Summer Thank Yous

Monday, July 5th, 2010

G’day everyone, I hope you are enjoying the long holiday weekend ~ what a blast we had at our Fourth Party yesterday with friends and family, it was a huge success !

I’m so grateful to the many sponsors that support this blog – it’s time to give my newest partners a big thank you, so please welcome these new summer sponsors.

Pink Pig Westport, a lovely online boutique with an inspiring collection of linens, furniture and antiques.   Pink Pig is also a store located in Westport, New York, founded by Debbie, a long time Manhattan resident living the chic life who daydreamed of relocating to the country, and followed her dream !  Read more about Debbie’s inspiring bio here.   

pink pig banner

Grain sack pillows  ~   Antique finds  ~  Cottage style furniture ~ Jewelry

Home accessories  ~  Candles  ~  Apparel  ~  Garden

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Stay up to date on all the new arrivals by following the Pink Pig blog !

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Fantsy Facade, an innovative solution for upgrading your clinical looking medicine cabinet by offering frames custom made for your bathroom.

ff frames

10 different molding styles and 11 colors are available, here’s just a few:

ff molding choices

The 20% off Classic design sale ends today, so hop on over to take a peek at Fantsy Facade and transform your ordinary recessed medicine cabinet (use the code LADYBUG).

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Saffron Marigold offers luxurious hand printed linens for your bed, tabletop, or living space.  These unique linens are printed by artisans in India with the traditional wood blocking technique to create the most intricate patterns. 

saffron header

saffron linens 

Saffron Marigold’s linens make the most wonderful gift for you or your home, with 50 % off shipping for all US orders for a limited time. 

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Xpresiv Designs is a fantastic source for personalized vinyl lettering for your home, whether it’s design elements like chandeliers or scroll signs, or some of your favorite quotes for your walls, mirrors, or doors, with 22 fonts available for customizing your own design. 

xpresiv collage

They are offering all CG readers a 20% discount when you use the word CENTSATIONAL at checkout, plus shipping is only $4.95.  Check out Xpresiv Designs online shop right here !  And stay tuned for a special giveaway, coming up later today !

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No doubt you’ve heard of Ruby Lane, but take a peek at the sister site Ruby Plaza, a home for individually owned shops offering hand crafted items, fashion, accessories, reproductions, and collectibles.  There’s always something new at Ruby Plaza!

ruby plaza logo  ruby plaza goodies

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Simplify 101 is your online source for organizing and controlling the clutter in your home.  

simplify clutter

Offering online organizing workshops, where you work at your own pace, and professional organizing services are available.   Sign up for the organizing newsletter and weekly quick tip right here !   Life is simpler and more fun once you’re organized, right ? 


Thanks so much to all of you who click over and shop these worthy businesses ~ they truly help to keep this blog going . . .


Another great giveaway coming later today, yay !



Giveaway Winners & Reminder

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Oh, goody goody, some lucky folks are going to get organized along with me !

The winners of the ‘Organize Your Paper Clutter’ giveaway, brought to you by Simplify 101, and chosen by Random.org are:

#76  Courtney M. who wrote:

“My biggest problem is paper clutter that doesn’t necessarily have a “home.” For example, I know where to file regular bills, tax docs, etc. But, when it comes to odd things that I may need to hold onto for a while like a receipt or manual, I handle it 15 times rather than just once.” 

# 256  Linda who wrote:

“Glad to see I am not the only one with this problem! Paper clutter everywhere. Bills, circulars, coupons, etc….. It is unmanageable! It seems like when I go through a pile to sort and clear, all I am doing is shuffling papers and then moving the same pile to another spot. I would love to be organized. Thanks!”

Congratulations ladies, you’ve won a free spot in the workshop – welcome to the club!

paper clutter workshop 

I’ve already had the chance to review Lesson One, and here’s just one quote that really hit home with me: 

“Paper clutter causes stress because our paper represents things we need to do (such as pay the bills) or things we may want to do (use this coupon to get a new pair of shoes) or things we think we should do (donate money to the Heart Association) or things we’d like to do (read about the plight of the honey bee and figure out what we can to help) or things we want to remember (this ticket stub because the circus was so much fun). 

Therefore, each piece of paper has a sense of obligation associated with it.  A stack of paper nags at you, “You should be doing something about me…” which makes it very difficult to relax or even work in focused manner when you’re in a room piled high with stacks of paper.”

Yes!  So true!  This is my biggest problem.  Lesson One goes on to give tips on how you can stop the inflow of paper clutter into your home, plus provides steps for beginning the process of organizing it all.  I’m looking forward to Lesson Two’s big issue:  how long should I keep this piece of paper?   This I need to know !  

I encourage you to sign up and organize your paper clutter along with me – it’s worth your time because it will buy you peace of mind.  But you only have until Friday, June 18th to register, so sign up here

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Oh, and here’s a friendly reminder, the Stars & Stripes Party is coming up on June 30th, so get your festive Fourth of July decorations, recipes, and crafts ready to post so you can link up on the big day.  I’ve got a great craft planned myself !

 stars and stripes party button

Cheers !