DIY Fabric Covered Boxes

May 2, 2013

Hello everyone! I have a new DIY project to share today: fabric covered boxes perfect for storing keepsakes or office supplies. I love the idea of wrapping plain boxes in pretty patterns (like I did last year these marbled paper versions) and this time I made them with some beautiful fabrics sent to me by Annie Selke from her Pine Cone Hill collection.

diy fabric covered boxes


Here is the step by step:

make fabric covered boxes


First, round up the necessary supplies.  You’ll need about ½ yard of fabric for every box, sometimes more for larger versions. Find wood boxes at a craft store like Michaels, also glue designed for fabric and a brush to apply it. For thicker fabrics, you’ll need a staple gun too.


Next, cut the fabric to the size of the box and allow for enough fabric to wrap all fours sides.

trim fabric

With your staple gun, secure the first long side of the box with a few staples inside and close to the middle.

staple fabric

Apply a thin coat of glue to the bottom of the box and smooth the fabric as you rotate it around so that it lays flat along the bottom.

fabric glue

Staple the second side along the interior of the box, concentrating the staples toward the middle.

staple sides

Trim a piece of remaining fabric on the unwrapped sides so that you can easily wrap it up and around the edge without bulky excess. Add an additional layer of glue to the sides.

trim sides

fold up and over

add glue


Fold the trimmed fabric up and over the side of the box and secure it tight with the staple gun.

fold over

staple edge

Repeat the same process for the lid, but keep the fabric stapled  to the bottom edge of the lid to avoid the box becoming too difficult to close due to excess layers of fabric.

repeat for lid


In less than an hour you can create two stylish storage boxes for housing office supplies or mementos.

diy fabric covered boxes


fabric covered boxes on shelf



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412 Responses to “DIY Fabric Covered Boxes”

  1. Veronika says:

    I’m hesitating between happy poppies, toadstool peacock and edelweiss crewel black cut at the moment :)

  2. Love the Links Indigo! Exactly what I need for my living room.

  3. Dani says:

    Hot house floral is right up my alley (though the teal peacock is a close second)!

  4. Vicki S says:

    I love the Hot House Summer Floral, so colorful!

  5. Brooke C says:

    Oh goodness, how am I supposed to choose?! I love the Hot House Floral Summer, Toadstool Multi and Happy Poppies Blue!

  6. Chrissy says:

    Oh, so many beautiful fabrics. I like the scramble tin. Thank you!

  7. Susan says:

    Redecorating my home office and Toadstool Verdi is perfect for curtains!

  8. Jen N. says:

    So hard to choose! Hot house summer…Happy poppies…so lovely!

  9. Jody says:

    Really beautiful fabrics! My fab is Hot House Floral Spring Cut Yardage

  10. Jenny W. says:

    I am in love with the Edelweiss Crewel Aqua fabric. Beautiful colors and such a delicate design!

  11. Amanda S. says:

    So hard to pick just one! I think right now it would be Hot House Floral Summer Cut Yardage….so bright and cheerful.

  12. Liz M says:

    So many cheerful prints. My kitchen needs some “Shalini Ivory/Raspberry Cut Yardage” goodness. I’m working on a banquette and some happy colorful pillows is just what it needs :)

  13. Lisa Cloose says:

    Toadstool Russet…beautiful!

  14. Tiffany says:

    The slate fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Kara says:

    I think the Scramble Tin Cut would be fabulous in my bedroom.

  16. Lindsay H. says:

    I am having a hard time choosing, but I love the happy poppies!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Kristin says:

    I am salivating over the Hot House Floral Spring!

  18. AshleyB says:

    I love the Toadstool Russet! Thanks!

  19. Jackie says:

    So many great choices! My favorites would have to be the happy poppies in pink and blue.

  20. Stephanie C. says:

    Definitely Hot House Floral Spring, it would be perfect in my master bedroom.

  21. Those boxes fit have such a lovely spring quality to them.

  22. Tami says:

    My favorite is Hot House Floral Spring. It would look great in my home office!

  23. Ann says:

    I think the happy poppies in either blue or slate are my favorites. Thought it’s really hard to choose.

  24. Rachel says:

    ooo they’re all so pretty! But if I had to pick just one… the Links Pink is pretty.

  25. I like the Happy Poppies Blue Cut – super fun!

  26. Tracy G says:

    OOooo….I’m loving Hot House Floral Summer Cut Yardage. But as others have said, they are all truly beautiful :)

  27. Julie says:

    Love the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry! It was hard to choose just one favourite, though. They’re all lovely.

  28. stephanie says:

    my favorite is Toadstool Russet Cut!

  29. Malisa says:

    I love the Hot House Floral Summer pattern! I would probably use it to cover some boxes since yours look so amazing!

  30. Sarah says:

    Oh, I like the Toadstool Russet! Great colors!

  31. Lee Ann K says:

    happy poppies pink cut

  32. Valerie J. says:

    I really like the scramble tin.

  33. Sally says:

    Hot House Floral Spring….they are ALL beautiful and could find a place/use for each of them!!

  34. lana says:

    I love the links in Key lime and gray! so pretty!

