Thursday, January 14th, 2010

I was telling jokes and poking fun in my post earlier today.  After watching the news for the last few hours, I’m no longer in the mood for jokes.  With the devastation from the earthquake in Haiti, and their people in dire need of assistance, my heart is in another place.

I have a beautiful 17 year old stepdaughter.  She is not just beautiful on the outside.  More importantly, her beauty comes from within.  For the last two summers, rather than spending her days at the beach or the mall, she chose to travel to the developing nations of Dominican Republic and Haiti with a non-profit organization called Building Homes, Building Hope.   This volunteer organization works to rebuild communities in these impoverished nations. 

Here are some images from her travels.  These people live in a state of poverty we cannot comprehend. 

haitian family   haitian mother


haitian boy

haitian woman with laundry

sweet girl

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Better Not Pout

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

bhg tiered trayMy plans have been foiled.  

My big plans to photograph the winter wonderland tablescape.  My plans to photograph all of those beautifully wrapped gifts and tags.  My plans to publish our delicious Christmas menu.  

Foiled.  Humbug. 


I have the nastiest flu bug ever.  Fevers, aches, chills.  Going on Day Three.

But I’m not pouting.  Not one bit.

The presents are done.  The table is set.  There’s a roast in the fridge and good wine on the rack.  The rest of the family is happy and healthy. 

We’re enjoying the magic of the season.


bhg wreath on table Nope, I’ve got no reason to pout at all. 

Besides, Santa is bringing me the best present of all. 

With this nasty flu, I’ll lose like four pounds. 

Now that’s a Christmas present I’ll take. 


Sending everyone wishes for a

very Merry Christmas holiday !


All images via Better Homes and Gardens


Here’s some glad tidings.  I’ve just learned this site has been nominated by some friends for The Homies 2009 ! 


Very cool.

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