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Doll of a Wall Mirror

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

I’ve got this thing for wall mirrors in sets of three.  Come to think of it, I try to display anything in sets of three.  To me, in décor, odd numbers reign, and trios are just more interesting than pairs. 

So I found this set of mirrors last week at the local Goodwill that called out my name.  “Kate, over here, over here !”   Alas, the poor downtrodden mirrors had been sitting in a corner all by themselves.  Apparently, from what history I could gather, these mirrors used to belong to a dresser, but sadly had been abandoned by their bigger mate.  But oh, the potential within !  You know I have a soft spot for hidden potential, so naturally I brought said mirrors home with me.   

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Proving Myself Wrong

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

I once publicly proclaimed that I would never buy a sofa second-hand unless I knew the owner.  I declared that if I was going to lay my head on it, well then it would certainly be new.  Kind of like that time I said I didn’t like burlap, but now find myself completely fixated on it. 

Funny how sometimes when you draw a line in the sand, you get that sand thrown in your face. 

I confess I have browsed at used sofas on Craigslist, but was always afraid to invest in someone else’s rejected couch.  In fact, I skip merrily past the sofa section at the local thrift stores, because “Ewww” is all I have ever seen in that department. 

But as fate would have it, I was at the St. Vincent de Paul last week

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