Holiday Decor

Thankful Trees

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

We started a new tradition this month, reflecting on what we’re grateful for and writing it down every day. Not a new concept of course, but since expressions of gratitude are the focus of the next holiday we’re about to celebrate here in the USA, we thought why not make our own thankful tree.

We all have things in our lives we wish were different. For me, the one thing I get sad about this time of year is the fact that (except for my little brother who lives in San Francisco with his lady and son) we no longer have extended family members that live close to us in the Bay Area. 

Most have moved out of California given the opportunity for a new job and a reduced cost of living, to Austin, to Savannah, to Las Vegas, to Salt Lake City, to Boise, to Denver, to Phoenix, etc. Five years ago it was easy to get a big group of us together, now with the expense of travel, it’s nearly impossible. But instead of focusing on that hardship, we’re grateful for our many blessings. Now a daily sentiment keep us focused on all that we have instead of what we don’t.

thankful tree in entry


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My Holiday Gift Wraps + Fabrics

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Hello friends – big surprise today! My October has been filled with all things Christmas and today I announce a collection of my holiday gift wraps and fabrics !

cover 6

What started out as a whim turned into a few craft projects and then a Holiday Lookbook. I designed and printed all 14 fabrics and gift wraps and I’ve been crafting and photographing behind the scenes to inspire you in anticipation of another holiday season filled with mirth and merriment.

I announce it today in early November simply because it takes time for the fabrics and gift wraps to arrive, so if you want to order any print from my collection, it’s best to do so in November! All of the paper projects were completed with a single roll of gift wrap and all of the fabric projects with a fat quarter of fabric (except the tablecloth – that required 4 yards of basic cotton).

kate riley holiday crafts

In the collection you’ll find a whimsical snowflake pattern called Winter’s Day in two colorways, also three variations of the Confetti pattern – bouncing polka dots mimicking tossed confetti. You’ll recognize the Sprig pattern from previous posts and now it’s available in three Christmas colorways. I really love the Mingle pattern, a fresh take on chevron, reinterpreted as imperfect pinstripes in a zig zag motif. The Ribbons pattern is a nod to traditional plaid but made modern with a repeat on the diagonal. 

Surface and textile design has been a dream of mine for over a year and when given the chance to combine it with my favorite holiday and crafting, the ideas and my glue gun kept me up late at night, but I decided to go for it and have fun by releasing a personal collection this year, available at Spoonflower.

Browse the Holiday Lookbook published at Issuu which includes creative projects and also links to all the fabrics and gift wraps if you’d like to buy them. The gift wrap is amazing quality, thick and substantial, not like the cheap stuff at discount stores. :)

I could write a book on everything I’ve learned about the fabric design industry and right now I’m in the process of working with both digital print methods and traditional screenprinting methods, I like both for different reasons. I’ll answer any inquiries in a future post about the process, feel free to ask questions!

Meanwhile enjoy the 2013 Holiday Lookbook!