Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Hello all – and happy weekend! I’m running around like a mad woman this week juggling a million things like all of us – it’s my son’s birthday and we’re hosting fifteen 8 year olds tonight and filling them up with carbs and sugar – I’m bracing myself for impact. :)

I didn’t have much time for rounding up links loved around the blogosphere this past week but here are three of my own published articles around the web. First, over at Home Depot’s The Apron blog I’m sharing my ten must try tips for cleaning the kitchen, hop on over to read them and share your favorites tricks too.

kates kitchen cleaning tips


At Better Homes & Gardens, I wrote about paint colors for rooms trimmed in wood and also shared some inspiration for bold spring color at Lamps Plus Style Illuminated blog.

paint colors rooms trimmed in wood

bold spring color

Paint Colors for Rooms Trimmed in Wood

Spring Color – Go Bold!

Enjoy your weekend friends !


Weekend Reading

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Hello all, welcome to the weekend! I’m off to buy some primer and paint to begin on some of those thrift store finds I shared earlier in the week. Speaking of paint, I’m smitten with this oversized mural on canvas as a focal point behind the bed, or anywhere you envision large scale art. This serene version is a DIY project explained in detail at the link below.

diy mural headboard

diy mural project via refinery 29


Also some favorite & fun reads from the week:

A love hate relationship with IKEA

The highest returns on investment if you’re remodeling

My friend and home flipper Liz shares how she finds her houses to flip

Which IKEA kitchen cabinets fit your style?

Great advice for breaking up matching furniture

I love these vase shelves

This guy really loves his 18 cats

Amazon’s 100 books to read in your lifetime

Dave turns thrift store paintings into sci fi pop art

Quite an innovative phone charger

The story behind the $19 billion dollar WhatsApp

50 of the most perfectly timed photos


My latest posts at BH&G

flat screen green accents

Decorating Around a Flat Screen TV

Spring Green Home Decor

And my recent article at My Colortopia all about painting furniture a bold color.


Finally a quick shout out to some new sponsors, the first is Stylyze, a site where you can create your own color palettes to discover your perfect mix based on digital images of favorite spaces, textiles, or products. Curate an entire collection, it’s a useful tool for all color and design lovers!

stylyze logo

stylyze palettes


Please welcome Chic Shelf Paper – drawer and shelf liners in modern motifs, perfect for adding that dash of panache to your drawers, shelves, or even for lining the backs of bookcases – get creative and have fun!

chic shelf paper


Introducing Rough Fusion, an Etsy shop filled with handmade contemporary concrete home decor for office, kitchen, bath & garden. Concrete, you’ve never looked so good.

rough fusion products


You’ll find luxury goods for every room in your home at Vielle + Frances, their products are so stylish and elegant, I’m saving up for that faux bamboo coral mirror!

vielle and frances


Have a great weekend everyone!