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DIY Flanged Pillow Shams

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

One of the simple sew projects that never made it into the Lookbook from the spring fabric collection was this easy flanged pillow sham project, so I’m sharing it today. The flanged edge is a term used to describe the flap of fabric that borders a pillow sham. I love cotton flanged pillows shams after they come out of the wash and once they’re given a quick press with a hot iron, they add a nice detail to a bed whether they’re made of plain fabric or in a fun pattern like this.

simple sew flanged pillow shams

I like to make beds with the plain pillow cases hidden behind cotton pillow shams. Flanged shams like these hide the pillowcases you sleep on at night but are comfortable enough to prop yourself up against by day. Sewing your own is simple, all it takes is prewashed cotton fabric, matching thread, a measuring tape, some pins, and the ability to sew a straight line.

flanged pillow shams on bed

I use the same technique as I did for these envelope pillows, but allowed for extra fabric around the edges to create the flanged border. Here’s the basic step by step for a standard pillow sham with flanged edge: 

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Brushstrokes Print + Fabric Storage Buckets

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Greetings friends and happy April Fools Day, watch out for tricksters! Today I’m sharing another print from the collection I created for spring, this is a bold brushstrokes print called Wild & Free! There are three vibrant colorways and I had a lot of fun designing this one too. I even made a dress out of the navy and pink version I loved it so much!

This pattern is an expression of purposeful imperfection – the lovely thing I’ve discovered on this fabric design journey is I can create a repeat with imperfect details (like these brushstrokes) yet within it there is symmetry and rhythm so the imperfection continues on and on through the yardage and as it flows throughout it becomes something truly beautiful in itself and I just love that.

wild and free fabric kate riley

Remember that campaign desk I painted Kelly green years ago? I’ve still got it and won’t ever part with it, the desk is one of my favorite thrift store finds! It’s getting moved to my son’s room which will be the perfect next space for its history in our home.

brushstroke fabric buckets on desk

I made these charming little storage buckets with one yard of the Wild & Free fabric in the Leaf colorway in heavy cotton twill. It’s best to use a heavier weight fabric like twill, canvas, or denim for this project.

twill brushstroke buckets

To recreate, here’s what you’ll need: 1 yard of heavy cotton twill, denim, or canvas fabric in 58” width, 1 cheap flexible plastic binder, 8 ½” salad plate (for measurement), Sharpie pen, thread, scissors, flexible measuring tape, sewing machine.

Step One: Use a Sharpie to outline a salad plate on both sides of your cheap plastic binder then cut out the plastic circle. (I used plastic instead of cardboard so that the bins are washable.) Yes you’re sacrificing a perfectly good binder for a greater cause!

cut circle

Here’s the diagram of the cuts of fabric on a 58” wide piece of twill, denim, or canvas fabric to make two buckets. Use the plastic cut out to guide cutting out the fabric circles allowing for ½” fabric beyond edge of circle for sewing.


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