Design Ideas for Kid’s Rooms

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Sadly, there are no babies or toddlers in my life other than other people’s babies and toddlers who I want to gobble up or kidnap for a few hours every time I see them. What makes it worse is that all the kid decor is so darn cute these days it makes me crazy because kid’s rooms are to decorate. So yesterday I fell down the rabbit hole otherwise known as “cute kid’s rooms” and couldn’t help but gather up some fun ideas that caught my eye. Here are some notes I made just in case I get lucky and a kid’s room project lands in my lap soon.

Double the Fun.  Bunks and lofts are a great way to maximize vertical space in kids’ rooms and a great option for shared spaces or sleepovers.

treehouse bunk bed


blue loft bed

de jesus architecture

wood and pipe bunks


Get Graphic. A fun wallpaper or brushstroke paint treatment adds pattern to a kid space, and with all the removable options for prepasted wallpaper these days it doesn’t have to be a permanent design element. Here are some tips on how to hang prepasted wallpaper yourself.

graphic wall kids room


wallpaper lex and liv

lex and liv

wallpapered kids room

 amory brown

  Create a Hiding Spot. Every child loves to play hide and seek, they also love crawling into little spaces where they can read, play, and pretend. A tee pee or a fort achieves that, or get creative outside their bedroom with a tablecloth play tent.

teepee kids room

charlotte lovey

bunk bed fort


Add Unique Storage. This is my favorite trend in kid’s room design right now,  unique storage pieces that add interest and are more special than ordinary bookcases.

modern shelf unit kids room

 sissy + marley

zig zag bookshelf

land of nod

wood trimmed bookcases kids room

sissy + marley via popsugar

tree bookshelf

charlotte lovey  


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Coffee Table Styling

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

We don’t have a coffee table in our family room anymore, we took it out a few months ago because I was tired of it, but I’m looking at others with different proportions. I’m taking my time finding the perfect one, but I do so love a beautifully styled coffee table with an organized collection of considered elements. Coffee tables offer us a place to gather and display our favorite things.

Can we look at some pretty ones today? Yes, let’s. Here’s a great go-to grouping that works well: stacked books + vase of flowers + decorative object or two.

books and lilys

jennifer worts

flowers books on coffee table jillian harris

 jillian harris

side by side gold coffee tables

at home in arkansas

coffee table books flowers

apd architects

coffee table studio mcgee

  studio mcgee

amanda carol coffee table

amanda carrol interiors

Another useful trick is to include a tray in the mix to corral a small collection of items so they feel controlled, also consider candles for ambiance and scent.

jessie miller coffee table styling

jessie d. miller

coffee table books flowers tray

susan glick interiors

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