Moving our HVAC Vent + Dremel Saw Giveaway

August 20, 2014

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share the brief tale of how we moved our HVAC vent in the guest room with the help of the Dremel US40 Ultra Saw and offer one up for you to win today!  We don’t advocate doing major changes to your home’s HVAC system without professional help, but in this situation we found moving the vent a few feet wasn’t too difficult and a project we could tackle on our own.

I didn’t want the vent directly under the fan, I wanted it three feet closer to the closet wall and away from the fixture for aesthetic reasons so we moved it ourselves.

moving hvac vent

Our project required opening up the ceiling (after we removed the popcorn) to shorten the conduit. We also shut off the power to this room because we were working around the electrical wire to the ceiling fixture.

cut open sheetrock

Once the ceiling was open Matt cut the conduit with the Dremel Ultra Saw and its metal blade attachment.


dremel metal blade

Sparks were flying so we made sure to have a fire extinguisher near just in case, he also wore protective eyewear.


We then reframed the section of the ceiling to support the metal duct, we recycled the old one and used FlexFix tape to seal the duct in its new location.

flex fix duct tape

moving duct

We reused the old sheetrock cuts to patch, tape, and retexture the ceiling with the vent in the new location. We then painted the walls and ceiling and installed the new fan.

hvac moved

Now the vent is no longer an eyesore and the ceiling fan gets the spotlight!

moved hvac vent

The Dremel US40 Ultra Saw is a versatile tool with many home improvement applications. It comes with 4 cutting wheels/blades and can cut plywood, wood trim and baseboards, metal pipe, rebar and conduit. It also strips paint or thinset adhesive under tile, and can cut tile without water. Read all about what the tool can do here.

dremel ultra saw

Today Dremel is giving away one; eligibility to win the Dremel US40 Ultra Saw:

1) Name a project in your home where you’d use the Dremel Ultra Saw. Leave a comment on this blog post to be entered to win.

Giveaway ends Saturday August 23, 2014 at midnight PST. One winner chosen at random. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED.  Winner #412 Carrie E. notified via email.

*This post brought to you by Dremel, opinions about the product are my own.Thank you for supporting sponsors of this site.  .

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670 Responses to “Moving our HVAC Vent + Dremel Saw Giveaway”

  1. Kylie says:

    We’d use it when redoing our kitchen floors :)

  2. Meigh says:

    Oooh, that looks super handy. We’re about to put in a bunch of trim, so that would be very helpful.

  3. D Dethlefsen says:

    We’ve recently moved and are gearing up for some home improvement projects in the garage. The Dremel tool would come in handy for the garage shelving as well as some projects I have planned for the Mister in the front yard.

  4. Melissa says:

    I’d use the Dremel Ultra Saw to cut out sections of rotted subfloor in my bathroom remodel!

  5. Laurie says:

    I agree about trim work! This would be super snazzy.

  6. Katie says:

    I would use it to reinstall baseboard and trim in our bathrooms. We had water damage back in February and still have not gotten every detail back together.

  7. Audrey C. says:

    The fix looks great! I’d love to use this to tear up the tile in our kitchen and lay down new flooring.

  8. andrea p says:

    We would love to use the Dremel in our neverending basement reno! Thank you :)

  9. GG says:

    I would use it to tear up the tile in my kitchen. I also have a vent I want to move, but the PO used vinyl so no need for machinery.

  10. mindy says:

    take out a partial wall that divides the family room and kitchen, remove soffit in the kitchen area, add one extra vent to a room that does not have efficient cooling and heating,

  11. Dani S says:

    I’d use it for the bathroom remodel!

  12. Bethany Haugen says:

    We are planning on putting a bathroom in an existing storage room. You never know what kind of problems you are going to run into, and this tool looks like it can help with just about all of them. Would make a potential headache or a remodel into a dream bathroom!

  13. Lisa Smith says:

    I need to finish my entire garage, drywall and trim- the Dremel Ultra Saw would make it a breeze!

  14. Courtney says:

    We’ll be renovating both of our bathrooms in the near future, and something tells me this tool would come in handy.

  15. Christina says:

    I’m working on a bathroom remodel, so this Dremel would definitely come in handy!

  16. Sheela says:

    The ceiling fan looks great! I’d love to win the Dremel! I’d use it for many projects, but I do have a tile backsplash I’d like to get done.

  17. Laurie R says:

    I NEED this tool! We’ve moved into a 70’s house which is still living in the 70’s. We are trying to bring it into the 2000’s and this Dremel saw would be soooo helpful!

  18. Danielle says:

    The dremel would give my husband the kick in the pants he needs to finish the baby’s nursery (due in three months!). I’m thinking he should start with bookcases!

  19. rls says:

    While we don’t have our own home yet to really get full use of this tool, I’m sure my husband could find some woodworking project he’d love to use this for!

  20. Ashle Kennedy says:

    A Dremel would be perfect for our basement and bathroom renovations!!

  21. Leah Frost says:

    My kitchen floors. They’re a disaster!

  22. Lori says:

    I need to replace most of the base boards in my house and this would be extremely helpful!

