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Favorite Things in My Town: Link Party

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Greetings all, welcome to a fun little get together all about the favorite things in your town!  I look forward to reading about where you all live and what you love about it. 

Quickly, I’ll share my three favorite things about where I live.  For those who don’t know, I live in a great little town called Petaluma in Northern California, which had a little feature in Country Living last year.  It’s 45 minutes north of San Francisco, 30 minutes from the coast, and next door to Sonoma in the heart of the Wine Country, which brings me to my first favorite thing about where I live . . .

1) Proximity   I’m a lucky gal, I get to make day trips to San Francisco and some weekends we head out to the coast, but my most favorite thing about my town is being surrounded by vineyards and having quick access to great wines.  

city coast wine country

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The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I was typing up a post last night and all of sudden a few strange things started to happen.  Little red flags started popping up on my desktop.  I had a sneaking suspicion something had slipped through my virus protection, with the little error messages that I started getting.  Then, blackness.  Nothing.   I rebooted, hoping for the best.  This is what I saw. 

error report

Uh oh.  Dun dun dun.

Of all the messages in all the world, this is not the one I needed to see!  I tried every which way to restore the computer but alas, three hours later, I can’t access any information on my hard drive, it appears I lost my data.  Did I panic?  Nope.  This is gonna sound like a commercial, but I don’t care.  It was Carbonite to the rescue. 

Check it.

270 gb

All of it saved. All of my weblog posts, all of my pictures, all of my documents.  Over 270 GB all automatically backed up.  YES!  The best money I’ve ever spent.  $50 bucks a year, and worth every penny.  Not a tear shed on what might have been a massive loss of data.  Whew!!!!!  Can I get an amen !!!!!

Online backup is the best invention EVER.

I’m off to invest in another computer today, be back soon, promise! 

Have you backed up your data? 

If not, do it today.  You’ll be sooooo thankful you did.

 **** Computer update:  I learned the error message above is a fake computer scanning virus called “System Repair” or “HDD Control” which makes it appear you’ve lost your data, and seeks to collect money to remove it.  Scam!  A kind reader (Lisa) directed me to Bleeping Computer where I followed the instructions for removal.  It took several hours, but I was finally able to remove the malicious malware.  I still plan on getting a new computer for the blog and putting the old dinosaur in the family space for kids’ schoolwork.  Still sooo glad I have Carbonite, gave me such peace of mind.   Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories!