Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Hiya friends, oh happy day !

I’m off to Nashville today to attend the Blissdom Conference.  I’m sure I’ll learn all the things I’m doing wrong.  :-)  It’s bound to be educational and very informative.  I’m definitely looking forward to meeting up with some bloggers that truly inspire me.

vintage suitcases Source

I have to travel by myself on the trip out  **sigh**, but the good news is I’m returning with Cathe from Just Something I Made.  Be sure to check out her post on the patchwork quilt auction to benefit Haiti.

I’ve got a great article coming up this weekend, so stay tuned.  Here’s a hint: Chocolate.  Dark chocolate.  Dark decadent and devilishly delicious chocolate.

That’s what I said.

Au revoir for now !

P.S.  Big big thanks for all of your compliments and input on the cream cabinet makeover.  You peeps are awesome !  Hugs.

What Makes a House a Home?

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Did you ever wonder why the saying “Home Sweet Home” isn’t “House Sweet House” ?  I think the answer is quite obvious.  The word “home” has a much deeper meaning that is far more intangible.    

Like many of you, I spend hours looking through the pages of design magazines, loving the images I see.  I save thousands of those images in my files.  I get ideas from hundreds of sources and store them all away for inspiration.  When I eventually get around to it, I incorporate little upgrades here and there.

country living porch swing One thing strikes me quite often whenever I swoon over fabulous designer spaces.  Yes, they’re gorgeous.  Yes, they’re mesmerizing.   Yes, they make me long for a cleaner, more pulled together design in my own home. 

Yet one thing is absent from all of those images, regardless of how perfect they are on the pages of a glossy magazine.  Those images, those spaces, and those houses are just not home.   A house is just four walls and a roof, but a home is made up of everything else inside. 

A house may be decorated from floor to ceiling with the finest furnishings money can buy.  But that will never ever make it a home.  A home is a sanctuary.  Home is comfort.  Home is inviting.  Home is a refuge from the world. 


pb sweater throw Home is cozy.  Home is lived In.  Home is a pair of shoes in the corner, a blanket on the sofa, books and magazines strewn about, and jackets and scarves on the hooks. 

Home is coffee cups left on the table and beds left unmade.  

Home is where you wear your coziest clothing with only comfort and never fashion in mind. 



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