Experimenting with Wood Burning

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Sometimes I get the itch to do something crafty with a tool I’ve never used before. I’ve passed by the wood burning tools at the craft store many times but on a recent visit to Michaels the idea called out to me and so I thought I’d give it a go and try my hand at wood burning.

wood burning tool crafts

It was mostly what I expected, in a $30 kit there is a little hand held tool that you plug in and it comes with tips that you can use to form different shapes or patterns.

woodburning tool

I played with a couple of the tips on a practice piece of cheap pine to start. (Use needle nose pliers to switch them out, they get hot!)

try out tools

My first attempt was burning little jagged lines on a small box, with some repetition (and a few minor mistakes) I got the hang of it.

You have to accept imperfection with a tool like this especially as a novice! The smell of the burning wood reminded me of a cross between a campfire and burnt popcorn. If you don’t object to those smells, you may like playing with this tool too.

slanted tip

This simple but pretty little box I’ll use to collect spare coins in the laundry room.

wood burned coin box


coin box with wood burning tool


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Playing with Watercolor

Monday, July 20th, 2015

I was feeling extra irritable this weekend, restless too, and for no apparent reason at all. Usually a trip to the gym gets that out of my system but after that I still felt out of sorts, so I turned to another source of distraction: painting. Out came my brushes, paints, and tray, I had some ideas and I wanted to play around with them.

brushes paints and tray

I’m drawn to the beauty of an authentic brushstroke, whether the source is a child, an amateur like me, or a professional. I’ve taken a few art classes in my life but don’t consider myself an artistic painter by any means, I do like to dabble in it for therapeutic reasons, also it’s a sensory thing.

I like swirling around paint and combining colors, it relaxes me. Sometimes my efforts work, sometimes not so much, but whatev. I find the process more important than the result.

plaid brush strokes


ferns sample


watercolor sploches

“Pinterest Perfect.” It’s a phrase now, one we are keenly aware of, from the bloggers who make their living being creative to the moms just trying to do their best. I know, I’m both. It’s a tired conversation for me “Everything is so perfect on Pinterest” and we hate that yet as DIY bloggers that’s always nagging in the back of our minds. Is my backdrop textured and inventive? Did I style the photo well enough so that visitors Pin it for future reference? Because my income/clout/future opportunities may depend on that. It sounds stupid when you say it out loud, but it’s real.

I do a lot of thinking whenever I’m involved in the creative process. Will this idea work? Will it succeed or fail? Am I doing it for a good reason? Who defines failure or success? Social media or me?

watercolor paints and brushes


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