  23. Carolyn says:

    We’d use it to cut tile when redoing our backsplash!

  24. Suzanne says:

    I have some wire shelving in the garage I’d like to cut back so I have room for an upright freezer. This sounds like the perfect tool to do that!

  25. Jen says:

    We’ve been updating our entire first floor, still have some work to do in the kitchen.

  26. Kat says:

    I would use this saw in my laundry to mudroom renovation. Especially to cut out the baseboards around the new built in bench and storage units.

  27. margaret says:

    I’m sure we would have no shortage of uses for a Dremel saw in our basement remodel/renovation project.

  28. heather f says:

    goodness where to start

    I want to artify up my chicken house. it needs a new roof, new roosts. I have been saving old windows and cool doors hoping to make it look like the taj mahal of chicken houses!

    my husbands honey do list is 3 pages, single spaced!!

  29. Patricia says:

    We used an older one during our main bath remodel. Life saver.

  30. We have needed one of these so many times. I would use it in our next room makeover!

  31. Laura says:

    I would love to have this when we start our trim project.

  32. Marcie says:

    I would use it to replace the counter tops in my kitchen.

  33. Jess MMT says:

    I have a few annoying baseboard and door related projects that this would be a LIFESAVER for! I’ve been putting them off specifically because I need a tool like this…

  34. Casey says:

    We just bought a home that we now realize is much more of a fixer-upper than we had originally thought. This would be handy for replacing all of the trim, updating the bathrooms, and gutting the kitchen.

  35. Emily says:

    I would use this to take out the cracked tiles in our entry way.

  36. Jennifer Sumner says:

    Where do I begin… We have an upstairs bathroom that needs to be finished, two rooms that need tile flooring, crown molding throughout house, and on and on on ;). This would be a huge lifesaver!!!

  37. Linda says:

    I’d love to use the Dremel to put built-in shelves around our fireplace and to replace our kitchen counters (currently 4×4 ceramic tile).

  38. Bridget P. says:

    I would come in handy for doing some tile work!

  39. Deb says:

    Actually the project I would use Dremel on is not in my home, but rather at the school where I am a teacher. I have been wanting to build a garden complete with raised bed gardens and compost bins.

  40. Rachel says:

    We’re starting to remodel our kitchen. This tool looks handy!

  41. Vel says:

    Cutting tile for sure for our kids bathroom make over!

  42. Meghan G. says:

    This would really help with remodeling a vintage trailer!

  43. Bren says:

    We will be cutting baseboards to install wider door trim around the door frames. The Dremel would let us do that without removing the whole piece of trim. Awesome!

  44. Courtney says:

    I would use the Dremel Ultra Saw in our kitchen – a remodel covered up our floor vent and we have no air going into the kitchen because of it. Everything is in place, we just need to cut into the floor to access the vent!

  45. Angela says:

    Ooh I’d use it to update our baseboards! Sounds like a cool tool!

  46. Camille says:

    I would use it to fix the extended overhang of our front door threshold & to fix some tile issues in our master bathroom.

  47. Marlys says:

    I’d use it to help finish our deck!

  48. Dede Jackson says:

    I would use it to repurpose some wood floors in our house, from one area to another!

  49. Sheri says:

    I’d use the Dremel Ultra Saw in our bathroom…we need to either re-grout or replace the entire bathroom!

  50. Devlin says:

    I am planning on creating “buit-in” bookcases and a faux coffered ceiling treatment. I can see this tool being very handy for those projects!

  51. Vitaly says:

    It would be handy in my pallet furniture project

  52. Carol S. says:

    We need to rip out old tile in the bathroom. This tool will come in handy for that job.

  53. Jean Malloy says:

    No question about it. Our 70’s era basement needs a serious remodel. This awesome tool could be used in a myriad of ways. Thanks for including your Canadian readers!

  54. Sakura says:

    I need to expand my closest – and this looks like it would be perfect to cut the drywall and the new trim!

  55. Libby says:

    Would love to finish trim work in kitchen that our hired “professional” never finished.

  56. Kristin says:

    That tool would be very helpful for building our new headboard!

  57. We want to add some built ins in our office…this tool would be so useful! :)

  58. CC says:

    I bet this would work great for adding shelves to our master bathroom!

  59. Kelsey G. says:

    Building a kitchen table!

  60. Bonnie says:

    I love that fan its so sleek and modern. I have ceiling fans in all my bedrooms and I am in PA, they don’t look as sleek as this but its great for air flow, its about time they start making nicer looking ones.

    I would use this saw for so many projects, we are re-doing our kitchen, an cutting out cabinets to add glass, then installing butcher block counters ourselves so cutting out the sink hole will be a lot more fun w this awesome saw!! Among all the other furniture building projects we tackle, thanks to Anna White plans!

  61. Mary South says:

    Just bought a fixer upper so this would come in hand. I would use it to make shelves and customize the closets.

  62. Elizabeth E says:

    We are completely remodeling our bathroom ourselves…this would be so helpful!

