Before & After

Goodbye Brass, Hello Class

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Earlier I hinted at the stash of exceptionally tacky brass objects I picked up at the Goodwill yesterday.  I had been looking for the perfect little table to sit next to my master bathtub for keeping soaps, washcloths and other bath products handy.  Then I spotted a hideously shiny metal table that I knew I could transform with just a bit of spray paint.

Here are the items before the transformation.  They consist of a shiny brass table and candlesticks, rusty planter, tarnished mint julep cup and brassy framed mirror.  Total rejects right?  Wrong.

Here’s my transformation:

First things first. 

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Show and Tell

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Friends, you are awesome.  Thanks for all of the positive feedback on my girl’s room.  I am feeling very fortunate today. 

Many of you asked for ‘Before’ photos of my daughter’s room, so here is one from last year, after I had, quite frankly, given up on the space.  Notice the dollhouse was in need of a major remodel with its old fashioned decor and skirt, and the kid clutter was everywhere !    Before the green desk, there was a park bench from our rear yard in her room (on the left).  That just makes me laugh. 


bella's room before

   The After, featured in yesterday’s post

room final

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