Art in the Kitchen

January 6, 2014

Greetings all, and welcome to another week! Like so many around me, I’m fighting off a cold so today’s post is short and sweet. Over the weekend, I took advantage of an annual frame sale at Aaron Brothers to display some new prints in the kitchen above the mantel in a simple arrangement.

Our kitchen’s style is very traditional so I like to make small changes that introduce a more contemporary feel, last year it was two modern pendant fixtures, and this year an art display with black frames.

art on kitchen mantel

I’m drawn to watercolors and abstract art in blues and greens, also botanicals and nature prints. I picked up the two on the left at Minted last year, one a watercolor abstract and the other a simple yet colorful peacock feather. Find them here and here.

framed art on mantel

They are joined by two prints from books curated and published by my blog friends at The Handmade Home. Two of the prints made it up onto my kitchen mantel (the watercolor owl which my daughter picked out and the pale blue botanical, both on the right).

artwork in kitchen

Ashley and Jamin gathered up several collections of original prints by talented artists into three separate texts and were kind enough to send them to me which inspired the new display.

art books

The books offer three styles of artwork from Eclectic to Contemporary to Traditional and come with perforated pages of dozens of prints from a variety of talented artists, you can give away different prints, change out ones in your home, or give the books as gifts too.

pages of art

If you’d like to get your hands on a set of these art books, three sets of all three books are up for grabs today. Simply leave a comment sharing your favorite kind of art to be eligible. Do you prefer photography, prints, paintings, abstracts or landscapes, or a medley?

Three winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Friday, January 10, 2014 at midnight  and subject to this site’s Official Rules of Entry. Good luck!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Winners: #210 Michelle; #588 Jamie; #703 Nancy S. Winners notified via email.


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982 Responses to “Art in the Kitchen”

  1. Megan r says:

    I love prints and abstracts.

  2. Amber says:

    Oh man, that watercolor you have is right up my alley. I also love the tree silhouettes!

  3. Emily says:

    I like botanicals, especially flowers.

  4. Erin K says:

    I love a mixture, it makes everything look special and unique!

  5. Laura says:

    These are wonderful! Love your new kitchen art! I prefer a medley, I hope I win :) Happy New Year!

  6. Amanda says:

    I love abstract watercolor as well as photography.

  7. Noel says:

    I have a mix of art right now. Paintings, prints and photography. I would love to add some more photography. I’ve had my eye on these books since Handmade Home released them. I would love to win. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  8. Paola says:

    I love watercolors… Eclipses are my favorite! But I love the abstract one you have there

  9. Lately I have been drawn to photography , nature shots. great giveway as I love art.

  10. Francis C. Moore says:

    I like abstract art.

  11. joyce says:

    What a great idea! I would love to make some “artful” changes in my home!

  12. Emma says:

    I like all kinds of art, especially landscapes and wildlife.

  13. Tara says:

    We have a gallery wall of black and white family photos. I need some help with the rest of the artwork in our home! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Beth says:

    My favorites are prints and photography. These books are a great idea!

  15. melissa says:

    Love the water colors!

  16. Nikki says:

    I love a medley of different styles: photography, watercolors, a few abstracts… And these books are such a great idea!

  17. Jess says:

    I love photography and prints!

  18. Cheryl says:

    My fave inspirations are nature prints and nature photography. Mixed media that highlights texture. This set of art books would be so helpful in my writing too as I am getting into art journaling. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Great fuel for creativity!

  19. Joanne says:

    LOVE the artful addition to your kitchen.
    And… HAPPY H-A-P-P-Y New Year!

    My favorite art is any kind of art… I can appreciate it all.
    But, I do love to paint abstracts and I have a large collection of abstracts in my home… as well as, photography, charcoal drawings and watercolors.

    These books look pretty awesome. Thanks!

  20. I like quirky art, black and white, and romantic! How’s that for eclectic?!

  21. Helen says:

    I love mixing and matching art. Have been struggling with what type of art to put in my kitchen.

  22. katie greenlaw says:

    I love those water colors. I am drawn to visually calm things….maybe it be abstracts, portraits, etc.

  23. We prefer watercolors. I had a set of 3 commissioned for my husband for our anniversary one year. The inspiration for them was photos of the islands that we went to for our honeymoon.

  24. Megan says:

    Love photography and watercolors!

  25. Laurie says:

    I am a big fan of Picasso’s work, all eras which make it difficult to decorate with as he was a moody guy! On the other end of the spectrum, LOVE Mary Cassatt as well.

    Thank you!

  26. Sara D says:

    I love prints! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Rita says:

    I like black and white photography.

  28. Robin says:

    Photography usually, but I also like watercolors

  29. Sarah says:

    Love watercolors!

  30. I’m a medley girl, all the way. In almost all areas: vocals, art walls, vegetables.

  31. Suzanne says:

    What fantastic prints!! I have eclectic taste: I like a variety around me….abstract, traditional landscapes, photography.

    Thanks so much for sharing this site!

  32. Mindy says:

    I love all kinds of art, and am constantly cursing my lack of wall space. But I have a weak spot for photography and have more photos of flowers that I’ve taken in the yard, than I care to admit. :)

  33. Kelley says:

    I love a mixture but my favorite is probably watercolors.

  34. I like a melody. Love, love, love the ones you picked for the kitchen!

  35. Melissa says:

    I like watercolors… mostly landscapes, especially ones with barns (I’m a farm girl at heart!).

  36. Christy H says:

    I love all types of art. I could never pick one type.

  37. Katie says:

    I love photography but I’m getting more into paintings as I start decorating my new home! Love reading your blog every morning :)

  38. I like a melody. Love, love, love the ones you have chosen for your kitchen.

  39. Anna says:

    Abstract and watercolor are my favorites!

  40. Lesley says:

    Love a medley too. What a great idea – I’ve never seen any books like these!

  41. Paula says:

    I think I don’t know my favorite style just yet (which is why I still have a ton of blank walls) but I lean toward watercolor and abstract right now.

  42. Maria says:

    love it all. Definitely like to mix it up!

  43. Keryn says:

    Oooooh! I’ve always been a traditional girl, but recently a bit of abstract is creeping in. I’m letting it, in small doses!

  44. Amy P says:

    I like paintings and photography. I have two original paintings from a local artist that are my favorites.

  45. Victoria says:

    I love watercolors and botanicals and nature and pen and ink and… well, just all of it!

  46. Amy says:

    I like a mix but am usually drawn to photography.

  47. linda says:

    I adore watercolor prints! thanks for the chance!

  48. Elizabeth says:

    What an excellent idea! I am drawn to watercolor landscapes in my art or eclectic scenes, like that octopus! So cute!

  49. Elizabeth H says:

    used to collect art from an artist very popular in my area but the prints got too busy for me. I love simple watrercolor prints. How about your 49ers!! Yeah.

  50. I love prints! It’s such an accessible way to display art, and I love displaying in clusters, displays, galleries, so prints are perfect — I can also change things up frequently. We love music and geographical prints in our house…

  51. liza says:

    abstract, modern, edgy! getting my hubs to agree is another story! :-)

  52. Looks fabulous in your kitchen!! LOVE!!

  53. Rachel says:

    Your new art looks fantastic! I tend to use a variety of types of art in my home….bold bright colors, simple black & white, nature, abstract….everything! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  54. Beth says:

    Your new art work looks really great in those simple black frames. Right now, I’m drawn towards photography, prints and landscapes.

  55. These are so cool! I love to mix and match my art. I have a traditional Mexican bark painting next to a handmade card and a large comic-style print on my dining room wall. In the adjacent living room are 3 large abstracts I made myself, and in the kitchen is a fine art print! Love em all!

  56. Holly says:

    My favorite art is created by new local, unsigned artists, my kids! Oh, and I also like Mexican needle art.

  57. Ann says:

    I love all sorts of art – watercolors, abstract, photography, kids drawings, pop art. Probably the one kind I appreciate but don’t really want in my home are traditional portraits and landscapes. Just not my thing.

  58. Stephanie says:

    My husbands mother is an artist. She makes these large over the top abstract painting which are always so gorgeous. We’re a big fan of paintings, but I also love fun bright colored prints.

  59. Keely says:

    I LOVE watercolor/ abstract and photography! Would love this…just moved recently and our walls are bare!!! Need some inspiration! Thans for the opportunity!

  60. Sandy says:

    Photography and botanical prints are probably my favorite forms of art, i like the simplicity and the eye for beauty that can be found in them.

  61. Chelsea says:

    I’m into a variety of art, but I think photography and watercolors are my faves! They’re so difficult to do well, I really admire the talent of the artists.

  62. Stephanie says:

    My husbands mother is an artist and she makes these large, beautiful abstract paintings. We have a couple hanging in our house. I also love bright cheery prints.

  63. I love prints and photography. I have a gallery wall in my kitchen.

  64. Megan says:

    I like a medley. I have an ecclectic taste when it comes to art. Hope I win!

  65. Marissa says:

    I love a medley, but watercolors if I had to pick one.

  66. Melanie says:

    I love nature prints. There are so many interesting designs in the natural world, and beautiful colors. I mostly base my decorating on color schemes and patterns in nature.

  67. Sarah says:

    I enjoy a medley of styles but am drawn to blues and greens as well, usually of water scenes. I love the blue and green abstract on your mantel though, and so refreshing to see art in the kitchen!

  68. Haley says:

    I love the peacock feather print!

  69. Sue in DE says:

    Our home is very traditional, but we like to add some fun with art, so we have some folk art paintings, as well as botanicals are pen and ink architectural drawings. I’m always looking for new and interesting art to add to our walls!

  70. Terry says:

    I love florals, landscapes, and watercolors!

  71. Whitney M says:

    I love a mix of art but abstracts and watercolors are my favorites!

  72. Anita says:

    I have a pretty eclectic style but my two favorites are landscape paintings and photography of buildings and villages.

  73. Kim Rivera says:

    I prefer a medley…mixing things up a little bit makes for a visually interesting home.

  74. Halley says:

    I like a good mix of prints. Abstract, photos, etc. I also like to mix colors and textures. Basically I desperately need that octopus picture for my master bathroom.

  75. Mary says:

    These are so cool! I’m not a huge nature person, but I love nature prints. And I’ve been wanting some silhouettes lately too

  76. Tiffany says:

    I love photography and watercolors. I guess that is more on the contemporary side.

  77. Carmen says:

    I love botanical prints. Those books are so cool! Would love to win them!

  78. I have very eclectic taste! Yesterday I painted a huge deer ( but I also love abstracts and landscapes, especially in the blue/green tones you describes. Then again I also love dramatic black and white photos. I love it all!

  79. katie says:

    I love prints, especially ones with retro sci-fi images like air ships. These books are an amazing idea!

  80. JeanzBeanz says:

    I don’t have a particular style – I am very eclectic! Love the peacock feather and I love black and white photography too… I have just received my first original oil painting (a landscape) which i also love! :)

  81. Jamie says:

    My favorites are abstracts and B/W Photography!

  82. Brenda says:

    My eye is definitely drawn to abstracts with light airy colors.

  83. Gina says:

    I love the botanical prints, too. I’m not so much into modern, but the idea of clean and simple art is what draws me into a print.

  84. Vicki says:

    I love water colors as well in soothing blue/green combos

  85. Kelly says:

    I like eclectic art, and was so lucky to receive several prints from both Etsy and Minted for Christmas – I just got them all framed and hung this week!

  86. Oh they look lovely, I’m falling for the peacock feather in particular. I have a couple of them arranged with flowers in a vase in my home office and I love them. Hope you get well soon. :-)

  87. helena Dias says:

    The new prints in your kitchen are wonderful. I prefer more tradional art but I’m always open to new ideas. Hope I win :) Happy New Year!

  88. Richelle B says:

    I love a mix of all of them. Those books look so neat!

  89. Ashley says:

    Love that peacock feather! I generally prefer paintings- bright acrylics (usually I commission the work of my kids) and watercolors. I’ll have to check those books out- what a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway (fingers crossed)!

  90. Love your new kitchen art collection! I always love how a room picks up various colors from paintings. I love art of all medium and style: photography, watercolor or impressionism oil painting. I pick a certain type of art to work with a room I decorate; but I also like to try eclectic surprises too!

  91. Jen N. says:

    I love a good mix!

  92. Erin says:

    I love prints and abstracts mostly, but I enjoy looking at all types of artwork!

  93. Mary says:

    I love bold graphic prints and typography.

  94. Crystal says:

    I’ve come to love a good mix of art, but will always love a painted floral or still life. What a great collection of books.

  95. Dee in BC says:

    I’m all for the eclectic medley look!

  96. Jess says:

    The art looks great in your kitchen!. I prefer a good mix of art throughout my apartment. I’m not too stuck on any one genre in particular. My kitchen & bathroom both have a bright & abstract tone to them. My bedroom and living room are both more muted, with oil paintings and watercolors.

  97. Kim Olea says:

    I love good art. I have water colors, still-life’s, scenery, I like abstracts…so I guess my answer is a medley!

  98. Mimi says:

    LOVE a good mix, really would love to see the “eclectic” book!

  99. Marci Shadd says:

    Drawn to florals of every medium…

  100. Theresa says:

    I love wildlife and landscapes! Thanks!

  101. Darla says:

    Watercolors and abstracts are my faves!

  102. Jill says:

    Photography (especially of my kids) and original artwork (when I can afford it).

