Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Oh yes, it’s back for week number two!  It’s my random collection of Friday Finds that include all the things I spy online and feel the need to share, enjoy. 

Did you know that Spoonflower now offers wallpaper from their gallery of artists and fabric designers?  You can also design your own!  The wallpaper is removable too, which is perfect for apartments, dorms, or rentals.  Wow, it’s a whole new world! 

spoonflower wallpapers

design by Holli Zollinger for Spoonflower


To set my everyday dinner table I use the PB caterer’s plates and I have for many years, but I spied this helpful article on ten other budget basics for white dinnerware.

budget basics simple white dinnerware apt therapy


Ten designers vent about these decorating mistakes, do you agree?

decorating mistakes


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Friday Finds

Friday, October 12th, 2012

So everyone, an announcement: I’m starting a new series on Fridays, phasing out giveaway weekends and instead offering up a different kind of post.  I’ll still do a few giveaways a month but I’ll surprise you during the week instead. 

Every week, I stumble across things that I think are fresh, funny, or fabulous so I’ve decided to share them with you on a regular basis and have dubbed it my Friday Finds.  (Separate of course from the ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ which is DIY focused and still runs every other weekend.)  Beware the randomness!       

I just spied this glamorous bedroom over at Homedit and I’m smitten with the smoky mirrored wall and plum palette.

smoky mirrored wall plum palette

via Homedit


I have a mild case of VBO otherwise known as Volkswagen Bus Obsession – my mom used to drive a Volkswagen van when we were kids so I attribute my affection to the brand to my childhood.  Someday I’d love to camp in one overnight by the seashore. 

vw campervan

image: Light Locations 

volkswagen by sea

image: Dust Jacket Attic


Wood tiles are all the rage right now – like modern parquet floors but up on walls.  Are you a fan of this look?  View the wood tile gallery over at the LA Times.

parquet wood tiles


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