Do You Scrap ?

Friday, January 1st, 2010

In our family, we sure do like to relax for those first few days after Christmas.  We eat a lot of cookies.  We veg in front of the TV watching movies and reruns.  We sing along to Christmas music and often rewrite the lyrics with unsuitable words.  We play with our new gadgets.  We sleep until 9 a.m. and rarely change out of our garish reindeer pajamas. 

Then lightening strikes around 6:55 a.m. on December 29th.

On that day, at 7:30 a.m., and after half of a pot of coffee, I become completely possessed.  I discard and recycle everything disposable in sight with wild and reckless abandon.  Stash, store, clean, go go go !   I’m a woman on a mission and I cannot be stopped !

Finally, three days later, the decorations are stored, the pine needles are vacuumed, and the dried out fried-to-a-crisp greenery is disposed of in the proper receptacle. 

Yet when it comes to the storing or stashing, disposing or recycling of Christmas cards, I hesitate.  For me, Christmas cards have real sentimental value.  album cover

Years ago, when I was first married, I began filing the best of those holiday cards in an oversized scrapbook.   

We receive a medley of greetings year after year, from the elegant cardstock of William Arthur, to the corny mass printed letters from witty relatives.

Many folks spend hours cataloguing their lives, and simply I cannot bear to part with any of these mementoes, especially if they contain photographs. 

Cause I get all gushy and mushy when it comes to sweet holiday pictures of families.

And how funny to document in this treasure of a scrapbook that we’ve received the very same card from 100 year old Grandma Verna for three years straight.   We’re pretty sure she doesn’t even know it. 

Now that’s priceless.

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Five Days to a Fresh Start

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

I don’t know about you, but after the fun and festivities of Christmas, I start to look to the calendar, and think of ways to improve the balance in my life by decluttering my home.  Come January, I can’t help but focus on simplifying everything.  After all of the rushing, decorating, baking and eating that comes with the holidays, I want nothing more than to clean, get rid of clutter, and get organized !

I want to live by the words of William Morris:  “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

So I’ve decided before I start up on any more home improvement projects next year, I’m going to dedicate five days in January to achieving some sense of order at home. 

five days

It’s ambitious.  I’m not sure if I can even accomplish it, but I’m sure going to give it a try.  

Tackle a closet, a room, or your entire house !  Won’t you join me in this grand attempt to declutter, organize, and start fresh  ?

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Out of the Closet

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

The kids beg me all November to open the Christmas closet.  It’s a big deal because the Christmas closet is hidden in a secret hiding place where no one else can see it, and it’s a little tricky to access. 

When we remodeled our house three years ago, we insisted on claiming every inch of storage possible.  Under the staircase was yet another place for us to incorporate a storage space dedicated solely to Christmas. 

Mr. CG calls it ‘the vault’ and it’s secretly hidden behind the dining room hutch.  Inside is 42 x 120 inches of great storage.  Every January I stuff it full of all of our decorations, and every year after Thanksgiving, we open it up again. 

Take a peek:

christmas closet 3


When I said I liked Christmas, I kind of meant it. 

This is only half of my collection – just the interior decor. 


christmas closet 4


Another eight boxes of the outdoor decor are sitting in the garage. 

Now if I can only convince my hub to climb up on our second story roof

and hang those lights.

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