  103. Theresa says:

    Wildlife and landscapes in watercolor. Thanks!

  104. Annie says:

    I like a nice eclectic medley that I can change as I wish!

  105. Tara S says:

    Awesome!! Your prints are beautiful. I have been on the hut for art in my living room. I purchased art you recommended from Esty last month for my Mom for Christmas and she LOVED it!! (FlatFlowerDesigns) I love framing prints as a collection.

  106. Jessica H says:

    Awesome giveaway! I love both contemporary and traditional art.

  107. Darla says:

    I love photography…especially nature. Thanks!

  108. Tracy says:

    Love it! We’re liking vintage + found art, as well as handmade. All with a modern edge to it.

  109. Tara S says:

    Awesome! Love your prints. I purchased art you recommended from FlowFlowerDesign for my Mom for Christmas. She LOVED it!! I am on the hut for art for my family room. Love a collection of framed prints.

  110. Liz S. says:

    Oh man! Love this! I’m drawn to watercolor landscapes and florals, but I do have a variety of other favorites!

  111. Lanay says:

    Abstracts and photography are my favorites! These books are a genius idea for adding beautiful art on a budget!

  112. Dulcey says:

    We love a medley. Anything that strikes us as beautiful, especially photos from travels.

  113. Heidi says:

    I love family photography (black and whites mixed with color), and simple silhouettes.

  114. Sharon McGuire says:

    I like an eclectic mix of art. Right now in my kitchen I have two “antique” metal trays with botanicals and two graphic travel posters from the twenties and a black board. The family room has molas and an antique etching that belonged to my grandfather. The bathroom has a Thai brass rubbing. The hall is alas, barren. This would help!

  115. Shannon says:

    I love watercolors for my kitchen and oil paintings in the rest of the house. Thanks.

  116. Rene Estephan says:

    I am renovating and would love some new art work for the walls. I loved the watercolor of the trees!

  117. Lisa H. says:

    You are extremely talented and I look to you for inspiration all the time. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity…what great books!

  118. ErinY says:

    I like a good mix of everything, but my recent favorite pen and ink drawings or block prints, like the octopus you have at the bottom of the post.

  119. Wendy says:

    I prefer originals, but love a medley as well.

  120. michele Owens says:

    I love a medley of them all. I find tranquility in black & white, color, scenary,photograpy, etc….

  121. Teresa says:

    I love the art work you selected for your kitchen. I love a mix of good artwork, but am especially drawn to watercolors.

  122. Anu says:

    Beautiful prints. love a medley. as I like to change as the season changes.

  123. Madelyn says:

    I used to think I liked specific types of art – botanicals, abstracts, etc. – but now realize I like ALL types of art. I try to buy whatever I respond to when I see it and I know I can always make a place for it in my home.

  124. Leah says:

    My favorite artwork items are prints, for sure. Love these books!

  125. Sharon Vipond says:

    What lovely art books! I am a big fan of watercolor paintings and would like to add some to an art wall in my dining room.

  126. Heather says:

    Love your kitchen! I like medley of all. :)

  127. Jen says:

    I wouldn’t have guessed it, but the first two “real” pieces of original art I bought were beautifully detailed pastels. It’s not an easy medium to work with and I love the subjects and the skill each one represents.

  128. Watercolor and pen+ink sketches.

  129. Mary says:

    I love watercolor landscapes. I also love the little owl picture in your kitchen!

  130. Erica says:

    I love photography!

  131. Jennfier McCLoskey says:

    I typically go for photography. I’m currently looking for something for our kitchen, that is why this post caught my eye!

  132. Kathleen says:

    Brilliant! I always struggle with “what to put on the wall”….also “what to put on the feet” but that’s another story. I like watercolors and traditional art.

  133. Connie Schutrick says:

    I am most often drawn to abstracts and pen and ink drawings. Then, of course, there’s the
    traditional print in my hallway, and the landscape photography taken in my travels, plus….

  134. Alicia Webber says:

    I love either black and white photography, or abstract art with a cool color palette.

  135. Marie says:

    I love any medium that speaks to me, but there is something I find especially beautiful about photography. Images found in reality. But who doesn’t love a bit of fantasy as well? You made excellent choices in your kitchen display, and I have to day, the owl is my favorite c:

  136. Cecily Berg says:

    I am always drawn to watercolor sketches of city scenes. I have a collection from Germany that my grandparents began collecting in the 60’s and they’ve since passed them on to me.

  137. The pics look awesome! So clean and elegant… thanks for the great idea =)

  138. Ashley says:

    I love either black and white photography or prints.

  139. Jennifer says:

    I always gravitate to watercolor flowers. Not what I display everywhere, but it’s what I love.

  140. WendyK says:

    I like many different kids of art, but am particularly partial to watercolor botanicals, especially those with a more modern feel rather than the traditional realistic illustrations. Thanks for the giveaway.

  141. Jessica says:

    I love the prints!

  142. Holley says:

    Medley! No way I could choose….no way.

  143. Toria Davis says:

    I used to lean more towards architectural prints and photography, but I am trying to get out of just having photographs. I like the softness of watercolors and love the look of vintage botanical prints!

  144. Alicia says:

    I love prints!

  145. Ellen says:

    I think I’m eclectic but I tent to be drawn towards certain subject matters.

  146. Karen Hindle says:

    I always lean towards photography (particularly vistas and forest shots), but love the octopus drawing in the bottom left-hand corner shot.

  147. Beth says:

    My favorites are photography and abstracts.

  148. Tejaswini says:

    Love the octopus and the tree prints!!

  149. Ursula says:

    I’m drawn to watercolor landscapes.

  150. Heather E says:

    I love a medley. I always try to go with one theme but always it never works for me.

  151. Angela N says:

    I would love these!! I just framed a calendar for my girls’ bathroom wall art. Love these prints!

  152. Lydia says:

    I like water colors and landscapes especially but also like other types of art. Variety is nice,

  153. Julie says:

    I have an assortment of vintage fabric/needle art mixed with photographs, prints and original drawings.

  154. Jenna says:

    Ohh that would be a toss up between photography and watercolour. Perhaps a well curated combination of the two!

  155. Colleen says:

    I really like a mixture of abstract and landscapes prints

  156. Kathryn says:

    I love a medley, and I have frames scattered around the house that get changed out a few times a year. I have a folder of things I love, and really, there is just no more room in this house for hanging anything, so I just switch things out. Fun! Thank you for the chance to win. What a wonderful group of books.

  157. Definitely a medley for me. Keeps things interesting. And I am desperately in need of some art inspiration! Yours looks beautiful. I am redoing my kitchen in all white, with bits of blue for accent, and they really are perfect for that.

  158. Taryn W. says:

    I love photography but like to mix in prints and water colors.

  159. Rebecca says:

    I love botanicals and landscapes. I’m on a tight budget so I always any kind of artwork was probably out of my reach but your blog has shown me that that’s not true. Thanks!

  160. Elizabeth Cantrell says:

    Acrylic abstracts speak to my heart but I also love watercolor and colored pencil!

  161. nancie says:

    i love paintings – abstracts and watercolors are my favorites!

  162. I love watercolors and photographs. Thanks for the chance.

  163. Deb says:

    Lately, I’ve been drawn to quirky photos and Japanese water colors. Now… Just how to connect them :)

  164. Rebecca Musser says:

    I’ll join the watercolor club! I love the way you have displayed your prints, and would love to win these books!

  165. Janine says:

    I love the octopus print that you showcased, and watercolors are also a favorite! Fun idea!

  166. Paige says:

    I love paintings, especially when trees are involved.

  167. Barbara says:

    I love watercolors and botanicals. Thanks for the contest!

  168. erin says:

    Digging the octopus. I’m a big fan of illustrations and typography.

  169. Lisa says:

    I love photographed landscapes. :-) Thanks!

  170. stephanie says:

    Love them all!! Would be great to have any of them!

  171. I like traditional art. My favorite is oil paintings but I have several photographs and prints. This is so neat.

  172. Lee says:

    I really love the eclectic and the watercolors. I like the vintage, soft easy tones. That owl is pretty darn cute too!

  173. Christy says:

    I love your display, it’s just what I would have picked. I prefer soft blues and greens, perhaps a beige – and have several bird prints around my house (my favorites are watercolor chickadee and Carolina wren prints that I custom ordered from an artist in Gatlinburg, TN. With a deckle edge, they’re just gorgeous free mounted together in a black frame.

  174. sheryl says:

    Variety is the key for me – I don’t subscribe to just one form. But my favorite art to display always includes something from my 5 kids!

  175. Julie b says:

    Love me some impressionist landscapes!

  176. Cathleen says:

    I love many types of art, my favorites being drawing, painting, prints, and sculptures. Your selection of prints above the kitchen mantle is perfect. You have a great way of putting things together!

  177. JessBK says:

    I almost always go for landscapes and photography but all of what you’ve shown looks beautiful and I’ve been trying to figure out what to display in our kitchen. Thanks!

  178. Kristin C says:

    I like all kinds of art! I have some prints, oils and photography in my living area right now =)

  179. Nicole says:

    I’m a sucker for photography, but am really loving abstracts lately!

  180. Carolyn says:

    I’m usually drawn to photographs or paintings with cheery colours :)

  181. Amanda says:

    I love pen and ink. That being said, any art that speaks to me is great! I’ve been known to frame and hang ads that had great color and composition.

  182. Celeste says:

    I love the vintage floral and botanical prints

  183. Amy Mason says:

    Ooh, so lovely!!!!! I have been wanting to redecorate for awhile, and these might just help! I am partial to watercolors…


  184. Laura K. says:

    I like to mix it up rather than stick to one style.

  185. Laura says:

    I really like abstract pieces. I agree that they’re a nice counterpoint to traditional style. Your kitchen and artwork look great, Kate!

  186. LizlovesCam says:

    I’m a huge fan of abstract watercolors!

  187. Laura O. says:

    It’s hard to choose one, it could be an abstract paint with a great mix of colors or an amazing picture.

  188. Renata Buckel says:

    Love the watercolors and am currently loving giclee prints! I would share with my four sisters as we all love art!

  189. Melissa says:

    I love watercolors!

  190. Abby says:

    I like a little of everything to keep it interesting. But I am drawn to either photography or abstracts/watercolors the most.

  191. patti mcginnis says:

    I prefer a medley, but love watercolor

  192. Jill says:

    Oh, I love it all, but am particularly drawn to B&W photography and abstracts.

  193. Sharon says:

    What a great idea for a book! I would love to get my hands on all three! I prefer a mix of all types of art, but I love that watercolor in your kitchen!

  194. Linda says:

    I have never given a lot of thought to art in the kitchen. There were years where the kitchen art was kid art but those days are gone. I’m in the planning stages of redoing the kitchen and am delighted with this and your other kitchen posts. I’m drawn to objects and art in blues and greens throughout my house. I have photos, prints, pen and ink, watercolors, some landscapes and few abstracts – a medley of nature, botanicals, places (travel), people and pretty things. Thanks for the inspiration Kate.

  195. Angela R says:

    I love good photography but abstract is also great.

  196. Anna says:

    Art is so overwhelming to me…so much so, that I have almost all photography in my home. I am just itching to get something else up on my walls…I just don’t know where to begin!

  197. Angela says:

    I love all kinds of art! We recently finished our basement so we are faced with miles of blank walls – these books would really come in handy!

  198. Kate says:

    I love a variety. The most important thing to me is that each piece have meaning. They have to earn their spot on the wall!

  199. Susan says:

    Impossible to choose just one, I enjoy so many! Abstracts, photography & watercolor are what I’m usually drawn to.

  200. Stefanie says:

    Definitely a medley, but I’m in a watercolor phase right now!

  201. Stacey says:

    I love an eclectic look – my home is similar to Kate’s in that its more traditional but I love keeping it contemporary with some modern art. Modern florals and abstract colors are a big hit with me!

  202. Stephanie says:

    I like all kinds of art, I just like it to be meaningful.

  203. Rachael says:

    I love watercolors of botanicals and animals. These books would be so fun to own!

  204. Ivona says:

    Love watercolors, mainly landscapes, but animals and flowers as well. Thank you for your post.

  205. Trudy says:

    I like all kinds of art. Currently I am in an eclectic phase.

  206. Kathryn says:

    Love love botanicals !!

  207. Jenelle says:

    Paintings and photography are my favorites, but I’m starting to like abstracts more and more.

  208. Katie says:

    I love photos, but I think an ecclectic mix looks best!

  209. I love the prints you picked! I’m usually really drawn to acrylic paintings mostly of landscapes or trees and have been getting really drawn into watercolors recently. I have trouble committing though, so these books look really helpful!

  210. Raquel says:

    I love art! Photography–I’m just an amateur, but love it. Watercolors in beautiful greens, blues, oranges–the colors of nature. I love pictures and paintings of trees, birds, clouds, etc… These would be wonderful to own! Thanks!

  211. Amanda says:

    I love art, and my house it bare at the moment. I love prints, watercolors, and drawings. Love the giveaway!

  212. anima says:

    I love water color arts and nice real life phtography prints… hm…

  213. Anne M. says:

    I love all kindsof art. .. photos, pop art and watercolor are my faves… lovely books!

  214. Jamie says:

    I like a mixture but since I just had a baby photographs are taking over!

  215. TLR says:

    I lean toward landscapes and watercolors. I’ve been adding my child’s art to my decor which are more abstract and bright but I love the new style. Thanks for another great contest!

