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Wainscoting: Recap and Reveal

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Awhile back, it was my grand idea idea to spruce up the living room walls with some traditional panel and picture frame wainscoting – in fact, it was my specific “please, oh please, honey can we please” request for Mother’s Day.  I managed to catch the Mister at a weak moment, and with a little charm and a lot of begging, he agreed to take on this project. 

We started our adventures in wainscoting back in May, and over the course of several weekends, we were finally able to finish, whew ! (dramatically swiping hand across brow)  There was some intense labor involved, some minor curse words muttered, a few panel do overs, plenty of cutting, a whole lotta caulking and spackling, and then there was all that priming and painting. 

I need to sit down, that was exhausting. 

Here’s the first peek:

wainscoting before and after

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Boy’s Room: Progress Report

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

valspar paint Thank goodness my boy is a patient little fellow when it comes to the makeover in his room – cause good golly, I’ve sure been dragging my feet on this one.  

Actually, being four, I’m not sure the critter is really aware of what’s going on, he’s just happy to have his toys scattered all around the room, much to the dismay of my toes when I step on mini Lego guys in the middle of the night – aaargh!   We’re working on that ‘clean up your toys before bed’ thing.

Anyway, we’ve managed to paint the room and closet doors a completely fantastic shade of slate blue with just a hint of turquoise called ‘La Fonda Villa Fountain’ by Valspar.   And last month, I revamped a chalkboard table and chairs for him, but then the makeover came to a halt as I ran into a design dilemma with wall decor and lighting. 


But yesterday, I was inspired again !  I was returning a mistake fixture to a Lamps Plus store, and as I meandered through the shop, I spotted the perfect light fixture for his room  – crisp, white, and modern !  So I ordered the fixture right there on the spot, and as soon as it arrives, will enlist the hub to help me install it.

boys room inspiration

I’m also awaiting this rug from Dash & Albert – I love its calming yet beachy blues and greens.  I’m simply smitten with this Annie Selke fabric – I’m thinking pillows, and perhaps a border along his white window panels.   Some ‘North Beach’ Nautica pillows from BCF, and this organic Cortland coverlet from Company Store also complete the slate blue/white/apple green medley.

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Adventures in Wainscoting

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Did you know I’ve had my little heart set on wainscoting in my living room for like ever ?  Have I mentioned this before ?   Perhaps I have. 

So this past weekend was Mother’s Day.  My husband asked the obligatory question, “Dear, love of my life, mother of my children and wife extraordinaire, what is it that you want for Mother’s Day?”  

It took approximately 1.2 seconds for me to shout “Wainscoting!”  

Wish you could have seen him wince. 

I think he was hoping for “Spa Day” or “Chocolate” instead of “Wainscoting” since he had his heart set on a relaxing weekend watching the San Jose Sharks win the playoffs, woot woot !   No, my idea  of relaxation is a home improvement project – call me crazy. 

I started my Saturday morning with some coffee and research.  I learned the following.

thibaut wallpaperWainscot (paneling on the lower part of a wall) comes in many different styles. 

You’ve got your tongue and groove beadboard, board and batten, inverted panel, flat panel, and raised panel wainscoting.  Researching the ‘how to’ is enough to make your head spin.   This Old House has a great article describing all the different kinds of wainscoting.

I had my little heart set on picture frames sitting on top of smooth panels with a chair rail above, or really something that looks a whole lot like this photo to the left. 

Plenty of websites want to sell you prefabricated kits.   Some online articles recommend hiring a carpenter.  For what I had in mind, I was pretty sure we could do it ourselves in a weekend with some simple supplies. 

And so we did ! 

Sort of.  We’re not finished, but we made great progress.

sat a.m.

sun pm


Here’s the step by step on our version of this picture frame wainscoting. 

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