  63. Kathleen says:

    I’ve got some oak flooring to repair at my house and a huge kitchen remodel to work on at my dad’s house coming up :)

  64. Angela C says:

    I’d start with a couple things I need to fix then I’d make the side table I’ve been dreaming of for the reading area in the master bedroom.

  65. Priscilla says:

    I could use this for the tile work in my bathroom and kitchen.

  66. Randi Cook says:

    Were wanting to build another chicken coop out of scraps and this tool would be perfect for doing so!

  67. Allison says:

    I’ve wanted a Dremel for awhile, this would come in so handy!! We could use it on new baseboards and molding around the house, putting planks on the master bedroom ceiling to cover the popcorn ceiling, making shelves for our master closet, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom…..I could go on and on. Basically everything in our house needs to be redone!

  68. Amy says:

    Would love it to create some shelving!

  69. Jenelle says:

    I’d love to put beadboard wainscoting in the kids’ bathroom.

  70. Catherine says:

    We just bought a 1948 house with some 1948 bathroom tile that needs to go, this would be a dream come true.

  71. Brooke says:

    We’ve got a bathroom reno on deck for Labor Day weekend, with lots of tile repair and trim installation!

  72. cathyv says:

    For some kitchen renovation in our sons’ house. Would love this tool.

  73. Aubrey says:

    I’d love to do a tile backsplash in my kitchen!

  74. Tiffani A. says:

    Great giveaway! I would use it for cutting wood for various projects and I’ve also had a kitchen backsplash update in mind that this would be great for!

  75. Nicole says:

    I’m planning to put up beadboard in my bathroom but don’t have a table saw. It would be nice to be able to use something like a dremel to cut the boards to size.

  76. Melissa says:

    I’d use it to install the fake brick wall in the office!

  77. LeAnn says:

    Oh, to have my own Drexel! I have been borrowing power tools as I need them. This would make spontaneous projects doable!

  78. monique says:

    I would use this for finishing my basement.

  79. Cindy Wempner says:

    I would like to try my hand at a kitchen backsplash!

    Thank you!

  80. Hillary says:

    We just bought a new house – so many projects. First on my list is to remove a half wall between the kitchen and family room. Drywall, trim work, tile, it’s all there and the dremel would make it so much easier!

  81. Karissa says:

    I’d use this saw to do things in nearly every room of the house we’re moving into next Friday!

  82. Kristin says:

    I’ve been dying to remove the expanded mesh from our driveway gate and replace with some beautiful redwood panels. The saw would cut through the welds holding it on to the gate in no time!

  83. Mary says:

    I would use this to move a ceiling fixture in my great room. Great instructional post as always!!

  84. Heidi says:

    I have four closets to organize and the dremel would be great for cutting supports and trim work!

  85. it would make cutouts SO much easier!

  86. Barbara says:

    My husband is doing so much work that I think this “Wonder Saw” would make
    this project and many more so much easier! We would love to have this
    saw. Thank you for featuring it.

  87. Wendy says:

    Oh my, which project would I do first?! Bathroom tile, kitchen backsplash, wainscoting, or plank the walls in our new party shed!

  88. Nicole Legere says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting it!

    I’d think this tool would be a great addition to my very limited toolbox. I need to expand my DIY projects and getting additional tools is one of the things that’s holding me back! I think that I would likely use this to update and add some trim in my home. I have a modern/traditional home which has some large entryways and doorways with no molding. I’m determined to change this, so I could use the dremel tool to cut into the existing baseboard in order to add some door trim.

    What do you think ? Can I be your winner? :)

  89. Amy says:

    Oh gosh, there’s so many projects I could use it for: replacing a tile floor in our kitchen, finishing an office space in our basement, installing outdoor tile on top of our plain old concrete patio… The list goes on and on! Thank you!

  90. Mo says:

    Either on guest bath floor, or guestroom closet redo!

  91. christine says:

    I would also use to move a few vents in my home. The one in my living room is placed in the middle of the wall so I have to keep my love seat in an off-centered position and it has driven me crazy for the past 5 years!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for the win b/c this would be a great tool to own.

  92. Amy C says:

    Baseboards! Well, actually crown molding and baseboards. I’m wanting to update the basement (finished in probably the 1970’s or so. . .) and it could definitely use some help in the class department. It would help make that task so much easier!!!

  93. Ashley P says:

    I would use it to fix warped and broken boards on our deck!

  94. Suzanne says:

    We would use in our new porch.

  95. lesley says:

    my BFF and i want to work with some pallets but we don’t have the tools!

  96. Sarah from WI says:

    I’d use it to make some more garage organizational spaces with metal piping.

  97. Patricia says:

    Installing bookcases to look like built-in in the home office – would definitely help with the shelves and cutting out the existing mouldings!

  98. Brenda Martin says:

    We are going to be replacing trim throughout our house, so this tool will be very useful.

  99. Jennifer says:

    We would love to use this in our bathroom remodel! Also, replacing ugly tile countertops and flooring in the kitchen..

  100. Joyce W says:

    We could start by using the Dremel tool to help remove and replace a few windows. We plan to update our Master Bathroom with new vanity, shower, and floor soon also – thank you very much!

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