing lighting to quirky things like cat pillows, meow!

etsy treasuries

You can also find over 50 of my favorite go to Etsy shops for pillow covers, gifts, art prints, etc. listed here. favorite shops

Enjoy the galleries and share your favorite Etsy shops you love too, I’m always on the hunt for new treasures…


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Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

June 17th, 2014

One of the many things I need to tackle in the house we bought last month are the window treatments, they are woefully out of date. In fact, the entire house is stuck in 1989 and everything needs upgraded and made modern. (I’ll share more “before” pictures as we progress room by room.)

I’m going to install a variety of new window treatments on the windows including plantation shutters and woven shades but right now these right to left sliding doors are confusing me. We’re desperate for sun protection to keep the desert heat out and our air conditioning bill low, but we need efficient flow since the doors lead outside to an uncovered area in the rear yard with the pool where the family will spend a lot of time splashing, frolicking, and merry making.

Presently, the sliding doors have old yellowish vertical blinds with a Golden Girls fabric valance.  Sweet!  Not.

sliding doors

I can’t stomach old vertical blinds, the look, the slapping sound they make when they slide back and forth and the one or two blinds that always pop out and fall on the floor and you have to struggle to stick it back in, cursing the entire time. I’m being nice when I say I strongly dislike them. There is also the issue of the neighboring window. We need both style and sun protection stat. 

In the looks department, I think this full length woven shade + floor to ceiling window panel combo is the most stylish. However if we’re getting baked by the desert sun we’d have to keep the woven shades low and it would be weird and awkward to have half lowered woven shades that we constantly have to duck under in a limbo dance.

woven shades plus window panels house beautiful

house beautiful

I do like the look of these transitional plantation shutters that are a little more islandish, never fun to clean, but streamlined and nice. It appears like a unit with a rolling system needs to be mounted for use, but these are a plus in the light/heat control column. Decorative window panels on the ends would soften the look, must investigate further.

sliding shutters hunter douglas



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