Wine Country

Springtime in Wine Country

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

March and April give us their fair share of rain, and it seems this year we’ve had more than ever !  I get cabin fever when it rains, so whenever the sun peeks through, I love to take long drives down country roads and explore the rural terrain. 

Usually I make my way to downtown Sonoma for a stroll and a day in the park.  Whenever I take a drive, I always bring my camera !  Here’s a few of my favorite photos of a country drive to Sonoma.

 sonoma sunflowers 

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Kites and Clam Chowder at the Coast

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I get a hankering for the sand between my toes several times a year, then I quietly suggest to the fam that we head out to the beach, and it takes no convincing at all.  They race for their sandals and towels and can’t get into the car fast enough, then off to Bodega we go !

We happen to be lucky enough to live about thirty minutes from the Northern California coastline, so after a big weekend of gardening and home improvement, we decided to take a Sunday afternoon out at the coast to fly some kites and stop at our favorite seafood restaurant for the best clam chowder in the county.   

sand between toes

Bodega is fantastic in spring and fall, but incredibly foggy and cold in the summer, a lot like the weather in San Francisco.  So we head out the the coast as much as we can in April, May, September and October. 

I just love trails through sand dunes and coastal grasses. 

Inhale.  Breathe deeply.  Smell the salty air.  Life is good. 

coastal walk

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