The Business of Business Cards

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Many of you know that I am on my way to the Blissdom Conference starting next week in Nashville.  At first I hesitated to go, but after some prodding, I decided to hop on a plane from California to attend this much celebrated and talked about event.  Plus, I’ve never been to Nashville and I’ve always wanted to visit that city.  And I really want to meet some amazing bloggers that inspire me.

Naturally, networking is a big part of these large scale events, and blog/business cards are a necessity, so I set my sights on purchasing a stylish card holder.   When a girl goes to a conference, she deserves something pretty to hold her cards, am I right ?

At first I shopped around for some modern cases.  Take a peek at some of these beauties, then check out my vintage Etsy find at the end !

Zebra Print Crystal Case

zebra crystal case

Tiffany Blue Patent Leather from Tiffany & Co.

tiffany blue patent leather

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Fiesta of Flavor: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

I’m a sincere lover of Mexican food – I crave it at least twice a month.  When I was in college, I would indulge at the local taquería in muy grande burritos and never gain a single ounce.  These days, if I so much as look at a burrito sideways, I gain five pounds.

Two years ago, Mr. CG and I were dining at our favorite local Mexican food restaurant.  He ordered the chicken tortilla soup.  I tried it for the first time, and fell in love.  All the flavor of a delicious taco, in a bowl, but healthier and lower in calories ?  Sign me up, señor.  Since the restaurant was reluctant to share their recipe, I spent over a year trying to capture the same flavor by tweaking my own recipe for sopa de tortilla de pollo.

On a cold winter day, there’s nothing I want more than a hot bowl of soup  And a nap.  But the latter is not happening.  Here’s my recipe for ‘taco in a bowl’.  It’s yummy yummy to your tummy.  Muy bueno.  Enjoy.

Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup

chicken tortilla soup crop

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Pillow Spotlight: Fresh for Fall & Under Fifty

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

With the kids back to school, I can’t help but anticipate the changing of the seasons.  It’s still warm here in California, but when I take my daughter to school in the early morning, I can smell the crispness of the air.  Autumn is coming!   I really want to accessorize my family room with a few pieces for fall. 

Coincidentally, I received an email the other day requesting I feature some affordable décor.  So today, my mind is on decorative throw pillows, especially in warmer tones: chocolate browns, golds, burnt oranges, rich reds and olive greens. 

I thought I’d go browsing online to see what stylish pillows are available for the autumn season.  Here are some selections I found in earthy colors, and all under $50 dollars.  

From Target:

target pillows Dwell Studio lattice $24.99; Paisley toss brown $24.99;  Thai silk brown $49.99; Normandy Ciel $49.99

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