DIY Fabric Covered Boxes

May 2, 2013

Hello everyone! I have a new DIY project to share today: fabric covered boxes perfect for storing keepsakes or office supplies. I love the idea of wrapping plain boxes in pretty patterns (like I did last year these marbled paper versions) and this time I made them with some beautiful fabrics sent to me by Annie Selke from her Pine Cone Hill collection.

diy fabric covered boxes


Here is the step by step:

make fabric covered boxes


First, round up the necessary supplies.  You’ll need about ½ yard of fabric for every box, sometimes more for larger versions. Find wood boxes at a craft store like Michaels, also glue designed for fabric and a brush to apply it. For thicker fabrics, you’ll need a staple gun too.


Next, cut the fabric to the size of the box and allow for enough fabric to wrap all fours sides.

trim fabric

With your staple gun, secure the first long side of the box with a few staples inside and close to the middle.

staple fabric

Apply a thin coat of glue to the bottom of the box and smooth the fabric as you rotate it around so that it lays flat along the bottom.

fabric glue

Staple the second side along the interior of the box, concentrating the staples toward the middle.

staple sides

Trim a piece of remaining fabric on the unwrapped sides so that you can easily wrap it up and around the edge without bulky excess. Add an additional layer of glue to the sides.

trim sides

fold up and over

add glue


Fold the trimmed fabric up and over the side of the box and secure it tight with the staple gun.

fold over

staple edge

Repeat the same process for the lid, but keep the fabric stapled  to the bottom edge of the lid to avoid the box becoming too difficult to close due to excess layers of fabric.

repeat for lid


In less than an hour you can create two stylish storage boxes for housing office supplies or mementos.

diy fabric covered boxes


fabric covered boxes on shelf



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