  216. Sheila Greene says:

    I don’t have a preference as much as I like what stirs something within me.

  217. Elizabeth P says:

    I’m on a mission to fill our walls and find myself turning to photography and prints.

  218. My favorite art means something, whether it’s a family photo, art picked up on a trip, or just a piece that I truly love! I have no real rules, just that I must love it!

  219. nathalie says:

    I love all kinds of art! right now I’m really into photography.

  220. sue hurd says:

    I like all kinds of art, but especially watercolors and photography!

  221. Shanna says:

    I love watercolor but don’t seem to have any. The books are lovely. Thanks for the give away!

  222. Brenda Cote says:

    I love watercolors. Landscapes are my favorite. We’re updating our kitchen now — your gallery has inspired me! Simple. Beautiful.

  223. Courtney O says:

    a Medley! we are just getting into housekeeping, so I am still figuring out what I like best! :)

  224. Cait says:

    I prefer paintings and photography.

  225. Brianna K. says:

    I love a mixture of both photography and paintings/prints for wall art.

  226. deb says:

    I used not to think about art too much….until you inspired me last year! I have since bought several giclee prints from your favorite etsy artists!

  227. Emily says:

    The books look beautiful! I love watercolor.

  228. Amy in PA says:

    I like photography & watercolors, but have a little bit of everything around the house!

  229. Fayth cate says:

    I love water color and prints! Starting a art wall in my sitting room!

  230. Michelle says:

    I love photography. These books are a great idea!

  231. Rebecca says:

    I like anything with New York, or history-related.

  232. Ann says:

    I love watercolors and pen and ink the most. I have collected art from local artists from all of my travels and have those displayed throughout my home. I have watercolors, pen and ink drawings, oil paintings, sculptures and hand blown glass all made from local artists I met throughout Europe and Australia.

  233. Sarah r. says:

    My favorites are photography and prints!

  234. Heather says:

    Watercolors are my favorite. I have really come to appreciate and love all art though!

  235. Annie says:

    I love modern and retro prints and I’m a sucker for abstract watercolors. Great giveaway!

  236. BamaCarol says:

    I mostly love abstract prints. I have quite a few family antiques in our home and I think the abstract sets those off nicely and gives me more of an eclectic look and makes it appear more modern and up to date.

  237. Melissa says:

    Wow! You pretty much summed up my art preferences: watercolors, abstract, blues and greens plus some nature mixed in. The art looks great and I love the idea of placing them over the stove. It really does add an updated and even eclectic touch to an otherwise traditional kitchen. Thanks for the idea. Also, thanks for the giveaway!

  238. Jannelle says:

    I love whimsical art. Things taht make people smile when they look at it.

  239. Lori L says:

    I have always loved landscapes! I am really starting to like abstract painting though and may try to incorporate some into my home.

  240. Jennifer says:

    I love floral and landscape prints. They’re just so happy to me!

  241. amy says:

    I like painted landscapes, and collages. Who am I kidding, I like all art! :)

  242. Rebecca says:

    Those are such a neat idea! I usually prefer watercolors and graphic prints, but I love mixing different art types together.

  243. Erin says:

    I love prints and watercolors :)

  244. Marybeth says:

    I’m always in awe of beautiful black and white photography.

  245. Elizabeth says:

    I love photography as well as watercolors!

  246. Jacqueline says:

    I just did a gallery wall in a very long hallway and love using prints from books. I had over 30 frames to fill, so there are quite a few that remain empty. I’m just waiting for the perfect pieces of art. I have filled ours with art from my son and family members as well as from books and love the monotone look. Much of the art is neutral – grays, beiges, browns, cream, white. It’s starting to look fabulous. I love watercolour and pencil and ink drawings.

  247. JillD says:

    I love Photography and Still Life…what a great collection of books, would love to own them. Thanks for the chance!

  248. Tara G. says:

    I am also drawn to watercolors. I usually choose a piece of original art from the places we have visited while stationed overseas. It’s fun to see them on the wall and remember good times, and what great conversation starters with our guests.

  249. I love photographs of flowers and anything nautical to add into our home. I feel that it helps keep the home calm and welcoming!

  250. Meghan says:

    Yes, I definitely love a medley of art types. I guess I could narrow it down to abstract and prints as my current favourites.

  251. Erin P says:

    Watercolors are my favorite, but I would love to branch out and add a few different pieces of art throughout my home!

  252. Sharon says:

    Looking at the covers of those books, I don’t know what I lean towards…..I see beautiful stuff on all the covers…..I think I lean towards modern and whimsical.

  253. Simple, but really nice idea


  254. Becky says:

    I have started painting abstracts in the last year. I confuse my husband who likes representational art, but I love them.

  255. Tanya says:

    I appreciate all different kinds of art, but especially paintings!

  256. Kristin says:

    Based on what’s around my home already, my favorite is animal photography. But I’m trying to branch out!

  257. Diahn Ott says:

    I love all sorts of art, but anything involving letters/words and excellent photography are high on my list!

  258. Ashley says:

    I prefer a medley.

  259. Vicki M. says:

    I like a mix of color pieces that coordinate with the rest of the decor. I like to let the artwork be the color pop in a space.

  260. Nicole says:

    I love landscapes. Especially anything with trees. Especially trees in fall colors. Or trees where you just the silhouette of the branches against the sky. They just speak to me. Usually they’re telling me to buy them and bring them home with me. Haha.

  261. Ellen says:

    I enjoy a variety of art, from originals and prints to photography. Depends on the room. I do like a little something amusing to be included among the more serious offerings.

  262. dawn says:

    I just happened to come across your blog. I love these books! I’ve never come across them before. If I don’t win I’d be interested in purchasing them. Where can you find them? I’m getting ready to redo a gallery wall in my home and love photography prints. However, I’m also interested in interspersing other prints with my photos. I’m looking forward to checking out all of your finds and decorating tips!

  263. Allison says:

    I’m definitely drawn to a variety of art forms (which may be why I have such a difficult time choosing what to display in my home).

  264. risia says:

    I am in desperate need of new prints for living/dining rooms. I really love botanicals.
    Love the peacock feather you got, maybe I’ll be lucky for the giveaway, fingers crossed!!
    Thank you

  265. Nicole Marie says:

    My mom collected numbered prints when I was growing up, so I am partial to prints and photography. But I also love abstract paintings. Overall I’m a contemporary girl. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  266. katecooks says:

    Right now, I am loving all kinds of letterpress prints!!

  267. Tori Chauvin says:

    I love watercolors and photography

  268. You simply cannot go wrong with a medley! I’m most often drawn to photography and more contemporary prints though.

  269. Vicki says:

    I love eclectic and contemporary, thanks!

  270. Susan says:

    My kids’ drawings and paintings, my husband’s grandmother’s paintings, my own photographs. i.e., personal art — not masterpieces or worth much to anyone outside our 4 walls, but meaningful to us.

  271. Katie says:

    I love old blueprints/technical drawings/scientific drawings. We recently found some original blueprints from my husband’s alma mater, I can’t wait to get them hung up!

  272. melissa says:

    my dad is an artist and watching him go from painting/sketching to graphics… i love graphic art prints. and all sorts.

  273. Tara Campbell says:

    I love photography, but also love watercolors, botanical prints. It’s so hard to pick a favorite art type!

  274. Lizette Ou says:

    I would love to try the Medley. The walls in our house are bare, so I would like to try different ones!!

  275. Cindy says:

    I like a mix of everything… Paintings are my favorite, though

  276. Pardeep says:

    I love prints! So many great prints out there!

  277. Jenna says:

    Wow, very cool books. I personally love portrait photography, but I think it’s kind of weird to have photos of random people up in your home. So for my own home, I’m drawn to painterly landscapes… Hawaii, big cities, all done in muted shades and in a fun style (not realistic). Wow, was that specific enough or what?! haha, crossing my fingers!

  278. Melissa says:

    I am loving these prints and the brilliant way you displayed them!

  279. Janet says:

    Botanicals and watercolors! Perfect for my home.

  280. Nichole B. says:

    Watercolor is my favorite! I’m even starting to try some myself! I also love pallet knife painting:)

  281. Angie says:

    I love contemporary and dreamy watercolor prints!

  282. I love creating my own art work. I would say my taste veers toward eclectic. These books look like such fun!

  283. Kimberly says:

    I love these books and think it would be a big help for me to find some new art for our downstairs bathroom. Bathroom art is hard to find! It needs to be just right for a small room. I love pretty florals or “nature” art – trees, leaves, etc. Thanks for the post!

  284. Jennie says:

    I like the eclectic look!

  285. Michelle W. says:

    I love prints and watercolors!

  286. Erica says:

    I love watercolors!

  287. Sandra Holt says:

    I love simple modern art!

  288. Erin says:

    I love a variety, though botanical prints and landscape photos/paintings are a current favorite!

  289. Lori L. says:

    I tend to lean towards landscapes, cityscapes and florals lately.

  290. Jenna says:

    I love photographs.

  291. Laura L says:

    I love abstract and am in LOVE with that octopus print! Would be fun to win these….

  292. Alana U says:

    I love paintings, but am horrible at choosing them, so the books would be great!

  293. Vanessa says:

    I love a medley, but landscapes and nature are my favorite – they seem so timeless to me.

  294. Erika says:

    I love watercolor paintings. I’ve tried my hand at them and failed miserably, so I’m just in awe of beautiful ones :)

  295. Laura Kent says:

    I love abstract and eclectic art!!!!

  296. Nicole says:

    I love a mash of everything!

  297. Laura P says:

    I love a mixture of art types, though I lean mostly towards contemporary pieces.

  298. Cindy Schwerdt says:

    I love all art so a medly would be my answer. Watercolor is fantastic. I love botanicals, animals, landscapes and just about everything else!

  299. Casey says:

    Oooh I love landscapes. Seascapes, rather. I feel so calm by the ocean so infusing seascapes throughout my home makes me smile.

  300. Debbie C says:

    I love photography, but I like all types of art on the wall!

  301. Kim K says:

    I love all art but really am fond of photographs. I think in part because of the skill and, most importantly, timing that is required in many instances to catch an interesting/ spontaneous shot.

  302. Jean says:

    Any of the abstracts would look great in our 1950’s ranch style home!

  303. Dana says:

    It looks great! I’m partial to abstracts myself.

  304. Devon says:

    Black & White photos or watercolors are my favorites. I recently found your site and love your ideas. I shared your staircase remodel with my mother-in-law and I now have a new project. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Thank you for the clear step-by-step photos. You make the big projects much more approachable for this weekend warrior and new mom to twins.

  305. Lauren says:

    Paintings, abstracts, landscapes I love them all!

  306. Missy says:

    I like black & white photography.

  307. Jessica W says:

    I love photography and prints. Thank you for this giveaway!

  308. Jami says:

    Photography and landscapes are my favorites.

  309. Wendy CB says:

    These images are gorgeous….I love abstracts and photography! Thanks for sharing!

  310. Dana says:

    photography and watercolors are my favorites. these books are a great idea!

  311. Kellie says:

    I love all types of art – but a mix of prints and photos work the best in my home!

  312. Melissa says:

    I love abstracts and landscapes :)

  313. Rebekah C says:

    I love paintings in general, and find myself drawn to watercolors lately.

  314. Megan says:

    I like them all! B&W landscapes the most.

  315. Christine says:

    I love abstract and love your idea of putting pages from art books in frames.

  316. Krista says:

    LOVE abstracts and charcoal sketches.

  317. Melissa says:

    I like a little of each in my home! Love the idea of these books!

  318. I love water colors! So beautiful! Your kitchen mantle looks beautiful!

  319. Nancy says:

    I love the blue/green abstract you chose!

  320. Kelly Keitzer says:

    I am partial to photography but the older I get the more I am drawn to abstract in primary colors

  321. Martha says:

    I love them all, actually, but lately it’s landscape photography I love the most. Thanks for the giveaway!

  322. Adria Ray says:

    I absolutely love watercolors, and I find myself drawn more and more to abstracts lately.

  323. Julie says:

    I like watercolor prints!

  324. Mary says:

    I’m partial to paintings because my mother and aunts used to paint. However, I’d like to add more variety to my house. Thanks for offering this!

  325. Lori says:

    I LVE anything with nature in it; landscapes, seascapes, plants or wildlife. And my house is mostly in blues, green, and yellow so that works perfectly.

  326. Vinee says:

    Photography and watercolors

  327. Amy says:

    My favorite kind of art is photography, but I like prints a lot also!

  328. Elizabeth says:

    I prefer impressionist paintings and watercolors.

  329. Now THAT is a fabulous idea! Tear out art in a book!! Brilliant. My fave is abstract :)

  330. Jenna says:

    I’m really drawn to watercolor prints, but I like to mix it up!

  331. Kathleen says:

    I am really enjoy landscapes, especially abstract landscapes :)

  332. Shauna says:

    Difficult to choose just one form- love so many!

  333. Andrea says:

    I love watercolors the best. My sons and I made some watercolor prints this summer that I still need to frame and hang up!

  334. oh wow, I would really love to win these! I don’t know if I have a favorite kind of art. If I had to pick one I’d say abstract. I love colors that evoke some kind of nostalgia without necessarily being “about” something. Thanks for the giveaway! Those prints look beautiful in your kitchen!

  335. Kim says:

    I love anything with nature in it, and also favor blues and greens. Thanks!

