Today I’m Loving. . .Wisteria

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

As I dropped off my son at his morning preschool, I couldn’t help but notice this incredible wisteria vine in bloom – it left me speechless.  ‘Tis the season for this climbing woody vine bursting with intense color and intoxicating fragrance.

So I took a walk on a spring day to admire some of my neighbors’ climbing beauties, and to take some time to smell the wisteria.  

climbing wisteria

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Yardwork Pays

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Spring is in the air today, and I’m so excited !  Mostly because our garden is beginning to bloom again.  We’ve got a lot of yardwork to do this weekend, but here are just a few shots taken last year in May. 

We have a dozen grosso lavender plants, and I harvest several pounds a year.  They are just beginning to bud.  I love to giveaway sachets and bundles to friends every year. 


I planted only cool shades in our rear yard, mostly whites, purples and pinks.  Here is some of our trailing verbena and lavatera in bloom. 

purple blooms

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Yet Another Spring Project

Friday, March 5th, 2010

One big item on my ‘To Do’ list this spring is to dedicate some space in my garage or yard to all things garden related.  I confess my garden supplies are in a jumbled state right now with no organization or centralized plan.  It’s sad really. 

Lately, I’ve become fixated on the idea of a wall or bench to store seeds, watering cans, pots and garden tools.  One of the ideas I am actually considering is building a potting bench.  I’ve just got one teensy hurdle – talking the Mister into yet another spring project.   He protests, but in truth, resistance is futile.  :-)  

Meanwhile, these images inspire me to really get going before the upcoming planting season. 

better homes and gardens march 09 Better Homes and Gardens, March 2009


potting shed source unknown Source Unknown


its complicated potting table From ‘It’s Complicated’

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