  35. Amy Wolff says:

    Oh I do love them all…
    I really like the Toadstool Multi Cut Yardage one! Would look so cute in the girls’ room.

  36. Judy says:

    I love the toadstool peacock cut. Beautiful.

  37. Angela says:

    I love that happy poppies blue cut! It would be perfect for warmer weather decorating.

  38. Joseph says:

    I would use that interlaken matelasse and possibly make matching curtains to go everywhere.

  39. Meghan W says:

    They are all so fresh and modern. I like the Scramble Tin the best.

  40. cassandra knepshield says:

    Love all of them but if I had to pick one it would be HOT HOUSE FLORAL SUMMER CUT YARDAGE!

  41. Nicole says:

    I am really in love with the bright and beautiful Hot House Floral Summer. Gorgeous!

  42. Lindsey H. says:

    I LOVE the Links Tin!

  43. I really like the Hot House Floral Summer cut! That would go perfect in my daughters new Hello Teen room!

  44. Sharde says:

    I love the Hot House Floral Fall pattern!

  45. Barb Langlois says:

    All so lovely. I’m liking the Hothouse and Scramble Tin Cut.

  46. Sarah says:

    The treehouse linen is gorgeous. I love the hot house floral summer too.

  47. love this idea! so easy and cheap….. and a great way to incorporate fabrics and patterns that you love!!!

  48. Joanne B. says:

    What a lovely site! I went to look at the yardage choices for this giveaway, but kinda got lost in bedding! Just lovely! One to definitely go back to and browse/dream! I would have a hard time narrowing it down, but I do like Toadstool Verdi and Key Lime. All so cheery! Thanks for sharing and for this giveaway!

  49. Caitlin G. says:

    I have to choose one? Then I choose Hot House Floral Spring Cut Yardage! My husband and I just bought our first house together two weeks ago, and I’m really excited to make this place our own. I love the blues and greens on this print, it’s how I envision our new home to be!

  50. Sue says:

    They are all beautiful, but I am leaning toward Happy Poppies Slate Cut more. Thanks!

  51. Amanda says:

    Love the Hot House Floral Summer. I don’t have any floral fabrics in my life right now and I definitely need some :)

  52. Terri says:

    Love the Toadstool designs!

  53. Valerie L. says:

    Well, I really like the Edelweiss Crewel Aqua Cut, however my unemployed, empty wallet doesn’t!

    I would love to use the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry for the Roman shades I would like to make. The fabric would definitely make my dining room happy!

  54. Andrea M says:

    Toadstool multi cut. I need a pillow in that!!

  55. Sherry says:

    Love the Toadstool Russet Cut Yardage!

  56. Laura says:

    Love this craft, thank you for sharing! It looks like something even the novices like me can handle!

    My favorite fabric is the Hot House Summer Floral, although it was such a hard decision!

  57. Urmili says:

    I absolutely love love love the Toadstool Peacock Cut – I see myself using it in so many ways!

  58. Angie Kaonohi says:

    I love the links pattern in Key Lime!

  59. Sarah says:

    Ooh, I love the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry Cut Yardage – such great colors! It makes me want to redo my kitchen/family room. :)

  60. Erica says:

    I am loving the Poppies Pink fabric! The vivid colors are awesome!

  61. LeAnn says:

    Links Tin Cut – please!

  62. I love the hot house floral pattern! This tutorial is perfect timing for me. I have some plain boxes I need to cover and I never even considered fabric.

  63. Jessi C. says:

    Links Indigo – beautiful!!

  64. Jalene says:

    Links Tin for my dining room!

  65. Linda says:

    Links Key Lime would look fantastic in my family room… my plan is to border plain drapery panels with this fabric.

  66. Desiree says:

    Love the Happy Poppies Pink! I just had a baby girl 4 weeks ago and this would be the greatest pattern to add to her room decor.

  67. Jenny B says:

    OOOOH, who doesn’t love happy poppies???

  68. Kasey says:

    Love the Toadstool Russet. I am obsessing over coral and blue’s right now for ideas to use in our nursery this fall!!

  69. PAULA says:

    Scramble tin please! Just installed a closet system and the calm gray/white will add to the sense of order.

  70. Pam says:

    Beautiful fabrics. Cant choose between Cabana Stripe and Hot House Floral.

  71. Sara says:

    Having a hard time, there are so many lovely choices. The closest I can come to narrowing it down is to the Links Indigo or the Honfleur linen.

  72. Katie L. says:

    I love the links pink! So cute!

  73. Jamie says:

    Toadstool russet is making me drooly… yep. totally a word.

  74. Whitney S.K. says:

    This was a hard choice! I think my favorite is SHALINI IVORY/RASPBERRY CUT YARDAGE.

  75. Dana says:

    I love happy poppies!

  76. Marty says:

    I love the Links Indigo. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  77. Janet says:

    I definitely LOVE HOT HOUSE FLORAL….so beautiful!

  78. Amy says:

    So hard to choose just one! I love the toadstool and the edelweiss. I made pillow covers for my living room couch out of the hothouse floral spring cut, and those pillows are my favorite thing in the whole house! It’s all so beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Sharon says:

    I love the Happy Poppies Pink Cut. So cheerful and springy.