  336. Beth says:

    I’m on a huge watercolor kick lately, but anything I can frame from our travels is game for our walls. I especially love those “greetings from…” postcards!

  337. Tricia says:

    I think all of these books look fantastic! Would love to add them to my collection! Thanks!

  338. Sandy says:

    These are all lovely. Right now I’m more into photography and antique botanical prints. But I love all art!

  339. sydney85 says:

    Depending on the room. Love watercolors for bedrooms and bathrooms. Large prints for living and dining areas usually abstract. After seeing the watercolors in your kitchen I think I would love a change in my kitchen and also add watercolors. The look is soft and clean. Thanks for making me think differently about art.

  340. Patty Reed-Pederson says:

    I am drawn to landscapes. Esp. Water, trees, etc. Still looking for the perfect print for our bathroom redo. Thanks again for sharing. You have such a “fresh” taste in everything you choose!

  341. Anie U says:

    Paintings are my favorite but I’ll decorate with whatever “speaks” to me at the time

  342. amyks says:

    Oh, yes, please…I love beautiful photography, but something with a big graphic punch also make me happy! I have several places that need art…including my kitchen.

  343. Dani says:

    I love retro art and impressionists. Thanks for the giveaway!

  344. Alison says:

    I love abstracts because to me, they feel like less of a commitment. I like to change things around a lot and abstracts help to slow me down!

  345. Meg says:

    I already have one of the books and I love it! Thinking about getting the other two as well. I like a mix of stuff for my walls and frames.

  346. Lisa says:

    Love these! I think my favorite is landscapes, a little abstract.

  347. Nancy Plamp says:

    I really enjoy all types; however, if I had to pick a favorite it would be landscapes.

  348. Leigh says:

    I love a good watercolor and am partial to landscapes. Every January we tend to reorganize the pictures around the house and update frames. I was at Michaels today picking up some new frames for prints I ordered on Etsy from a Christmas gift certificate!

  349. Erin Brown says:

    I love paintings – most fave artist is Rozart on Etsy. I also have a new found love for watercolors that started last year.

  350. Karrie says:

    I love watercolors and botanicals.

  351. Sarah N. says:

    I tend to gravitate towards prints and photography. These books look really amazing! I’d love to have a set for myself, while still feeling compelled to buy more as gifts.

  352. Sarah N. says:

    Which book is the octopus print from?

  353. Michelle Thomas says:

    I love watercolor prints.

  354. Michelle m says:

    Love bold & bright in any genre

  355. Lori H says:

    I can find examples of almost every type of art that I love. These books look amazing!

  356. Kerri says:

    I’m always drawn to photographs, but I’d love to expand into more diverse art in my house!

  357. Becky says:

    I prefer watercolors but will display any art that makes me smile.

  358. Kris F says:

    I love those books! I tend to like photography and landscapes . I will definitely check out these books because I am looking for new art for the kitchen. Thank you!

  359. Michelle says:

    My favourites are fresh takes on botanicals and nature-themed art (love the owl!!).

  360. Arti K says:

    Love this idea! I’m partial to photography and prints.

  361. Ms. C says:

    Photography, of the portrait and abstract variety, is my favorite.

  362. Enji says:

    Love the prints! I like patterns and abstract artwork.


  363. Carly G says:

    I love most art, but I’m in a photography and watercolor kick at the moment.

  364. Jamie says:

    I prefer a medley for whatever mood may strike a room, but I am loving that octopus!

  365. Katie Braisher says:

    I love anything BOLD, especially black and white photography or colorful abstract paintings.

  366. Shannon says:

    I love a good medley of art depending on my mood.

  367. April was in CT now CA says:

    I love a mix of things, no particular style just what ever catches my eye that I love!

  368. Kristin says:

    I like a mix

  369. Holly says:

    I like a mix on my walls but abstracts are my fave

  370. Dymphna says:

    I’m definitely a medley kind of person – there is so much beauty in the world and so many people to plate it and serve it for us. The many different interpretations amaze me!

  371. I love the medley.

  372. Tracy K says:

    I just ordered a pair of prints from Etsy which are a mix of sketch & photography.

  373. Dara says:

    Photography and Paintings mixed together!

  374. Nora says:

    I WISH I could afford original paintings but prints work just fine for right now!

  375. N.L. Snider says:

    I love photography!

  376. Joell says:

    I like simple prints. Nothing too busy, so mostly nature prints, black and white or just a simple object.

  377. nicole h says:

    Landscapes and family pictures!

  378. Molly says:

    Those look great!
    I like a mix, and like the idea of moving things around the house at different times to freshen things up.

  379. Maureen says:

    I love photography, but would love an eclectic mixture of art on the walls. :)

  380. Ronda says:

    Love paintings and art from graphic novels

  381. Amy says:

    I love abstracts! But, I also have a thing for botanicals and geometric prints, too!

  382. Nikki says:

    I really love botanicals and Audubon bird prints!

  383. Holly Baumgartner says:

    So hard to choose! I’ll just have to get all three and then decide ;-)

  384. Sara says:

    I love photography and prints!

  385. Barbara Ockomon says:

    What a great idea for decorating

  386. Rachel M. says:

    Photographs are what I tend towards naturally, but I’ve been trying to go towards more art prints and would love to add a few watercolors like yours to my gallery wall!

  387. Denise W says:

    In our home we have quite an ecclectic mix of art that we enjoy. Some of my phogography, some of our sons. We have water colors and oils, prints and posters. All that makes us happy in our home. Thank you for sharing!

  388. Valerie Schubert says:

    Plates from old natural history books are my favorite!

  389. Kate says:

    What a perfect idea! I’ve been loving the look of vintage botanical and science prints lately.

  390. Kara says:

    I’m always drawn to large-scale photography, particuarly of landscapes but have recently started getting into watercolours. I recently framed a page from “The Perfectly Imperfect Home” that had been painted by Virginia Johnson and love the addition of it on my bookshelf.

  391. Brooke says:

    Love those books! I personally like watercolor and prints – but my taste is always changing. :)

  392. Pam C says:

    Wow this is awesome. I am really eclectic , when I find a piece that I love I find a way to incorporate it.

  393. Kelly P says:

    Wow, to choose a favorite. I would say abstracts probably, but I really like a mix.

  394. Roxanne says:

    These books look great, and I’m just about ready to start a gallery wall.

  395. emily says:

    What a wonderful idea! I love everything!

  396. Sarah says:

    Prints, botanical, love these books, what a great idea!!!

  397. Mindy says:

    I love a little bit of everything!

  398. Sheila S. says:

    My taste in art is so varied I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. Thanks for the chance of possibly winning these fab art books!

  399. Mallory says:

    I would want prints and paintings in a mix of abstract, botanical and landscapes. :)

  400. Taunya says:

    I like a combination of things, but seem to be drawn to watercolor paintings lately. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  401. I love the art in your kitchen!! I have a thing for peacock feathers. Right now, I would love prints, as that would fit well with a gallery wall I am trying to assemble!

  402. Michelle says:

    I really like prints, especially sweet nursery prints!

  403. Christina says:

    I’m a fan of abstract and botanical prints.

  404. Debi says:

    I have such eclectic taste that I domt really have a favorite type – just art that some how speaks to me! Love landscapes, oceanscapes, abstracts and typography too

  405. Silvia says:

    Love them all!

  406. Carma says:

    I love landscapes and floral paintings. I’ve also been wanting to frame some prints of ferns for a guest bedroom.

  407. Melissa says:

    I am loving watercolor animal and floral prints right now!

  408. Melissa says:

    I am in love with watercolor animal and floral prints lately!

  409. Holt Dale says:

    I am I love with botanical prints and anything related to water, ocean, lakes, etc

    Holt D.

  410. Trish says:

    I love any art that moves me, from drawings by my nieces to my professional artist friends. If it comes from the heart, you can’t go wrong!

  411. Katherine says:

    Watercolor contemporary, thanks such a great idea.

  412. Leigh-Anne C says:

    I always lean towards photography and graphic prints!

  413. Kim H. says:

    I love botanicals and abstracts. These books look amazing!

  414. Oh how I love your kitchen! So fresh and clean. The new prints look great!! I like photography and prints of landscapes.

  415. Kristen says:

    I love landscapes, especially coastal inspired!

  416. Linda says:

    Boy, I love that little owl. It’s like having an ever changing gallery!

  417. Priscilla says:

    I really love photography but I’m also drawn to watercolor too.

  418. Kristen says:

    I love anything ocean related ESP black and white prints. Love that octopus

  419. Michelle says:

    I’ve always been drawn to the softness of watercolors

  420. Carrie says:

    I prefer photography!

  421. Carol says:

    What a great idea! I like a mix.

  422. Jules says:

    I love prints and photography!

  423. Kim R says:

    It depends…so I guess I’ll say a medley. I like abstracts but they have to look like something. I like watercolors, especially originals. Photography of places I’ve been have always been favorites, too.

  424. Michelle says:

    I love purple water colors and botanical prints.

  425. Betsy says:

    I just love a good mix! I’m really drawn to nature and animal prints or drawings!
    The books are so nice and offer such a nice mix. Thank you for this give away.

  426. Jill says:

    My favorite is landscapes. Specifically coastal landscapes!

  427. Mel says:

    I love all forms of art, and my bare walls could surely use some :)

  428. elanak says:

    Love this display! I am very indecisive about art but mostly like abstracts, prints and botanicals & birds (I so want that little owl print!).

  429. Ashley says:

    Love photography!

  430. Emily Johnston says:

    I’m usually drawn to photographs… Though I love sketches, too.
    Which book is the octopus in? I. Must. Have it.

  431. Brianne sheppard says:

    I like typography prints normally… And some watercolours!

  432. Kim C says:

    We prefer a mix of landscapes and photography

  433. Courtnay says:

    I love paintings….the quirkier the better!

  434. Misty says:

    Naturals, florals and botanicals would look great in our eclectic ranchy-cabin house in Albuquerque!

  435. Carly says:

    These are such cool books! I love abstracts the most – I feel like you can see them differently every time you take a look.

  436. Jamie Scholl says:

    I love watercolors of birds and botanicals, but my favorite is abstracts in deep saturated colors! I would love to decorate my home with these prints- thank you!

  437. Susan Moore says:

    I love all art. The perfect piece just makes me smile!

  438. Brittaini Howard says:

    Love love love a mix of a focus color abstract and prints that draw from that focus color.

  439. sara says:

    sounds like fun! would love to win! love landscapes, water especially

  440. Kelley says:

    I’m really drawn to landscapes and paintings, so I guess I’m in the medley category.

  441. Amanda W. says:

    I’m drawn to eclectic art, no matter the style!

  442. Joel Godd says:

    I love photographs of landscape right now, since I got a new camera for Christmas. But I also love watercolors!!!!!!

  443. Patti Z says:

    I’m partial to watercolors!

  444. Jody says:

    I love all art, but partial to city-scape and nature photography!

  445. Glenda says:

    I like it all, but I think photography is my favorite

  446. Cathy C says:

    Wow! Those books look amazing! I think I am more drawn to watercolor paintings and I especially love framing greeting cards that have a painterly look to them. Thanks for the opportunity : )

  447. Allison says:

    I love photography prints and watercolor as well.

  448. Doris Johnson says:

    I love paintings, drawings, and watercolor– mainly of nature or landscapes or architecture. :)

  449. Joel Godd says:

    Outside the giveaway, I just wanted to comment that I LOVE your style. I have been following you for 6-8 months now and you have always inspired me. I love that you have a traditional home and are adding contemporary accents because I love mixing. What fun, and a lot of work, to do some renovating. What class! What style you have!

  450. Carla K says:

    I like any art that evokes a mood.

  451. Kristin B says:

    I love a mix, but have mostly photos and watercolors. Thanks!

  452. I love photography: landscapes, nature and architecture in interesting ways.

  453. Kelly Davirro says:

    Love watercolors. Which book is the golden gate artwork in? It would make a great gift for a friend.

  454. Lindsay says:

    Photography is my favorite, but all art looks good on walls

  455. Beth says:

    I love landscapes!

  456. Candice S says:

    I definitely like a mix. I’ve got original paintings, some prints. Some are very traditional, some post-impressionist, some are more graphic.

  457. kathy says:

    Hard to choose which style of art I like best. It depends on my mood and the space for which it’s intended. I guess that means I like it all! Thanks for the giveaway!

  458. Huiwen says:

    I love a variety especially art with textures, layers and interesting use of color.

  459. Angie says:

    I love water colors and charcoal drawings!

  460. denise says:

    My grandfather was an artist so I must take after him because I love all kinds of mediums and am very fond of anything to do with nature.

  461. Alison says:

    I love landscapes in any type of painting whether watercolor, acrylic, oil etc.

  462. Melissa says:

    The collection you have assembled is beautiful and serene – love it!

    I too lean towards botanicals and items found in nature and blues and greens always get my vote.

  463. Mary says:

    I love watercolor landscapes and seascapes.

  464. Debbie Rogers says:

    Love watercolors. Love botanical prints also.

  465. Katy says:

    I love romantic style art. Simple black and whites with rich content.

  466. Hope says:

    I love the owl!

  467. Sherri says:

    I love myself a medley!! :)

  468. Katie R. says:

    I love art that reminds me of people and places I love. Water birds, mountains, poppies. I want art to help my house feel like home.

  469. elizabeth says:

    I’m a medley gal and I *LOVE* the oens you chose!

  470. Janet St. says:

    I love a medley!

