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Decorating with… Purple!

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

This time of year always gets me thinking about the color purple. With fall fashions and home decor often featuring various shades of this hue it can’t help but come to mind with the arrival of catalogs and campaigns. It’s an especially popular color in my area since harvest is on its way and we’re seeing the grapes turn this month. I also just finished a dining room space that includes several shades of this hue in the design, reveal coming next week.

Today I hopped across the color wheel in the continuing Color Series to focus on this dramatic color and its various alluring shades that include deeper aubergine and paler lilacs and lavender. First up, paint on the walls, when does it work? In formal spaces such as dining and living rooms, dark and moody shades of purple are a sophisticated choice.

plum paint on wall

Laura U Design

deep plum walls in dining room bhg

Better Homes & Gardens

Refined purple grounds white in a bedroom or living space, adding beautiful contrast.

plum and white bedroom lisa gutow

Lisa Gutow Design

purple paint on walls bhg

Better Homes & Gardens


Have you considered a shade for your bathroom or laundry room?

plum paint laundry room

Precision Cabinets

purple in bathroom bhg

Better Homes & Gardens


Purple is a popular choice for a young girl’s room (I went there too!) and in paler shades of lavender, the look is sweet and feminine when balanced with a lot of fresh whites, modern prints, and doses of playful colorful accents.

purple girls room

Rusk Renovations

lavender girls room


tobi fairley lavender girls room

Tobi Fairley Design


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Decorating with…Yellow!

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

I’m making my way around the color wheel, continuing with the Color Series today with a look at one of the most fun colors: yellow! Yellow is such a happy shade to decorate with, wouldn’t you agree? When asked what color we think of as the most optimistic, many of us would quickly reply “yellow!”  

Yellow is the color of sunshine and energy, and with it comes creativity and feelings of positivity too. When used effectively, yellow is the perfect punctuation mark. Whether it’s a painted wall or accents you choose, yellow is that one hue that’s sure to bring an uplifting feeling of joy to your home. 

The stucco on our home is a pale shade of yellow, one we chose over twelve years ago and still love to this day. I play off the soft yellow hues with outdoor cushions and pillows in the courtyard. Yellow walls, both interior and exterior, soak up the sun and will always reflect warmth into a space.

sunny yellow walls

yellow paint in bathroom bhg

yellow painted walls

yellow kitchen walls

sunset via my home ideas / better homes & gardens / source unknown / better homes & gardens

When you’re looking at the walls, take your decorating a step beyond just paint and consider wall treatments such as tongue and groove planks or the beautiful motifs found in patterned wallpapers.

yellow paneled walls

yellow wallpaper in bedroom

yellow wallpaper blue door

tom stringer / shelter interiors / suellen gregory design


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