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Painted Peonies Print + Simplest Tote Bag Ever

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Today I’m featuring another print I created for the Spring Collection, I wanted a painterly mod floral to be a part of it. I’ve dubbed this pattern Painted Peonies and it was a lot of fun to create. I used multiple processes, it began with a rough sketch of a peony (several actually), they were combined to form a basic repeat then each print was colorized to form the petal outline.painted peonies fabrics kate riley

To create the four colorways, I digitally painted each pattern petal by petal and stroke by stroke with brushes so each of the four prints is subtly different.

sketch 4

sketch 2

In fabric form it’s an edgy floral and I love it mixed with the Splatter pattern I introduced yesterday.

black and white peonies and splatter pillows

I used the bright blue Marine colorway to create a washable lined tote bag and this truly is the simplest bag to make!

marine blue floral diy tote bag

I searched high and low across the internet for a simple tote bag tutorial, I came across a bunch of them and watched some videos but all of them involved a lot of steps and my brain started to get fuzzy reading about how to make them.

I wanted to make something SUPER simple so I came up with my own method. I like my bags a little wider and more shallow, I hate fishing around in the bottom of a deep bag for items so this design is what I wanted, plus it’s comfortable to carry in your hand or slung across your shoulder.

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Splatter Pattern + Zippered iPad Cover

Monday, March 30th, 2015

A week off is so very nice, it makes me feel normal again to not spend my hours sitting behind a computer all day and instead soaking up the sunshine. I enjoyed a very relaxing spring break, thanks for indulging me in that time off, but that said it’s good to be back!

This week I’m so very excited to be sharing my newest fabric patterns with you! Whenever I pull together a new collection it’s always a labor of love from the start of the digital design process to the finished result which includes the styling and photography. Fabric design is the most fun thing ever for me because I get to conceptualize the print, design it, colorize it, then play with it!

I’ll be revealing the new prints throughout the week with DIY projects to go along with several of the designs and I’ll share the full Lookbook with all ten patterns on Thursday. The Spring Collection was inspired by painterly patterns and brushstrokes, you’ll see a lot of those elements in the newest designs.

I’m kicking off the reveal of the Spring Collection with a classic splatter pattern which I love so much because it’s random in its painterly repeat but also reminds me a bit of dalmatian spots from afar and you know I love me some spots! The pattern makes the best backdrop for bookcases and the most fun accent pillows too.

splatter bookcases kate riley designs


I lined the above Billy bookcases with 2 ½ rolls of two tone indigo splatter wrapping paper to achieve that statement backdrop. My Splatter Print is available as fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap in four colors: ebony, sunshine, aqua, and indigo.

splatter pattern fabric kate riley


I love that you can order only a fat quarter instead of a full yard, I used one fat quarter of the ebony version in the linen/cotton canvas blend to sew this zippered padded iPad cover, follow the step by step below!

sew ipad cover splatter pattern


Supplies you’ll need: 1 fat quarter of fabric (this splatter pattern is available in the linen/cotton blend in the 27 x 18” size), cotton quilt batting, fat quarter of plain white fabric for inside liner, one 18” zipper, scissors, thread, and sewing machine.


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