    Boy do I need art. The walls are screaming! So hard to type with fingers crossed! Thanks for a chance!

  471. Glabe says:

    love a medley!

  472. Crysty says:

    Landscapes are definitely my favorite, but I am also drawn to abstracts!

  473. Heidi says:

    I definitely like a mix but am really drawn to nature prints!

  474. Joan says:

    Love the clean look of the art display on your mantle!

  475. Milby says:

    I love water colors of South Texas (think ranching and hill country themes) and oil paintings of bluebonnets or fun, bright colors on any style. Your display is awesome!

  476. Alice says:

    I love watercolors of any kind, but I am crushing on abstracts of all kinds lately. I would love any of these books of art!

  477. sherry guitard says:

    Thanks for the chance! I have wanted these books since their very first post on them over at the handmade home. I love a mix of all art, prints, sketches, water colours, etc.

  478. Tracey says:

    I love abstract landscapes. Especially ones featuring water! Thanks for the chance to win. Stay healthy.

  479. Tammy says:

    I like photography mixed with vintage paintings ( mostly ocean or beach themed.)

  480. Amy says:

    I love anything nature related. So, botanicals, landscapes, animals, etc. Oils and watercolors are my favorite mediums. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  481. Marnie says:

    A medley, for sure. There are landscapes in the living and a mix of paintings, prints, abstracts, and florals throughout the rest of the house. I love it all!

  482. Beth says:

    I have a mix of art in my house, but I’m always drawn to watercolors.

  483. Anne Marie says:

    I love abstract paintings paired with a traditional decor.

  484. I love a good abstract, I’m also really into ink drawings lately as well :)

  485. Stephanie says:

    I like a mix of subjects, and especially love watercolors. Thanks for the giveaway. Your kitchen is beautiful & the art display is lovely.

  486. Machteld says:

    I wont be able to join in on this giveaway, since i live in the Netherlands but that’s probably a good thing.. I wouldn’t know which to choose, they’re all beautiful!

  487. Kim says:

    Working on a gallery wall in my living room with a very eclectic mix. Would love some watercolor art to add to it!

  488. Lil says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! These books are on my Amazon wish list. I would love to win. I’m always drawn to photography, but have pretty diverse interests. I’ve kind of been digging abstracts lately. Thanks for the chance!

  489. Amy says:

    Find myself always drawn to “traditional” landscapes, but hoping to start adding more photography to my house :)

  490. Moriah says:

    Oh, they’re lovely. I also like a mix of art styles in my home, but am lately drawn to black and white photography!

  491. I love these books and I’m mostly drawn to abstract prints and animal artwork

  492. Anne Haun says:

    I prefer abstracts – love you kitchen prints.

  493. Lauren says:

    I love watercolors and nature prints. That octopus print is fantastic! :) Thank you for the offering this drawing.

  494. Dixie says:

    Watercolors and abstracts oh oh and photography lol It’s very hard to chose one type of art I like…

  495. Maryellen says:

    I love them all! Originals, prints, abstracts, photos, water colors, oils, maps….you name it, I’ll hang it!

  496. Sylvia Rowe says:

    I prefer photography but my husband likes paintings so I think a medley of art would be great for our situation.then we would both be happy! Thank you!

  497. Katy parrett says:


  498. Deborah says:

    I love prints and photography!!

  499. Sara Green says:

    Color photography is my go-to. I can’t get enough of our beautiful world.

  500. Marnie says:

    I have a mix of different art in my home, but I particularly like landscapes and abstract. Love the prints in your kitchen.

  501. Jen M. says:

    I mix and match my art displays, a little bit of everything! :-)

  502. Jessica R. says:

    I love water colors! But I like them to be in bright colors. I’m also a fan of B & W photography.

  503. Melody H says:

    I love still life art! One of my favorite pieces in my house is an oil painting of an eggplant that hangs in my kitchen. It was painted by my husband’s grandmother.

    I am very drawn to your abstracts also. Beautiful! Would love to add some to my home!

  504. Anita Roark says:

    I’ve found that the medium isn’t the deal breaker, but I’m a goner for anything with birds.

  505. tonya c. says:

    i love to mix it up.

  506. Trish says:

    I like a medley…a little this a little that! Certain colors draw me in!

  507. Kim says:

    I live in Maine – love seascapes, especially watercolor.

  508. Tara says:

    I love the prints you chose to display. I am not confident in my ability to mix artwork successfully. I’d have to say I’m drawn to ecelectic art the most. Thanks for the giveaway.

  509. Tara says:

    I love the prints you chose to display. I am not confident in my ability to mix artwork successfully. I’d have to say I’m drawn to eclectic art the most. Thanks for the giveaway.

  510. Beth R. says:

    I love photography, both of my family and of abstract pieces. Black and white are my favorites!

  511. Michelle says:

    Anything that grabs my taste at the moment is great. I guess if I had to choose, I’d go for eclectic because I like all kinds of eye candy in my home.

  512. Sergio says:

    Abstract and modern. Please pick me. Thanks for your generosity

  513. Lynn says:

    I love a mix of artwork in my home so whatever catches my eye I will usually buy. Your kitchen looks gorgeous as well as the rest of you home. I love reading your blog! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  514. Mary Hall says:

    I like the traditional or contemporary (two opposites, I know!). I’m really a sucker for water colors or vibrant oils.

  515. Carol S. says:

    I love an eclectic mix of everything. Thanks for always being so inspiring!

  516. Kathleen says:

    I’m an art krazy person. I have a little of everything…and enjoy every piece. I would love to share these books with family and friends!

  517. Ashleigh Hall says:

    I love black and white photography!

  518. Kristi B says:

    I love anything and everything to do with nature, especially fall prints. I also love Japanese inspired art. Great blog too!

  519. Jen Borden says:

    I love all art but I am drawn to nature and landscapes for my home.

  520. Beth says:

    In the past I have been traditional , but like you , I have started introducing more contemporary pieces in my home. I love the mix of all kinds of art , it looks fresh and exciting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  521. Mindy says:

    Oh, what a hard question! I love any type of art that is personally meaningful.

  522. Amy says:

    I like all art

  523. Babette says:

    Oh I would love a medley! I am drawn to all types of art! Photography, prints, watercolors, you name it. I’m especially fond of anything that has to do with nature: shells, sea life, driftwood, all coastal since that is mostly what my home is :) I am also drawn to owls too! I love blues, grays, and beige colors which is also what is in my home now. Love the giveaway.

  524. lana says:

    I like art to be meaningful, peaceful and beautiful. Something that is very calm. I love the prints you’ve framed. Really beautiful!

  525. Julie Blanchard says:

    Love European landscapes and botanicals. But love to have an eclectic mix :)

  526. maurie says:

    I love all kinds of art. It depends where it is going to go. I do like art that stirs an emotion.
    Somewhat abstract. But like I said – all kinds! I hope I win!

  527. Nicole C. says:

    I love a medley of different types – as long as it’s appealing to my eye, then it’s ok with me! What a great giveaway!

  528. marilyne says:

    I prefer contemporary art !

  529. Kelly Dawson says:

    I love a variety of art, whatever looks good in my space. The fact that you can change art easily & quickly with these books is great!! I’ve got to get my hands on a set! Thank you.

  530. A. Perelini says:

    It really varies and no favorite as I generally love all types of art! Thanks!

  531. Eileen says:

    I love what you did with the artwork in the kitchen. Unexpected and refreshing! Your daughter has great taste – the owl is my personal favorite. I tend to lean toward traditional artwork in photography, prints and painting. Pick me! Pick me!

  532. Becky says:

    Love all types of art!

  533. Jade says:

    I love all art forms….but paintings make me feel a connection with the artist most.

  534. Steph says:

    I would love a mix of all of them! These books are such a great idea!

  535. Andrea says:

    I love photography. Nature is the best artist! These books are so great! Fingers crossed!

  536. Kathy says:

    I am not sure how to describe my style, it’s just “stuff I like”.

  537. Krista says:

    Those books are amazing! I would love the medley.

  538. Elisha D. says:

    My art style is definitely eclectic with a slant towards the Classics, especially if they have a romantic or fantastic feel. These books look fabulous and I would love to have some of these prints in my home.

  539. Beth D says:

    I also love the blue and green combo, although my kitchen is yellow, orange and red. I’d love to receive the eclectic art forms. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  540. Marci Cooke says:

    Love all art, especially photos of nature and botanical prints. Anything that makes you want to study the art further. Thanks for the great give a way

  541. I adore nautical art but also love abstract. These books are great and would make an awesome 42nd birthday present for moi! :-)

  542. Callie says:

    I love all kinds but am especially drawn to photography. These books are such a great idea!

  543. Lizzie Baird says:

    Love the eclectic look! Thanks for your blog. I look forward to it everyday!

  544. Stephanie says:

    I love art with an edge. Something bold that makes a statement. I think the Art Eclectic book is right up my alley and I’m dying for that octopus print!

  545. Dawn says:

    I enjoy photography and have several pictures around my house that I’ve taken myself. I also enjoy abstract art especially the piece my daughter made with melted crayon. She and I would enjoy admiring all the art in these books. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  546. Michele says:

    My favorites are botanical and abstract/watercolor prints, but I really do love all types of art.

  547. Shanon M. says:

    I’m an amateur photographer so any photography interests me.

  548. Dana says:

    I enjoy paintings the most. Thanks for this opportunity.

  549. Anna says:

    If I like it, I’ll by it, no matter the type. I especially loved soft colors like those in the sky and the oceans. Anything from nature. hope you feel better soon, tis the season for catching the “yuckies”!!!

  550. Jamie says:

    I love all types of art, but right now I am particulary into mixed media collage and hoop art- both things I discovered on etsy.

  551. Claudia says:

    Eye appealing, stirs an emotion, watercolor prints, photography and just stuff I like.

  552. fiona says:

    Oh – I have a very similar ledge in my kitchen that is bare. Your prints would be perfect in my kitchen – just like yours! Thanks.

  553. Cassidy says:

    I definitely like a medley of art. Who can truly decide on just one genre?

  554. Urmili says:

    I am dabbling in a bit of watercolor art at the moment. But if it speaks to me then I like it – no matter what the medium is. Thanks for the giveaway – fingers crossed that I win!

  555. Lynn Juhl says:

    I love art, from originals to posters whatever speaks to me. Thanks for the opportunity!


  556. Lisa G says:

    I really like the look of watercolors and photography mixed together.

  557. Ami P says:

    I love many different types of art but probably my favorite is landscapes in either/or oil or watercolor.

  558. I create mixed media canvases with family/kids pictures so that’s really all I have on my living room walls at the moment. In my kitchen, it’s mostly funky signs including a couple that I made, but I love the pictures you have in your kitchen!! I love the blue tones and the owl one is precious!!

  559. Dorota says:

    Nice post! My favorite are black and white photography, and landscapes

  560. Tiffany says:

    I lean towards Abstracts and flowers. Would love to see whats in those books.

  561. Louise says:

    Favorite kind of art?! What a question!!! It is like being asked to say which is your favorite child! Looks like these books don’t force you to make that choice – they seem to cover everything.

  562. Linda S. says:

    Medley for me–and I lean towards nature subjects! Blue and green–my favorite combinatin!

  563. Melinda says:

    I enjoy many styles of art, I have a few of my own photographs hanging but mixing prints within a color scheme or theme is really fun.

  564. Lynn says:

    I definitely prefer a combination of all :-)

  565. Angie says:

    I’ve never seen any books like these they look really cool! My favorite kind of artwork from my home is abstract but I like a mix of lots of different things.

  566. Karen O says:

    I like all kinds of art, but tend towards abstracts and photography.

  567. Rachael McGrew says:

    I love photography, but a medley is always good!

  568. Sharon says:

    I love it all!

  569. Kelly says:

    What a cool idea! I love them all.

  570. Dianna says:

    I love botanical and landscapes and photography. Abstracts are good too. I guess I like a lot of different art.

  571. Margaret R. says:

    I love eclectic and contemporary art with soothing colors. I love the idea of these books, what a fantastic idea!

  572. Megan says:

    That’s such a great idea. I had no idea such books existed. I love mixing different types of art as can be seen thougout my home. Can’t make up my mind!

  573. trina says:

    the art we display in our home is eclectic for sure. we buy/frame prints and photographs that say something about what we love in this world — including places, people, quotes and animals. we like for our art to tell our story….

  574. Veronica S. says:

    Definitely a big fan of abstracts…although, I’m definitely into the typography trend right now :) Keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway!

  575. Nicole says:

    I love all art. It’s the perfect way to change up or add to a room. Photographs just may be my favorite though. So much beauty caught in a single second of time.

  576. Carol says:

    I really like all kinds of art, but have tended to go with botanicals the most. I appreciate uplifting art, or colors that make me smile :) Love the book idea!

  577. amber says:

    I love watercolors too! My grandmother was an amazingly skilled watercolor painter. I have some of her paintings.

  578. jo wyrosdick says:

    I like traditional and eclectic art. Especially paintings. I love the owl.

  579. Becky says:

    I have never seen them before, but I love these books! Currently, most of the “art” in my house is photos and artwork by my 4 kiddos. I’d love to add some work from these books to some of my rooms!

  580. Mimi Matthews says:

    If I like it, I put it up! An eclectic assortment usually. These books are a great idea! I have been tearing pages from magazines and framing for years.

