Winners + Wecome Fall!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

G’day all, hope you had a relaxing weekend!  We just got back from a four day getaway to Las Vegas where we hung out with the folks, explored some of the desert, and spent a lot of down time in the pool, bliss!  We had such a blast but I am exhausted and already soooo behind.  Funny how you need a vacation from your vacation, ya know? 

Announcing the five winners of the Purdy Paintbrush giveaway: #97 Angela Roberts; #313 Angie Quinton; #526 Valerie Vines; #1,187 Allison Vega, and #1,404  Clarette Rose.  Congratulations, I’ll send you all a personal email later today to confirm!

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I’m finally in the mood for fall, aren’t you?  Labor Day weekend always does that to me.  Time to put away all the summer decor and spruce up the house with autumn goodness.  I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you too.

I’m taking the rest of the day to get caught up – if you’ve emailed me lately and heard nothing but crickets, my apologies, I’ll do my best to get back to you today!



Fun with Filing

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Ha ha.  Got you on that title.  Filing, fun ? Filing paperwork is about as fun as doing your taxes or getting a root canal.  Filing paperwork is zero fun as my daughter would say, especially if you’ve let it get way out of control, like I have.  Filing is the exactly the opposite of fun.  That is, until you come across some very pretty organizational tools. 

Hello my lovely. 

file tote scandanavian

I saw this deliciously darling file tote at the local stationery store and had to have it.  Notice how it knows how chic it is by calling itself a “pretty file tote”.  Kind of like that 80’s Pantene commercial where Kelly LeBrock used to say “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” 

I don’t hate you “pretty file tote”.  No darling, I adore you, especially after you saved me from such wicked despair. 

Self proclaimed “pretty file tote” inspired me to tackle what was tormenting me for months – a ghastly pile of paperwork to be sorted.  I’ll spare you the photo of what my haphazard box of disorganized papers looked like a few days ago.  Let’s just agree It was the definition of a filing nightmare.  Besides, if I showed you, self proclaimed “pretty file tote” would gasp audibly and refuse to be associated with such a mess.

Enter attractive office supplies, and my dearest darling love – the Brother label maker.  

pretty files


I had a pretty good plan awhile back.  I was really good at discarding junk mail the moment it crossed the threshold.  I separated and recycled it the minute it came through the door. 

The leftovers were the true problem.  I had a mediocre system in place before, “Bills” here, “Catalogs” there.  I had all the birth certificates and legal documents kinda sorta pretty much organized.  But way too much miscellaneous paperwork was slipping through the cracks.  The “mail to be sorted” multiplied like rabbits overnight.  It became my nemesis.  I would pass by it late at night, fist in the air, and mutter through gritted teeth “Curse you, vile mail to be sorted box”.  Yes, I hated it that much. 

My previous system was like any invention.  Often it takes the first edition to reveal the kinks in the design in order to work them out.  I think I’ve finally worked them kinks out. 

I’ll agree to reveal my plan, but you’re all sworn to absolute secrecy.  Never mind that I’ve published this for the world to see.  Details.   

First, I highly recommend you arm yourself with a label maker.  As you can see, we have a mutual attraction to each other.

love brother label maker

I love my Brother label maker.  He had me at hello.  

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