Spray Paint: My BFF

Girly Chandelier

Monday, February 16th, 2009

So I was in Home Depot buying a floral themed light fixture in “white” for my daughter’s bedroom. This was during the missing year (2006) when my life was a frenzy during our major home remodel. It was a good deal, on sale, for $49. I never inspected the thing, I just bought it from the picture on the box. Big mistake. To my horror, six months later, when I finally opened the box to install it, the chandelier was not white. It was the color of pee. Ewww.

No receipt for return? No problem. In my mind, the instant cure for such a dilemma is spray paint. Any DIYer must know all about the American Accents collection from Rustoleum. Impressive, I must say, for spray paint. I have about a dozen shades taking up real estate in my garage. But I digress.
I had fallen in love with a girly chandelier from Posh Tots years ago, with flowers all over the shades, and I had to have one that looked like it, just at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few photos of their current offerings. Check out these prices (choke).
Armed with a can of spray paint, I got rid of the horrid original color.  I bought four unadorned lampshades for $7 each from Michaels.  With various silk hydrangeas in differing colors, I hot glued the leaves then the petals to the lampshades.  I added four crystals I found for $1 each.  It now looks like a whimsical take on the high end Posh Tots versions.
When my daughter eventually tires of these frills in a few years, I’ll simply replace the shades with something current.

Chandelier $49

Paint $3
Shades $28
Flowers $12
Crystals $4
Total for Girly Chandelier: $96