  581. Kristin says:

    I’m trying to find my new style! I like so many different things – mostly modern with some vintage/industrial thrown in for good measure. This would be perfect to decorate my new home with bare walls! :o)

  582. Shirley says:

    Those books are a great idea! I love Impressionism. For me, it’s Monet all the way!

  583. Beth says:

    What a fun, fresh way to start the new year! After taking down loads of Christmas decorations! the house looks a little bare. These art books are perfect for the indecisiveness in me! Love all of it- photography, abstracts, landscapes, botanicals, mixed media, etc.! Thanks for introducing the concept!

  584. Jamie says:

    I like all types of art….watercolor, prints and photography are probably my favorite. I have several vintage watercolors of San Francisco scenes, by the artist Frank Serratoni. Thanks for a chance to win.

  585. Rita D. says:

    I’m a medley kind of gal. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  586. Dana says:

    I love photography and paintings especially pieces done by family.

  587. tonia prula says:

    Depending on the room, I tend to make different choices in art. I LOVE my grandparent’s vintage oils in our living room but favor watercolors in the kitchen and other areas. Whatever the media, it is all nature and animal art! Thanks for a GREAT blog!


    I’m usually drawn to black & white photography, but seeing the lovely prints you’ve shared with us has inspired me to try something new. I love the calmness of the colors in the prints you’re displaying!

  589. Megan C. says:

    I like many different kinds of art! The trick for me is grouping them cohesively :)

  590. Katie says:

    I love a mix of all depending on where they are in my house. Nature prints are always lovely. Thanks for the chance.

  591. Jen says:

    As a former art student, I am drawn (no pun intended) to original art when I can afford it, and usually to representational art as opposed to abstract. My small collection has an assortment of landscape, still life, and figurative, but none in the classic traditional sense. I prefer a bit of whimsy in each piece, and each piece makes me smile.

  592. shannon macklam says:

    I love prints with pops of red.

  593. Shirley says:

    These books are a great idea! I love Impressionism. For me, it’s Monet all the way!

  594. Janet says:

    I am usually drawn to watercolor paintings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  595. Ann Powell says:

    Love your art display in the kitchen! These books look like fun and I need a shot of fun in my home this year! thanks!

  596. Shirley says:

    (Sorry for the duplicate entry. My first comment hadn’t shown up after 15 minutes.)

  597. Chelsea Wilson says:

    I love handmade art. Any time I travel, I love to check out art faires and buy handmade art from the locals – even if it’s just a print that I can frame wen I get home, it’s still special to me!

  598. Carolyn in Utah says:

    I loved the Impressionists in my teens and twenties. I’m much older now and I love Abstract art!

  599. Shari Allen says:

    I love ALL types of art, but when it comes specifically to the kitchen I opted for Pop Art – customized cartoons of my husband and I that all have a kitchen or food-related theme. I printed 14 8 x 10 canvasses and mounted them on the bulkheads – an underutilized wall space in the kitchen, if you have them. The goal was to brighten the ugliest kitchen ever until we’re able to do a proper renovation. It’s not nearly as sophisticated as your kitchen art collection, but it sure does inject a lot of FUN into the space! If you’re curious to see how it turned out, visit my website.

  600. Mary ann says:

    I too am drawn to all types if Art but especially like a bit of contemporary to give a fresh update to my tradional decor. What a great giveaway!

  601. Dawn says:

    I love nature photography and quilts! I have three quilts hanging as art.

  602. Mona Kuntz says:

    I like it all, but I tend to go first for abstracts or paintings done in an abstract/impressionistic type manner. Or I like the artwork to have people or animals in them. I bought a great painting of a rooster in Chile — I would have liked the horse painting but it was huge!! Brightly colored, it makes me happy just to look at it. I’m also a fan of Migliorisi, a painter from Paraguay, who paints these profile pictures (said to be of his mother) …they are also brightly colored and fabulous. There is also a Russian painter from Kyrgyzstan whom I enjoy tremendously. He does great animal prints and landscapes, but he includes in every painting a little bit of felt (ubiquitous if you live in Kyrgyzstan). Fun stuff, colorful, and stimulating! I would dearly love to win these books and spend hours poring over them.

  603. Kristin politsch says:

    I LOVE the idea of those art books. I’ve never heard of such a thing. That owl one is super cute yet tasteful. I love watercolor but tend toward hanging photography & oil landscapes in my home. You’re forcing me to look around & I’m seeing lots of different art in my home. I guess I’m all over the board. :)

  604. Cynthia says:

    This is such a classy and clean look. Right now I’m helping my mom decorate her new senior living space. Ideas like this help me figure out how to help her. Thank you!

  605. Joan Hawley says:

    I love art with texture and depth, or history with character and a story. I really enjoyed your post, love the idea of the books and hope you are feeling better soon.

  606. CV Linton says:

    Abstract Landscapes are my new favorite.
    I love the images that take me to regions unknown and known, but still leave a lot to the imagination.
    Some days the vivid images in the foreground standout. Other days I look to the horizon and see a whole new scene in front of me. is my new favorite website with great prices and a huge variety of known and unknown artists. Give yourself at least an hour to surf the site. It’s like reading a good book. Totally sucks you in!

  607. Ashley says:

    I love all different kinds of art, but normally the brighter and more colorful the better. Since we are on a majorly strict budget, though, our home is seriously lacking in the art department. These books would be the perfect thing to get us jump started!

  608. Sandra says:

    I love photography. All the art in my house used to be black and white. Now I’m trying to slowly change it out with color. These books would be perfect!

  609. Bre says:

    Love the post! I like paintings, and I would love to win these books to look over all of the beautiful art.

  610. Retro-roost says:

    Art with a history, whether a painting or sculpture, can be intriguing. If found at an estate sale, thrift store, garage sale, or a toss out on the curb, all the better. These pieces express style, wit, charm, and can often be the crowning touch to a finished a room (if there ever is a finished room, lol).

  611. Loralee says:

    Abstract. I get bored easily and so I don’t like a picture that just has to be the same thing all of the time. With abstract, you see different things in it all the time and it can be whatever you want it to be, and then you can change your mind and it can be something else.

  612. Susan says:

    Watercolors make me happy.

  613. Roxanne says:

    Centsational!!!! If I don’t win, I’m going to buy them myself. I like all types of art. I’m not really picky on the type of art. If I like it, then it’s good for me. Get well soon. I really like your blog.

  614. Leslie says:

    As an event planner who assists running several highly ranked Arts & Crafts Festivals in the Southwest, I love original art! It is most meaningful to buy a piece from an artist who you’ve met and can explain the inspiration behind the work. I would love to learn about the trends for decorating with art, this collection of books is wonderful.

  615. Susan B says:

    Love the framed pictures idea, simply elegant, modern but not pretentious.
    I prefer a medley, makes it more personal for ones own home.

  616. Spycegurl says:

    Whimsical – i like it to be whimsical and interesting!

  617. Lois C says:

    I think the books look like an amazing way to get me off ‘square one’ to get some art on the walls. We moved into a small condo 3 years ago and have struggled to find anything that makes both of us smile. We love all types of art, which is part of the stagnation problem. I would be so thrilled to receive the art books. I think perferating the pages is brilliant and so generous of the artists. Thank you for the chance.
    P.S. Loving the blog

  618. Leslie says:

    There are so many talented artists in the world! I love all mediums and right now am drawn to colorful large scale abstracts.

  619. becky says:

    I love photography. I love to see other peoples view of ordinary objects.

  620. Donna says:

    I like the traditional and the contempory home. I like watercolor with contemporary set-ups or point of view. I’m not much of a fan of total abstraction. I still look for something realistic in them. I can’t make sense of them.

  621. Nancy says:

    I like nature and botanical art! These books look great!

  622. Kathy P. says:

    I love photography but have a medley in my home. I also have many wonderful pieces that were created by my kids!

  623. Ellen says:

    What a great idea! I love a contemporary look. Also have a love of watercolors.

  624. Mary says:

    I love many different art forms but I am particularly fond of botanicals and watercolors. Thank you for sharing so much wonderful information on your posts.

  625. Shannon C says:

    I do love all types, but would love to put a little more contemporary touch into my mostly traditional home. I will still look for these books. Thanks so much.

  626. Stef says:

    I love the art of photography! There is a beauty to life frozen in time at that very moment.

  627. Sabrina says:

    Usually I gravitate onwards nature/botanicals. And doors. I love doors! Thanks for the opportunity to win these books,@

  628. Julanne says:

    I love all kids of art and actually started posting one piece per day on Facebook this year! These books look lovely!

  629. kat m says:

    I love watercolor art and letterpress! Also, anything with birds– the prints and originals by Golly Bard are fabulous. Also love etsy artists like Emily Martin of The Black Apple and Catherine Campbell of myfolklover!

  630. Gina says:

    I prefer a medley of art. These books are a neat idea!

  631. Deb Nathan says:

    I’ve always been pretty traditional about art, but lately I’ve found myself attracted to more contemporary pieces. Having the variety would be lovely!

  632. Kathy says:

    I’m interested in all types, I love watercolors the most. I probably prefer traditional over abstract.

  633. Kathy says:

    I love a little bit of a lot of things, so I guess I’ll choose “a medley”

  634. Amanda says:

    I love a medley- it mostly depends on the decor of the room. I moved into our house 7 months ago and still don’t have a single thing on the walls. These would REALLY help get started!

  635. Heather says:

    I love a medley of original art that has a sense of whimsy to it – bordering on abstract or personal. These books look so fun – what a great idea!

  636. jenny davis says:

    I love black and white photography!

  637. Julie Irwin says:

    I love an eclectic mix that reflects our family’s personality! Photography and oil paintings are some of my favorites!

  638. Suzanne says:

    I love abstract landscapes! And I really love beach colors that just make me feel relaxed.

  639. Margaret says:

    Art – like beauty – is in the eye of the beholder. As long as I find it appealing, I’ll throw it up on the wall!

  640. Laura says:

    I particularly enjoy photography art. Just saw a segment on TV of a person in Hawaii taking some amazing photos of waves.

  641. I have an eclectic style when it comes to art. Love the collection you put together. These books look fantastic….thanks for the chance to win!

  642. MARY EGUIA says:

    would love these.

  643. Kelly says:

    I love water colors, love the prints you picked for your kitchen.

  644. Tejaswini says:

    I love the octopus prints and the tree prints.

  645. debtgirl says:

    I love paintings. Oil or acrylics. I love prints as well as collage. I love art. It makes me happy, I just wish I had more time to enjoy it.

  646. Suzanne Lindsay says:

    Can we buy these if we don’t win? I love beach prints, animal prints and floral prints. Love your blog!!!

  647. Ashley says:

    I love all kinds of art really. Bright colours and animal prints tend to catch my eye the most. I would love to add some of these to my wall gallery!

  648. Matilde says:

    I prefer a medley and all kinds of media. Recently I’ve been drawn to prints.

  649. Delainah says:

    I’m an eclectic kind of gal, however, my first love is photography. My husband and I just finished renovating our home (after three very long years) and have many, many walls that are in desperate need of some color love. Love the books! Perforated art – genius!

  650. Linda B says:

    I like things to look clean and uncluttered. Black and white photography has always been one of my favorites.

  651. mary says:

    I love all kinds of art and switch out my wall art seasonally. I’m always looking for new artists on etsy. In fact, I love your watercolor print of the sunflower on your etsy site!

  652. Brie E says:

    I had no idea something like this existed! I love all of them- what a beautiful idea!

  653. Susan says:

    I love watercolor and photography!

  654. Joanne says:

    I love to have a mix – original art, prints, photographs. Anything so long as it’s colourful and special to me!

  655. Alisa D says:

    I love all types! I typically don’t go super modern, but then again, sometimes that grabs my eye too.

  656. jeanfrnces says:

    Watercolors are also a favorite of mine…colorful and absract!
    A nice juxtaposition next to traditional furniture.

  657. Susan says:

    I love watercolors the most, but funny thing I don’t actually own any!

  658. KVanderMeyren V says:

    Normally i lean towards the traditional, but find I am loving bits of all styles these days, learning to appreciate art of all kinds!

  659. Nandini says:

    I like watercolor and eclectic art. Your new kitchen art display is beautiful.

  660. I love photography and watercolor especially for wall decor

  661. Karen VanderMey says:

    Love things about each style! Maybe I’m eclectic!

  662. Stephanie says:

    I like to mix it up, keeping the colors in the palette the unifying element. I would love to win this! fingers crossed!

  663. CONNIE says:

    It’s really hard for me to pick just one style. Also too hard to just pick one medium, but I can say that on my walls I’d love contemporary art.

  664. Irene Sherlund says:

    My tastes are eclectic. I go from 19th century to 20th century oils and watercolors. Lately, I’ve been interested in illustrations from children’s books and portraits of women. I like your display of art in the kitchen; contrasting “soft” images with a modern black frame.

  665. Sarah says:

    Love this! My office needs some new art :)

  666. Bri D. says:

    Photography is my favorite!

  667. JennyA says:

    I love each and every print you picked and the frames, I would love to win these books!

  668. Liz says:

    I love watercolrs.

  669. Jill says:

    Love these! I’d probably lean to abstract and contemporary the most, but also think they need some balance with traditional at times. Thanks!

  670. Kiran says:

    I love a little bit of everything. Handmade art, botanical prints, landscapes, and abstract combined together throughout a home feels, to me, as though the homeowner took time and care with their art choices rather than just grabbing a bunch of stuff at one store and calling it done.
    Ps. I have that same rug in my laundry room!

