One Hundred Years

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

You’ll often catch me uttering that old saying, “The days are long but the years are short.”  It was said to me by a great lady after I had my first child, when I was complaining of the exhaustion of new motherhood.  That great lady just turned 100 years old, and I had the pleasure of planning her grand birthday party. 

Verna Jones is my husband’s grandmother.  She’s a woman who’s traveled the world several times, and was married to the same man for 73 years.  73 years !  She’s witnessed our world change so dramatically over the past century.  With a mind as sharp as a tack, she tells vivid stories of her childhood travels with her family.  With that record, and all of her wisdom and insight, I often wondered why she was never on Oprah. 

verna and me

I met this wonderful lady when she was just a young thing, at age 85.  She always treated me with the utmost kindness, and welcomed me into her family from day one.  So today we threw her a great party to celebrate becoming a centenarian. 

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It’s a Small Blog World

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of meeting a very popular blogger who happens to also live in my hometown!  I’m pleased to introduce you to another blog that I know you’ll absolutely love:  Just Something I Made.  Cathe Holden is a graphic artist and master crafter and her skills are so amazing !  Pop on over and say “Hi” to Cathe. 

kate and cathe

Bring a beverage – you’re going to want to stay awhile when you witness her creativity.