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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Oh the gallery wall, we love it so. It seems everyone’s got one these days including us. Last month I featured a group of Etsy artists and today I’m back for more in a new monthly series. Last time many of you suggested favorites in the comments, plus I discovered a few more myself. Enjoy the roundup, and I hope it inspires you to add something new to your collection!

gallery wall theeverygirl


Find vintage natural history and botanical prints at Belle Maison, plus unique art nouveau prints too.   

belle maison vintage prints


No doubt Albie Designs has illustrated a city you’ve visited, preserve the memories with one of her unique works!  city illustrations albie designs


Cathy Hillegas watercolor landscapes have exquisite detail, it’s as if you’re really standing there staring at the view.

cathy hillegas watercolors


I’m smitten with the illustrations of Brittany Lee, each sketch tells a story and her birdies are a favorite!

brittany lee illustrations


I have a weakness for abstract art and loving the vivid versions spied over at Color Rich.

abstract art colorrich


Clare Elsaesser paints the feminine physique so beautifully, I love the ethereal quality of her work.

clare elsaesser paintings


Obvious State combines quotes from authors of the classics with unique illustrations, witty and wonderful.

obvious state literary prints


I’m as enchanted by the titles of these prints as I am by the subject matter at Janet Hill Studio.

janet hill studio paintings


What talented artists have you been admiring lately on Etsy?



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Etsy Art I Heart

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

I’ve taken a few art classes at the local junior college on painting and color theory and really want to take more, but it seems I forget to enroll with each new semester, so I have to live out my dream vicariously through the talented artists I find on Etsy. 

Art can be a jumping off point for an entire room’s design, whether it’s the palette or subject matter. Art in all its mediums is subjective, but I always say if you’re truly drawn to a piece it has touched something deep inside and you should make it yours (budget permitting). I love discovering artists from all around the world on Etsy and the fact that this forum and community makes it possible for artists to sell their creative works to the world. 

blue sofette and gallery wall above

Etsy is one of the first places I turn when I want to fill a wall, so today I’m starting a series (probably irregular and on a whim) that features prints, photographs, paintings, and artists you might consider for your growing collection. All of these prints would be cool in the right spaces, let’s get started with today’s favorites! 

Watercolor botanicals at The Joy of Color.

watercolor botanicals joy of color


Beautiful pressed leaf prints at Flat Flower Designs.

pressed leaf prints flat flower designs

(I bought this print for my home – thinking I’ll use it on my fall mantel !)


City love art by Lucius Art.

city art lucius art

(I bought this one last year – see it here.)


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A Favorite Perennial

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

I’ve always believed that the simplest things can bring the most joy in life. People have said it over the years in various clever ways because you can’t escape its truth. For me, the presence of a simple botanical that costs me nothing and is within reach just a few steps from the back door brings much happiness.

I love our hydrangeas and roses and grapevines too, but if you asked me what my favorite blooming perennial is, I wouldn’t hesitate to answer “Viburnum!”  (Although ask me again next spring after the new lilac bush I planted has blossomed and I may have changed my story.) There are over 100 varieties of viburnum and the one growing in our yard is ‘Chinese Snowball’ which blooms in small white puffs that resemble mini hydrangeas.

viburnum in blue glass vases

It grows tall and wild on woody stems each season, but unlike the hungry citrus or temperamental grapevines, it tolerates my frequent neglect and still gives me the most beautiful white blossoms every April.

viburnum bush

They first bloom in a vivid lime green color (pruned and placed in a vase, seen here) and then quickly turn to white puffballs in the spring sunshine. They only bloom for a few weeks but when they do, I hurry to gather many arrangements and fill up vases around the house.

viburnum in vase on nightstand

viburnum blooms


In early fall the viburnum gifts me once more with gorgeous stems of leaves that have turned all shades of amber and gold (see them on last year’s autumn mantel). Wherever I live, I know I’ll always have a viburnum planted somewhere in the yard.

What is your favorite perennial that blooms each season?


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