Treasure Hunts

There I Go Again

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

There’s really very little reason for me to stalk the furniture department at the local thrift store since my house is already full of pieces I’ve dragged home and refinished.  But I can’t stay away, much to the chagrin of my poor husband.  He can’t even park in our garage because of the half dozen pieces I have yet to turn my attention to.  I can’t help it !  I have some sort of addiction – a crazy soft spot in my heart for rejected objects.  

Today, I couldn’t drive past the parking lot, I just had to pull in.  Some people window shop high end boutiques.  Me?  I get my kicks exploring the furniture department at the thrift store, and dreaming of what things could become.   

Like this headboard.  I would pop out the four inside frames, they are a little too busy for me.  Then I’d do one of two things.  I’d add pretty appliqués to the four remaining sections and paint it distressed cream with a hint of the dark wood showing through in spots.  Or I’d skip the appliqués and go in a different, bolder direction.  Perhaps paint this baby in a semi gloss indigo shade, then attach nailhead trim to the outer framing and place it in a master bedroom up against a wallpapered accent wall and hang a bold metallic starburst mirror above.  So glam !

king headboard


Or this little cabinet.  Someone emailed me the other day about making a wine cabinet, and this is the perfect little candidate.  I would retrofit the bottom with diagonal shelving to hold wine bottles, then attach chrome hanging glass racks to the top.  I’d repaint its damaged surface in black, replace the hardware with some blingy crystal knobs, then add a mirrored tray to the top.  Ready for entertaining !  Trés chic. 

bar cabinet conversion

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Why I Thrift

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Again I found myself stopping by the local St. Vincent de Paul today looking for great pieces of furniture.  This thrift store can be hit and miss, but today, it was a definite hit.  I was just so excited about all of these finds, I had to share.  Call me strange, but scouring a thrift store on a treasure hunt just makes me giddy. 

Look at these two beautiful honey tone dressers – they could be stained darker or painted.  Perhaps given some new modern hardware.  I visualize an asymmetrical art gallery or statement mirrors above them ! 

honey dresser

honey dresser with drawers

I fell in love with this chair !  If it’s still there tomorrow, I might go back for it.  All it needs in new modern fabric and it would be fabulous ! 

cane side chair

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