  671. Christina says:

    I love all kinds of art, but I am more drawn to blues and greens as well.

  672. Amber Styron says:

    I love the colors associated with folk art. I think they are so vibrant and lively!

  673. michelle corbo says:

    I’m a fan of photography, but not limited to anything.. I love what inspires me!

  674. Kelly Gross says:

    I am starting to put together my nursery and I need some art.
    I love photography and landscapes, but I do like a mix when put together.

  675. Shara Aatsap says:

    I love art and have found that my tastes have changed over the years. I used to prefer the impressionists paintings, but now I gravitate towards prints and more contemporary paintings. I would love to have some original art for my walls, but my wallet suggests that these books you posted about would be a better option for now. :)

  676. Patti P says:

    My first love will always be watercolor, but I really enjoy photography too.

  677. Vickie says:

    I have a bare wall staring at me and haven’t been able to commit to any one style yet. These books would be perfect, allowing me to swap out art and try different looks.

  678. Tricia says:

    Love all art, depending on my mood I am attracted to different things! Photography one week, watercolors the next!

  679. Denise says:

    I like a medley of art. It is just whatever catches my eye and draws me to it. The prints in your kitchen look great!

  680. Sandra says:

    I love all types of art, but I tend to purchase more prints and abstracts.

  681. Sandy says:

    Watercolors are my favorite! These books are such a great idea. The prints you picked out look awesome in your kitchen.

  682. Terrye Holcomb says:

    Just what I’ve been waiting for! I have two carved frames that are excited to be filled. I’m sure to find art that inspires me in these lovely books!
    Thanks Centsational Girl for introducing us to these treasures.

  683. stephanie says:

    I love anything floral: watercolors, my grandma’s china paintings and photos from vacations we’ve taken.

  684. Hannah says:

    Watercolor and photography

  685. Bonnie P says:

    Thanks those look great!
    I love the softness of water colors.

  686. Barb says:

    These books are the greatest idea ever! I think the traditional one would work excellent in my house!

  687. Marisa Botello says:

    Perfect timing bc I’m in search of some type of art work for our bedroom. I love all types of art – favs are abstract and prints. Thank you!

  688. My daughters oil paintings.

  689. Denise says:

    Would love to win this, the art is beautiful! I am really into abstract art these days…

  690. kay sparks says:

    Love watercolors and the ones you chose are so refreshing!

  691. Nora N says:

    I prefer the Eclectic style, watercolors, funky animal drawings, or typography

  692. Karen says:

    Well, there’s watercolor…especially of water and flowers…and botanicals……and bright things that make me smile….and…I like it all! Thanks for offering us a chance to update our rooms.

  693. T says:

    It’s too hard to pick a favorite, so I’ll have to say a medley! Thanks for the chance.

  694. Kelly says:

    I love nature-inspired art — especially photographs and paintings. I’m also currently into handmade prints with all kinds of themes.

  695. Kara says:

    I really love these books! The art is beautiful. I especially love nature picture and prefer contemporary. I enjoy your blog. Thank you!

  696. Molly says:

    I love traditional art, but every now and then I get so excited by some zippy, slightly funky, bright colored piece of more eclectic art. It find it keeps things fresh and fun. I have framed things from magazines and many other sources and have them hanging with real oil paintings. These books seem like they would be a treasure trove of fun!

  697. Sarah says:

    I love a mix of styles, it just depends on the room and decor. Your vignette is a great mix of prints while keeping the same mood and color scheme. Looks great!

  698. Nancy Scher says:

    What a perfect time to have this giveaway! I’ve been taking artwork, (vintage posters, my son’s drawings, postcards), to our favorite local frame shop these past few weeks. I am a lover of all things eclectic. Black and white photography, traditional, prints, all work for me. Thanks for blogging.

  699. Tara says:

    Hello- These Art Books are reminiscent of the eclectic Art Books from the 1970’s. They look very inspirational! I love a mix of styles and scale that are brought together by a commonality of color and/or texture.

  700. Mssy A. says:

    Thank you for the contest! My favorite art is photography and paintings.

  701. Becky says:

    I love all kinds of art, maybe landscapes the most. Would love to peruse these books!

  702. TRACY says:

    I seem to be attracted towards watercolors too. blues & yellows. I am loving different styles of maps too & leaning more & more towards abstract styles

  703. I love art in all its incarnations. What a lovely book!

  704. Christina says:

    I love photography and watercolor! Especially landscapes!

  705. Amanda H says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! My style depends on what part of the house I’m decorating. For the kids rooms definitely eclectic and whimsical. For the rest of the house I like what I like. It’s hard narrowing down a style; as long as I love it I will find a place to put it.

  706. I like photos of places I’ve been…which I am now trying to capture myself. that said, I am just your novice photographer.

  707. Frankie says:

    Just lovely

  708. Julie Lourie says:

    Art speaks to my heart in so many different ways. My transitional home showcases contemporary, traditional and natural elements. This collection of artwork would be a welcome addition to any home.

  709. Cheryl says:

    I am drawn to watercolors. Abstract, nature and the like. I would love to know the original source of that owl!

  710. “The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso
    I prefer all art especially abstract art that challenges my mind and soul!

  711. Catherine says:

    I am always drawn to photography but my favorite type of art seems to be sketch and watercolor combos.

  712. Joanne says:

    I like to use photographs as well as botanical prints.

  713. ekelly says:

    Although I am somewhat partial to photographs, lithographs and water colours, I am appreciative of the visions and expressions undertaken by various artists in creating, beautiful visual spaces for all.

  714. Heather C says:

    I love abstract art! What awesome books!

  715. Rebecca says:

    I’d LOVE to get a set of these art books. If I had to pick one favorite I would say paintings.

  716. Becky Cigoy says:

    I love the water color owl and the idea of pull out pages these art books offer is awesome. My art tastes are more a medley.

  717. sandy Strohacker says:

    I love this idea, but never knew about the availability of these books. Would love to see them, better yet win them! My favorite would be the medley.

  718. Katie says:

    It’s so difficult to choose just one style of art, which must mean I like an eclectic mix!

  719. Kelly says:

    I have water colors, oils, pastels, photos, and mixed media around my house. I don’t think I can choose a favorite though my kiddos art would be what I would save first if we had a fire : )

  720. Kelly T. says:

    If you could see how bare my living room walls are you’d give the books to me out of pity! LOL! Thanks for the chance to win!

  721. Sarah Pope says:

    I really love any kind of handmade art! We just moved and I am ready to get some beautiful art in the walls!

  722. Michele C. says:

    I’m very eclectic- love so many forms of art! Thanks

  723. Kim W. says:

    I really love colorful photography.

  724. Ameena says:

    I definitely prefer a medley to keep things interesting. The older I get the more I appreciate so many different types of art!

    Love the peacock feather by the way…such a unique idea.

  725. Eunice says:

    ahhhh watercolor, watercolor forever and ever…

  726. Caroline Morris says:

    I love floral watercolor. And Paris.

  727. Karen says:

    What a great idea. Kind of like those plates you can buy. Very practical. I cannot pick my favorite bc I love all types. Thanks. Karen

  728. Nicole Kemer says:

    I really like a medley of different styles. The current pieces have been collected over the years…some from the days spent working at a gallery, some from my grandparents homes and some found while vacationing. All mixed in with family photos and kids artwork. Who doesn’t love a good gallery wall?!?

  729. Prints! And landscapes…and abstract. Only one answer?? Your gallery really colorfully coordinates nicely! ;)

  730. Martha says:

    I’d have to say I like the eclectic. That owl on the cover is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. So that’s my vote. Love the idea of a book of prints that you can choose from to frame. Great idea.

  731. Jill Jones says:

    Kate – Gorgeous display of extremely beautiful art pieces. I love how they complement one another. My favorite by far are botanical prints. I always without fail fall for them. These are books are wonderful. Thanks for introducing me to them.

  732. Katrina Miller says:

    I’ve been on a quest to finally get some art on my walls and have made some great Etsy finds thanks to both you and Tha handmade Home! I love many different styles but am particularly draw. To nature art.

  733. Pamela Bolton says:

    My favorites are botanicals, but a soft abstract in greens and blues could win me over.

  734. Janet says:

    I think I would love the Traditional Book best, but also love, love, love the octopus print!

  735. Heather Dodds says:

    Hi! My favorite art is paintings of landscapes. I love anything with trees!

  736. Kelly says:

    I guess it depends on what it is and how it feels. I love a photo of a pretty landscape, but a handprint turkey from my 5 year old will get put in a frame on the wall just as quickly.

  737. Ahnnie says:

    I like a medley of styles of art.

  738. Mindy Potts says:

    I love a medley. These books are brilliant and I can’t wait to see them in person!

  739. Lex says:

    I am drawn to landscapes and abstracts, but really want to branch out a little to complement what I have.

  740. Marissa says:

    I love simple watercolors, black and white photography, and framed ephemera!

  741. Heather says:

    I like a medley but lean towards prints and paintings!

  742. Etta says:

    I LOVE these books and would LOVE to get my hands on them. I love watercolors and abstract and impressionism.

  743. LC says:

    What a great idea! I love a little bit of everything, but my favorites are typically impressionist or abstract paintings.

  744. Yvonne says:

    I have to say I love abstract paintings best, but there’s always space for other art too, so probably a mix of prints and paintings for me!

  745. Michelle B says:

    OH MY! I would be so excited to win. A couple of these books have been on my Amazon wishlist. :) Until now, my favorite form of art has been photos of my son. But I’m in the process of redecorating so I’m looking for more prints.

  746. Erin HB says:

    I love a bit of everything but i lean towards photography and etsy, handcrafted prints. I love supporting creativity and small businesses.

  747. Karen Jordan says:

    Love the botanicals. A Medley would suit what we currently have in the house! The owl picture you framed is adorable!

  748. Elizabeth Le'Mon says:

    I would love any of these books! To be honest, anything to get some color on the oatmeal walls of our rental would be amazing. :) I have to say that I love water colors, anything with aqua or coral suits my taste just fine!

  749. Hanna says:

    I’m a big fan of vintage prints, especially everything nature inspired. I like the softness of the colors in them. Add some abstract prints in the same hues, or even black and white, and I’m in love!

  750. Pamela Powell says:

    I love the idea of those books. My favorite art is photography but landscape and abstracts are a close second. My husband would love the Contemporary Book.

  751. Beautiful books and great display! I like a mix of abstract and photography.

  752. Ginny Kistler says:

    I love photography and abstract art!

  753. I’d have to say my taste in art varies a lot. Photography is a hobby of mine so of course that appeals to me but my office has Monet prints (impressionist) and my house is very eclectic with a little bit of everything! Love the grouping you put together, great idea!

  754. jill says:

    wow, those books are gorgeous, would be great to have any or all of them! Love the prints you picked for your kitchen

  755. Liz H says:

    I love black and white photography and also silhouettes.

  756. I love things in all the categories! Flowers in any medium draw me in. I love 20th century european painters, I love the mod graphic stuff, most things sixties, landscapes in all mediums — the books look full of goodies!

  757. Teresa says:

    I like a medley of art.

  758. SamanthaRI says:

    What a great idea! I love all sorts of art but tend to be drawn to images involving nature.

  759. Loretta says:

    My favorite would probably be photography, although I’ve been enjoying some metal art with neat sayings on them that I snagged for 50% off recently!

  760. Emily says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love art of many different types, but have a particular love of colorful abstract paintings. thanks for the opportunity!

  761. Kathy Banff says:

    I love different art medians. It would depend on the room décor as to which would best fit. I know I would enjoy all three.

    Thank you!

  762. kathy w says:

    I like all kinds of art. I don’t like to limit myself to a certain type because things change so often and
    it is refreshing to see something you haven’t thought of before.

  763. Joni says:

    What a great idea. Really helpful in putting together a gallery wall. I am drawn to black and white photography.

  764. Carrie says:

    I have started adding art to our kitchen and the hubs thought it had to be only roosters or apples. I found the perfect oil of a street scene and hung it immediately. The colors are so warm. I have been looking to add a few more pieces so I was excited to see your post today! Thank you as always for the inspiration.

  765. Mary M says:

    I love all kinds….love the books!

  766. Ingrid says:

    I, too, like a medley of styles. Very nice collection.

  767. Catherine says:

    I prefer a mix of styles. This set of books would be a great way to put together an interesting mix of wonderful prints.

  768. Elena says:

    Hi, I like a different styles depending on the space but I am more drawn to canvas bars tact or line paintings.

  769. Auntiepatch says:

    I love watercolor landscapes!

  770. Ann says:

    Watercolor paintings and anything coastal (ocean and beach scenes). I also like traditional subjects like flowers done in a colorful, slightly contemporary way. I’m seeing I like ‘happy’ things!

  771. Kim says:

    I love watercolors!

  772. Jen says:

    Mix of styles – photos, vintage & paintings/watercolor.

  773. Karen says:

    There is no one specific style that appeals to me. Macro photography is my latest craze.

  774. Monica says:

    What a great idea. You change with the seasons or if just bored. I love botanical prints thanks

  775. Jessica says:

    I love a mix of artwork but nothing too generic. Watercolor, photographs, geometric prints, anything that you look at and love every day!

  776. Teresa says:

    I’ve always leaned toward traditional, but as I get older I like to some more modern pieces, too.

