Magnolia Tree Fall Wreath

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Fall is one of those seasons that just happens for everyone at a certain moment.  For me, last year, it was just something in the air.  This year, it happened to be the turning of the calendar to my favorite month of September. 

I was playing in the park with my girl a few weeks ago, and noticed the beauty of the fallen leaves from a nearby magnolia tree.   It was instant inspiration!  Up close, I loved the shape and caramel color of the leaves so I thought they would make a perfect wreath for our front door.  

golden magnolia leaves


This year, my requirements for a fall wreath were this: cheap and easy !   Here’s this year’s front door wreath, and the best part is that it cost me less than $5 dollars. 

 cg front porch fall wreath

The outdoor rug I found last year at Pier One.


cg front door magnolia wreath


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Grin and Tonic

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

When I was on the hunt for some retro inspired fabric for my boy’s room, I stumbled across Tonic Living via Aubrey and Lindsay’s blog.   Once I clicked over to check out the fabrics, I was instantly smitten !


tonic living fabrics Image: Tonic Living


This small Toronto based company offers florals, graphic prints, and beautiful mid century modern inspired fabrics.   

Take a peek at a few from the 50’s collection . . .

50s inspired

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