Fan-tastic! Upholstered Bed

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

“Wow, just wow!” was all I could say when Kelly from The View Along the Way sent me pictures of her DIY upholstered bed.  Apparently Kelly “accidentally reads too many DIY blogs” (aren’t we all guilty of that?) which led her to coax her husband to help her build this. 

kelly 2


She was inspired by Jonathan Adler’s bed which retails for over $2,700.

jonathan adler upholstered bed

I love her amusing post how she describes the whole process and the title too: “We Made Our Bed Now We Lie In It.”  Don’t miss the significance of the date on the plywood, a major cool sign this was meant to be hers. 

kelly 1


Hop on over to The View Along the Way and give Kelly a virtual high five. 

She’s earned it!


10 Lessons Learned From Building a Kitchen

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Melanie from Washington recently wrote this to me:

“Hey Kate, I read that when you remodeled your house a few years ago, that you designed and built your kitchen.  We’re in the beginning stages of gutting our very dated kitchen and we’re starting over from scratch!  We’re so excited!!  My question for you is, were there any pitfalls you ran into?  Anything you learned along the way you’d be willing to share?  What should we know about building a kitchen starting from four bare walls?  Help!”

Great question Melanie!  Me and my Mister built our kitchen over five years ago, so to answer Melanie’s question, I had to dig through the archives and pull out all my files to refresh my recollection of the process of building our kitchen from scratch.  It resulted in a mild rash and minor heart palpitations, but I’ve since recovered.

No, I’m kidding.  I absolutely love kitchen design, and loved the entire process of choosing all the details of the one in our own home.  I’m one of those people that if I overheard at the grocery store you were building a new kitchen, I’d butt my ponytail right into the conversation and want to chat all about appliances, countertops and the exact style of door front you’re choosing for your cabinets.  “Really?  Oh, fabulous!”

Building a kitchen from scratch is an enormous task.  Unlike throwing the latest most popular shade of paint on your walls, a kitchen must be a space that can stand the test of time.  My kitchen suits the style of my home, and also my own personal tastes as well.  While there are a few things I wish I’d done differently, for the most part, I really love the floor plan and finishes we continue to live with every day.

Ten Lessons Learned from Building Our Kitchen

cg kates kitchen


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