Treasure Hunts

Thrifting at Christmas

Friday, December 17th, 2010

I had big plans yesterday, big plans to get a lot done.  I kinda sort of got a few things done.  Presents from Santa for the kids?  Thank you Toys ‘R Us.  Party ware?  Check.  Outdoor canopy rented for overflow because there’s a storm a comin’ and I just counted 80 on the RSVP list and need extra square footage pronto?  Check.  And gulp. 

Amidst the party preparations, I made a huge mistake.  No wait, not a mistake, a strategic detour.  Between retail stores, I conveniently found myself in the parking lot of the local thrift store.  It’s been over three weeks, how could I resist?

I spotted some fab tufted velvet chairs in shockingly good shape.  I especially love the office chair to the left.  Recovered in peacock blue, it would look so much like Emily’s

tufted chairs

This headboard rocked my world.  Oh how lovely it would be refinished in gray, black or cream.  Perhaps a touch of glaze in the crevices?  Gorgeous. 

headboard 2


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Scheming Again

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

So it’s no secret I love old furniture.  And thrift stores.  And the paint department.  The three combined bring me great joy and make my world complete.

Like so many of you, I love to fix up older pieces with stain or paint, and give them cool new hardware.  You know, bring them into this century.   Which is why I wander around local thrift stores and spend hours on Craigslist when I should be folding laundry.  Yet again, I was out ‘shopping’ yesterday, and found a few gems I really want to bring home.

Especially when I see this sign when I walk in.

furniture 50 percent off


This antique dresser just needs a little love, but I’d never paint it.  The burled wood is just too pretty.  And a glass top too!

walnut dresser


I can hear these end tables whisper, ‘Please paint me antique white, distress my edges, and replace my knobs with some crystal bling instead’.  I may just have to heed their call, since they are only $15 each on sale.



I love the lines on this piece.  It seems everyone knows someone with this style of dresser.  Dark stain or light paint (cream or gray) either way, it’s lovely.

brown walnut dresser


Even more beauties.  Such potential!

endtables 2


How cool is this hall tree bench?  Don’t you love that hutch!  Wouldn’t it be stunning in robin’s egg blue?

hutch and hall tree


Today, I’m loving this midcentury style credenza for my office to replace the ‘pretty but not storage friendly’ sofa.  It’s weathered and the top is *gasp* Formica, so I see it painted in pewter gray with nickel pulls.  Plus momma really needs some file cabinets.  I’m kinda liking that lamp too, it’s tall and has a gorgeous shape.  It would be stunning in glossy black.




And the crème-de-la-crème.  Be still my heart.

french styel dresser


I’ve spoken to several local antique stores and boutiques who are wanting to sell my pieces.  Which is why I’m in the market for one of these.

cambell hausfeld sprayer


Or one of these.

graco true coat


Just as soon as I epoxy the garage floor.  And just as soon as I can convince my hub his parking spot in that same garage may become my new ‘shop’.   Notice how I said his  parking spot.    smiley_thumb6

What’s your latest thrift store find?  Got any recommendations on a professional grade sprayer?  Do share!