  777. Mitsy says:

    I think I like different types, but I’ve noticed that I tend to be drawn to things that depict nature, that have flowing lines.

  778. Sara says:

    I love photography and maps.

  779. Taylor says:

    Oh I love a mix and would love to get these books even if I don’t win this give away! :)

  780. Michelle says:

    What a brilliant idea these books are! I love photography and illustration. But a mixture of many styles together is always really eye catching and interesting.

  781. Tracey says:

    I’m particularly drawn to abstract landscapes and abstracts in general. I love bold, bright colors in the basic abstracts, and in the landscape variety I favor soft grays with blues and greens. Pale aqua, and beautiful. Your prints are very nice and look wonderful above your mantle/hood.

  782. Ashley B says:

    I love photography!

  783. Diane says:

    I have been called an artaholic. Personally, I believe I simpky enjoy beauty and talent. Thank you for making this available to us. I love photography, but also watercolor, oil, & mixed media – I’ll admit to having trouble choosing one medium over another. I love landscapes, faces, hands, seascapes, botanicals, vintage – love it all!

  784. Rachel says:

    I love watercolors, landscapes and typographical art.

  785. Linda says:

    I love photography and botanical prints! Thank you

  786. Karen Bruner says:

    I like different types–traditional, whimsical, paintings, drawings, needlework, quilts.

  787. laura j w says:

    I love watercolors and photographs. I do have a cute collection of vintage postcards and greeting cards and I try to display a couple. I don’t know if you have something securing your photos on the mantle, if not, they have these little rubber “feet” and you place them on the shelf near the bottom edge of your picture. We have several stained glass pieces at my work and after having one slide and fall we put these little feet everywhere and it keeps them from slipping. Love the little owl painting :)

  788. Christine jurusik says:

    Original oil paintings are my favorite. The colors are so much more vivid then any prints.

  789. denise says:

    I used to like traditional art but over the last few years I’ve become much more drawn to contemporary art. In our home we have a mix of traditional and contemporary art. Also, my mother has become quite good with watercolors so I have several paintings that she has done hanging in my house.

  790. Barbara says:

    I absolutely LOVE watercolors but my favorite art was made about 20 years ago by two of my favorite artists – my kids!

    Thanks for this opportunity, Kate!

  791. Cristina says:

    Definitely contemporary and eclectic. I do have some traditional art made by family members that I love and it’s fun to mix in with more modern decor.

  792. Mandy says:

    I love anything contemporary, mostly abstracts. I’m also a sucker for black pencil sketches / drawings

  793. Susan Turley says:

    My very favorite art is watercolor. Thanks for a chance to win

  794. Alison says:

    What beautiful art! I love watercolor and oil paintings. I’ve been really into post impressionism recently.

  795. Michelle says:

    These books are brilliant! Love the look of the eclectic version but would like them all.

  796. Melissa Z. says:

    Oh I love the soft fluidity of watercolors.

  797. Natasha S says:

    Photography and watercolor art are my favorites.

  798. Sherry says:

    I’d say my kids coloring a are my favorite pieces of art. :)

  799. Janet says:

    I love watercolors and abstracts…but, the soothing kind, not the abstracts that look like chopped up clowns and such! I’m really digging the one on your mantel and I’m headed to check it out now!

  800. Sonia O. says:

    Photography and watercolors! Love the mantel.

  801. Sasha says:

    I love watercolors, typography, vintage photographs, botanical prints. A shorter list might be what type of art do I NOT like, haha!

  802. Rachel says:

    I like a healthy mix of all three! But I especially love anything with animal motifs.

  803. Jen H says:

    I love watercolors! Usually they are soft looking..calming.

  804. Lindsey says:

    I love watercolors, abstract, nature….love the kitchen prints!

  805. Yolanda says:

    Wow, what a great idea! I love all kinds of art. I think my style is changing firm bold colors and styles to more fresh and natural, like the ones you chose for your kitchen mantel. I am looking for new art for my new house. Thanks so much!

  806. Julie says:

    My favorites are etchings, nature, and art that reminds me of places I have been.

  807. Bonnie thompson says:

    I love it all but am partial to photography

  808. This is such a wonderful idea. I love both contemporary and traditional art. My favorites, though, are birds and landscapes in interesting colors.

  809. Brandi says:

    I love all kinds of art, but really drawn to paintings. Awesome giveaway!

  810. Liza Wild says:

    Thank you for having this giveaway. I am definitely a medely kind of girl. I like it to be cohesive but not matchy match.

  811. Nancy says:

    I would love a medley on soft comfortable colors.

  812. Dana says:

    I am drawn to traditional art. I enjoy landscapes the most.

  813. Rachel says:

    I can’t believe this is a giveaway! I’m so excited. Lately, I’m loving soft watercolors, I also love bold contemporary abstract paintings tho which seems like a contradiction.

  814. Shelly Pare says:

    I would love anything for trees or landscapes, just bought a new house & trying to decorate my craft room!

  815. Kendra says:

    I love watercolour and prints!!!!!

  816. Angela Trejo says:

    First, I wanted to say I made your Lack table/Lego table for my two daughters. It was so easy and it came out beautiful! I even read through your comments to see which bins you used…as I was standing in Target trying to figure out the shelf dimensions. Second, I love the artwork in your post. I love a mix for sure. I have pictures of my girls, travel photography, oil paintings, and watercolors. I just love art AND I love following your blog! Happy New Year!

  817. Sue says:

    I love prints and watercolors with a nature inspired theme, botanicals are a favorite.

  818. Priscila says:

    Prints and abstracts!

  819. Jean Malloy says:

    I love watercolors that suggest the sea, but am also drawn to graphic art.
    Original paintings would be my first preference, for a one–of-a-kind look, but I would also enjoy trying something new, like photography,

  820. Erin says:

    A medley! But I do love watercolors or photographs of landscapes and flowers in particular! Beautiful giveaway! Thank you!

  821. Melinda mills says:

    My favorite art is photography of any kind. Bur, I also really like the odd vintage flea market find and mix new, old, and a variety of mediums.

  822. Arin says:

    I love art displays that are a medley of styles and media, and preferably with pieces that have some kind of significance to the people who live in the home. I just love seeing a new friend’s home for the first time and getting to know them through the art on their walls.

  823. Cindy Schwerdt says:

    If I don’t win, where can these be purchased?

  824. Brini isaacs says:

    I love photography!

  825. Tamira Johnson says:

    I’m particularly drawn to photographs and illustrations-a black and white or antiqued feel. Or else I really enjoy the soft and fluid abstracts I prints in coordinating colors/styles/images. How fun it would be to create galleries so the prints from these books! Oh I hope my name is drawn :-D

  826. Brenda a says:

    I am really into water colors and abstracts right now. I love this giveaway!

  827. Kim says:

    I love water colors, and photography, with a pinch of abstract.

  828. Robyn H says:

    I love photography, but I have been leaning toward graphic art and oil paintings lately. I would love to have some art for my new home!

  829. I love structural prints, architectural drawings and watercolours. The books look wonderful!

  830. Kim E says:

    I like both photographs & abstract water colors. Your medley looks amazing!

  831. Sarah C. - Ohio says:

    I love nature photography.

  832. Donna Y says:

    I like a mix of photography and watercolors. This would be perfect for the bare mantel in my new home!!

  833. Sarah says:

    I love water colors.. and all things beautiful!

  834. Joanie says:

    The books are a cool idea! I love scenes depicting nature or rural settings and I’m particularly drawn to ethereal water color paintings.

  835. Joanie says:

    oops – corrected my email address . . .

  836. Kathy says:

    I’m a big, big fan of watercolors at the moment. beautiful

  837. Angela says:

    I’m an a little but if everything kinda gal. Lately I’ve been loving watercolours though.

  838. Louise says:

    Watercolor & prints

  839. Laura C. says:

    Think I would go for the contemporarary. Thanks for the giveaway!

  840. Haley W says:

    I love a medley of prints!

  841. JK says:

    I’m partial to photos and prints of nature and beautiful landscapes.

    I’ve been searching for books such as these at my local book stores. Thanks for posting!

  842. Tammy says:

    I love a melody of it all.

  843. JoEll says:

    I enjoy great photographs, also art that is whimsical, prints and/or original water colors of places I been. Frame cohesion is very important …..I love gallery walls….even in small spaces like powder rooms. These books look great. Hope I win.

  844. Courtney says:

    I love abstracts and watercolors. The books are a great idea!

  845. Lisa B. says:

    I see art from each book that I love… And the bright colours!

  846. Love photography and abstracts most. However I find all art interesting. Cheers

  847. I like photography but I also like to mix it up. Beautiful paintings!

  848. Lindsay says:

    My favourite type of art are watercolours :) Those books look beautiful!

  849. Sandy says:

    I love abstract with soft aqua, turquoise or blue hues and I also love landscapes with trees or sunsets! Love your blog!!!

  850. Jason says:

    These are great books! The art in my home tends to be photographs or prints!

  851. Lisa K says:

    What beautiful books! My favorite kind of art is watercolor combined with pen and ink as I love the creative ways the two can blend. In terms of style, contemporary is my favorite! Thanks for the giveaway!

  852. Cathy says:

    Hi and Happy New Year!
    I like watercolours (though I don’t own any) but I’m mostly a medley. Have found as I get older my tastes have changed. So I’m at the stage of “almost anything goes”.
    Many thanks for including Canada in your prize rules.
    All the best,

  853. Katie says:

    I have an “eclectic” taste when it comes to artwork. Some days I’m drawn to photography, other days I love bright vibrant abstracts, and others I love more soothing watercolors. I think it’s fun to mix and match a little of everything!

  854. annie says:

    Watercolors are my fav

  855. Hallie E says:

    I like paintings – watercolor is my favorite medium, but nothing too abstract please! Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway!

  856. JennyBD says:

    I had no idea something like this even existed but I love the concept! Watercolors make me swoon!!

  857. Suzanne O. says:

    Photography is what I do, but I think my favorite art to buy is watercolors.

  858. Rachel says:

    These books are awesome. What a great way to add art to your home. Bright & vibrant landscapes are my favorite.

  859. jessica says:

    I love a medley, botanicals and anything done in black and white are my favorites.

  860. Elina says:

    I love watercolours for their softness but photography is right up there too!
    Love the mantle!

  861. Deborah E says:

    I especially enjoy watercolors and charcoals………they seem less contriived and more spontaneous and heartfelt.

  862. Libby says:

    I have been loving letter press prints and chalkboard prints as of late.

  863. Melissa B says:

    Truly, I haven’t found a style of art that I don’t like. I usually use different styles in different rooms or rotate them out by the season. I love art!

  864. Sona says:

    Watercolor, photography and some abstracts, even a charcoal or two!!

  865. Lynda OL says:

    I love oil paintings…the texture of them is what draws me …
    I do love art of any kind! It adds so much to any room!

  866. Jonelle L says:

    I adore a great watercolor. Something about the tranquility of the blending and its versatility.

  867. Theresa in Nebraska says:

    Photography. I am drawn to black and white.

  868. Colleen says:

    I like abstracts and bold graphics. Weird combo, huh?

  869. jennifer says:

    Watercolors and abstract art. Love photography too

  870. It all looks AMAZING :) I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday.

    Check out my new post…Cute Swedish Curtain inspiration :)

    Have a fab day.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – Swedish decor, food, and fashion

  871. Kim W says:

    I love combining prints and photographs, preferably black and white with pops of vibrant colors.

  872. Jenny says:

    Watercolor and anything romantic.

  873. April says:

    I like a medley of things – photography, prints, landscapes etc. Pretty much everything except abstract :-)

  874. Monica says:

    Love… Love blues and greens . Thanks you for the giveaway!

  875. Autumn says:

    Our art, besides photos of the kids is mostly black and white photography, but I kind of love a bit of everything and love the watercolor with the black trees shown above!

  876. maggie says:

    Lately I’ve been leaning toward photography but I do love abstract watercolors!

  877. Stephanie O. says:

    I’m all about quirky prints lately. Otherwise, photography was alwaysy go to in the past.

    Thanks for offering up this giveaway!

  878. Kara says:

    These books are such a great idea! I love all kinds of art–just depends on where I am displaying it!

  879. Carol says:

    I really like photography and prints – love when looking at art brings a cherished memory to mind.

  880. Pilbara Pink says:

    I love almost all art mediums but prefer pictures of the minutiae of life – tiny corners of a scene or a single shelf in a room rather than landscapes. One of my most treasured pieces is a painting of pebbles on a river bank. That’s all, just the pebbles. But oh, the detail! It is stunning. Love the concept of these books, what a genius idea!

  881. Nancy says:

    Wow I could really use a set of these books! I’m redecorating my home office and a wall of framed black & white prints would be perfect, but art books at museum shops are very pricey and anything I’ve run across at book sales or garage sales are in such bad shape they aren’t salvageable for framing.

  882. Sarah says:

    Those books are so cool and I ADORE the octopus print!! I really love a medley of artwork. I’m lucky that my mother is a painter (pastels) and my father is a B & W photographer. I regularly beg them for pieces, some of my favorites are my mother’s early planning pencil sketches. I also love finding unique art at thrift stores and collections from our travels.

  883. Patty K. says:

    I love vintage photography, pen & ink drawings, and anything floral

  884. Christina says:

    I would have to say I’m into the watercolors, I too gravitate to blues & greens! Love the owl!

  885. Lisa says:

    I love a medley of styles for artwork. The books look beautiful!