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Another Exciting Trip!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

G’day friends!  Here’s some very cool news I’ve been meaning to share. There’s a little secret I’ve been keeping from you, but today seems the perfect day to mention it.   

Last week I snuck out of town on one of these . . .

airplane picture

to take me here . . .

nyc morning view

where I woke up extra early (3 a.m. California time) to make a second appearance with this mega talented charming fellow . . .

nate berkus in chair

who I greatly admire. 

It was so incredible to see Nate again and work with his amazing team.  A huge thank you to Emma for handling all of the details and arrangements, I loved every minute!  I was invited back to the show to design a new family room, or a “House Proud Blueprint”, for a couple with two kids who needed design help.  You’ll have to watch the show to see my room design and the big reveal!  

I was going to surprise you all when it aired in April, but since today I’m a guest over at Style Your Life and talking all about a great go to travel outfit plus travel tips to live by, it seemed a great day to spill the beans. 

The show will air on April 7th

Exciting, isn’t it?  I’m still pinching myself!

So today, stop on by to visit with me and Jennifer over at Style Your Life?

style your life banner

Traveling in comfort and style is the topic of the day!   

And be sure to set your DVR’s on April 7th to see my room design and reveal! 



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When in New Orleans . . .

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

I think I’ve finally recovered from my whirlwind trip to the Big Easy last week.  I was there for an event sponsored by RustOleum, but I did have a few hours to walk the famous French Quarter.  I haven’t been to New Orleans since before we had kids, and it was fantastic to be back, if only to spend a few hours indulging in the best of that crazy wonderful place. 

I purposely left my Nikon at home, so all of these images were captured with my phone on a rainy day, but oh what a glorious time I had!  I love the sights, smells, sounds and flavors of this place.  I made it my quest to cram as much as I could into my brief stay. 

When in New Orleans, one must savor pralines.  I made the fateful mistake of ordering a ‘pray-line’ like we say out here in California.  Oh the disdainful ‘you poor sad tourist’ look I received.  When in New Orleans, the proper way to pronounce this sweet treat is ‘praw-leeen’.  I shall never make that mistake in enunciation again. 

pralines 2

When in New Orleans, one cannot escape the gorgeous architecture of the French Quarter.  Funny how lantern fixtures are so in vogue now, popping up everywhere over dining room tables and above kitchen islands.  N’awlins has had them on display since oh, forever.  Always classic, always gorgeous, indoors or out!

nawlins lanterns

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