Favorite Greens, Layla Style

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Here’s another friend participating in the “Favorite Greens” series, this time it’s Layla from The Lettered Cottage, who we all know and love as a fabulous decorator, designer, and all around DIYer extraordinaire !   She and her husband Kevin write all about fixing up their ‘Lettered Cottage’ and I’m a big big fan of her style.  I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented Ms. Layla at the Blissdom Conference in February and we became fast friends. 

laylas greens

Take it away Layla !

“Green is my favorite color to decorate with.  It’s the color of growth, and has such a wonderful way of intensifying a rooms sense of adventure.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a shade of green I didn’t like, but here are some of my favorites…

1. Soft Sage

A clean, colorless background allows these soft sage cabinets to really pop! 


2. Sprout

From the pattern on the window treatments, to the pattern on the bedskirt, I just love how fresh sprout green looks when paired with white.


3. Dusty Olive

I adore the way this old, green door (re-imagined as a headboard) takes this all-white room from okay to out-of-this-world!


4.  Pistachio

This tub just wouldn’t be the same without that petite, pistachio-colored stool snuggled up next to it.


5. Dusty Pear

This pretty, dusty pear-colored floor visually blurs the lines between outside and in by mimicking the green grass just beyond the back door.


6. Mint Green

I think the grass green beds up against a mint green wall is magically delicious!


7. Seafoam

I love the addition of seafoam green stripes to white beadboard walls in this kitchen.  Such a fun way to add a little extra charm to this already spectacular space!



A big thank you to Layla for participating in this series !  More featured bloggers coming up tomorrow with their take on this inspiring shade.   

Are you fixated on a favorite green this spring ?  Is is kelly, lime, fern, or celadon ?  Play along in the fun and tell us all about it ! 

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From My DIY Inspiration Files

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

The Special Interest Publications by Better Homes & Gardens are one of my all time favorite go to resources for DIY ideas.  Today, I thought I’d pass along some of the ideas from my inspiration files that I think are completely fabulous. 

Enjoy ! 

How cool is this idea to wallpaper the drawers of a dresser with a little decoupage ?

bhg wallpapered dresser


Sew a half dozen sheer napkins together for a cafe curtain, and add charm with mismatched flatware as curtain hooks !

bhg napkin panel


Add a pop of color to your pantry by sewing kitchen towels into basket liners. 

bhg kitchen towel liners


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Yet Another Spring Project

Friday, March 5th, 2010

One big item on my ‘To Do’ list this spring is to dedicate some space in my garage or yard to all things garden related.  I confess my garden supplies are in a jumbled state right now with no organization or centralized plan.  It’s sad really. 

Lately, I’ve become fixated on the idea of a wall or bench to store seeds, watering cans, pots and garden tools.  One of the ideas I am actually considering is building a potting bench.  I’ve just got one teensy hurdle – talking the Mister into yet another spring project.   He protests, but in truth, resistance is futile.  :-)  

Meanwhile, these images inspire me to really get going before the upcoming planting season. 

better homes and gardens march 09 Better Homes and Gardens, March 2009


potting shed source unknown Source Unknown


its complicated potting table From ‘It’s Complicated’

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