Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Hello and welcome to another week! It seems odd to publish this on a Monday but my weekend was so filled with activity I couldn’t find a moment to sit down and post my link favorites. We had a revolving door of guests for three days straight – how nice it was to have so many coming to our home to visit, share a meal, and stay awhile. I find as the years go by and so much seems to happen online that I crave the face to face connection found in setting aside time to be with people I care about.

I hope you all had an equally lovely Easter weekend as well. I have a furniture makeover project to share tomorrow but meanwhile, here’s the link roundup I meant to post on Friday.

estudio jardi


I’m loving the traditional style and soft shades of blue in this home tour.

Just in time for warmer weather, one chic patio reveal with several DIY ideas.

Expert advice on choosing a sofa.

Tobi Fairley shares how she does it all.

Why successful creative people say No.

This bizarre viral bromance story made me smile.

Cherry blossoms in bloom in Japan.

The best grandma ever.

Some favorite April Fool’s Day posts:

decorating trends according to cats;

a tissue dispenser necklace;

and a trip to Home Depot fashion post.


And thanks so much to many of you for your compliments on the new fabric patterns.

Have a great Monday!

Weekend Reading

Friday, March 13th, 2015

I’ve been asked by readers “What does Wine Country style look like?” Sometimes they’re referring to fashion, inquiring what to wear when they visit the region and touring the tasting rooms (that’s another subject) but often they’re asking about interior design, so when this gorgeous home popped up in my reader this week I thought it a great example. 

Mixed wood finishes, neutrals that blend in with the landscape, earthy organic textures such as stone and concrete, traditional French or Italian architecture combined with a contemporary California vibe. This grand vacation home possesses all of those elements!

wine country design


More favorite links from the week:

Smart design: prefabricated cabins and studios.

Nice job turning a master into a library.

Beautiful celebrity kitchens.

 Campaign style hardware (at Home Depot)

I bought two pairs from Lilly’s spring shorts collection, that scalloped edge!

Duchess Kate visits Downton Abbey.

The new punctuation.

Busy is a sickness.


Have a lovely weekend friends!