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Winter Fabric Collection

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Well I’m pretty excited everyone, I’ve released seven fabric patterns as part of a winter collection now available in my shop. For me, designing fabrics is the ultimate DIY project, from the inspiration that strikes to the execution and digital design that occurs in Photoshop or Illustrator, followed up by colorization, printing, and styling.

It’s the middle of winter and where I live in Northern California, the colors are pale and earthy as we await the blooms that will arrive in April. Nature’s neutral palette inspired a winter collection of seven patterns in gray and driftwood colorways, also included are paler hues from blush pink to mint green and icy blue. 

There’s a giant oak tree that lives up the road from my house that has lived there for decades and its sculptural branches speak to me even in the gloomiest months. 

kate riley winter fabrics


I had to include the grand tree in the Lookbook I put together as I styled the various fabrics around the house and in my small studio – you’ll find patterns I’ve featured in the past . . .

krd sprig tablecloth


. . . and a few new patterns I’m just introducing. 

kate riley dewdrop fabrics


See all seven patterns by browsing this Lookbook.



I’m working on many more new patterns in vivid hues arriving in the Spring, meanwhile enjoy this latest collection!


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Textile Spotlight: Paisley

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

I spent yesterday working on a paisley inspired fabric pattern which got me thinking it’s time to put another textile in the spotlight, so this month’s pattern is Paisley. Recognized for its teardrop or tadpole shape, the paisley shape originated from a stylized plant formation of a drooping flower that was woven into expensive jewel tone shawls in 17th and 18th centuries, known as ‘paisley shawls’.

The motif originated in India but the pattern was given its English name from the town of Paisley in Scotland where it was produced in large quantities in the late 18th century. To this day major brands like Liberty of London continue to carry versions of paisley prints for fashion and home goods.

paisley wallpaper

the mint list

In traditional motifs, you’ll find elaborate paisley prints in woven textiles for home and silks for fashion in earthier colors from deep brown and blues to reds and oranges.

miles redd library paisley fabrics

paisley curtains martin lawrence bullard

miles redd / martyn lawrence bullard

Surface and textile designers are changing the look of paisley with modern interpretations, many of them combining large scale prints with bold palettes.

House Beautiful

bright colored paisley wallpaper

mona ross berman / jac interiors


Enlarging the white space between the droplet pattern and styling it in a half brick repeat is yet another way textile designers are keeping the pattern fresh in this century.

hosue and home paisley duvet

paisley lamps amber interiors

house and home / amber interiors

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Digital Fabric Printing + Spoonflower Tour

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Thanks so much everyone for the positive feedback on yesterday’s post about my fabric and gift wrap designs! I chose Spoonflower as a company to work with because they offer an amazing innovative service: the ability for anyone to design their own fabrics, wallpapers, decals, or gift wraps and share them with the world.

I was in North Carolina earlier this year and spent a few hours with the people at Spoonflower in Durham, touring their facility and asking them all about how the process works. With their permission, I took a few pictures while I was there and Allison was kind enough to answer my questions.

spoonflower headquarters slipper chairs


1) How long has Spoonflower been in business, how and why did it start?

Spoonflower was founded in 2008, just as the US economy was entering a recession. Surprisingly, the recession did not actually turn out to be our greatest challenge. The idea for Spoonflower came from Stephen’s (one of our co-founders) wife Kim. Kim asked Stephen if he knew of a website where she could print fabric to make curtains from her own design. It turned out that one didn’t exist, despite the fact that interest in sewing, fabric, design and making things by hand had exploded on the Internet.

2) How do the printers work and how much fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap do they print in an hour/day?

We print using large format inkjet printers, similar to the printer you have at home or in your office, just much bigger! We print around 1800 yards per day.

spoonflower printing


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