  80. Aimee says:

    Pink Links and Toadstool teal

  81. Kristen says:

    I am in love with the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry Cut Yardage it would be perfect for my girls’ room!

  82. Jana says:

    I love both of the Hot House Florals!

  83. Wehaf says:

    I love the Sarala Slate pattern!

  84. Stephanie says:

    I love the Links indigo fabric! Great giveaway – thank you!

  85. Jennifer says:

    Links Key Lime! Perfect for the do-over of my daughter’s room we’re doing to “move on up” to teen years.

  86. Elena says:

    It’s a tie between hot house floral and the grey links. Thank you for the giveaway.

  87. Lacey M says:

    Links Tin is gorgeous!

  88. Karyl says:

    Am I the only one who loves Whitney? You just can’t beat that red. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Kelsi says:

    I love the Links in Key Lime and Taupe! Both gorgeous. Thank you!

  90. Michele says:

    So many of them make me smile it’s hard to decide — but I guess my fav is “July Stripe”. It just says “Summer Fun” to me.

  91. Susan says:

    Love Links in Tin!

  92. Shannon S. says:

    I’m in love with the Links pattern in pink!

  93. Chaney says:

    Oh I love the Hot House Floral Summer! Thanks for the giveaway :).

  94. Elise says:

    They are all gorgeous but hot house floral spring is where I am heading right now with my living room decor.

  95. Amanda S. says:

    My favorite is the Ila Chocolate Cut Yardage!

  96. Vel says:

    Love the LINKS PINK!! Your boxes look great Kate!

  97. Angela says:

    Wow! So many patterns! I really love the Teal Peacock!!!

  98. Sheela says:

    There are so many lovely fabrics! I really like October Stripe, Toadstool Peacock, and Scramble Tin. Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. Mallory says:

    LOVE the Hot House Floral Summer!! Such fun colors!

  100. Rachele says:

    I love the Shalini Bluemarine for my new wingback chair that I scored for free…
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  101. Love the October stripes!

  102. Yael Brummel says:

    hot-house-floral-summer-cut. I like the little hint of purple in there.

  103. sangeetha says:

    love happy poppy, toadstool russet

  104. Christina W. says:

    I love the happy poppies in both blue and pink!!

  105. Becky says:

    Happy Poppies Blue makes me smile. I need to recover a cushion on our wooden love seat at our kitchen nook. It would be perfect.

  106. Shannon Eaton says:

    Any of the three striped patterns are gorgeous…they are all gorgeous, tho. I’m moving in two weeks to a new house and can picture these bright colors in my new home!

  107. Cathy Luce says:

    I love, love, love the Edelweiss Crewel Aqua Cut Yardage!

  108. Shannon says:

    I’ve never heard of this company before, oh my goodness! Beautiful! Toadstool Verdi is my favorite!

  109. Monica F. says:

    My favorite is Cabana Stripe Wide Cut Yardage.

  110. Amy says:

    Happy Poppies Blue gets my vote!

  111. Suzann says:

    Love the Links Tin Cut!!

  112. WendyK says:

    I’ve loved Toadstool in Russet since I first saw it about a year ago, and it would look beautiful in my house.

  113. I like the Links in Pink best, but there are so many others that are just beautiful!

  114. Anita K says:

    Love the Happy Poppies blue! Thanks for the chance!!

  115. Andrea says:

    Love all of them, but Hot House Floral Fall is my favorite!

  116. Ashley says:

    I love the Happy Poppies Blue

  117. Lisa says:

    the hot house floral in fall. love !! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  118. Kristy says:

    Happy Poppies!

  119. Michelle says:

    I love these! Fabric boxes are too expensive out in the market place, it is great to know we can make our own!

    xoxo Michelle

  120. Emily says:

    Hot house summer floral!

  121. Hera says:

    Happy Poppies Pink! I love it.

  122. Wendy says:

    Love the Shalini Bluemarine! …but also love the Happy Poppy Blue. Sorry can’t choose just one :)

  123. Ashley says:

    Love the fabric covered boxes! I am totally going to do this. My fabric of choice is Shalini Bluemarine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I love the Links in Pink =)

  125. Celine says:

    “June Stripe Cut Yardage” So summery!

  126. Susan says:

    Shalini Ivory/Raspberry. So Pretty. Thanks for the giveaway.

  127. Emily says:

    Toadstool Multi, please!

  128. Desiree Dinh says:

    SO many pretty fabrics, really like the simplicity but intricacy of the Edelweiss Crewel Aqua Cut Yardage

  129. Allyse says:

    Gosh, I really do love them all! My favorite would probably have to be Toadstool Peacock though! Would look amazing on some boxes in the office. Can’t wait to try the DIY.


  130. Rosanna says:

    I love the Treehouse Linen Cut Yardage!

  131. Sarah says:

    I like the scamble tin cut yardage!

  132. Priscilla says:

    I like the Links Key Lime. So pretty!

  133. I love the Happy Poppies Slate!

  134. Taysha R says:

    I like the Links Tobacco Cut Yardage

  135. Maureen says:

    Toadstool Peacock Cut is what I like.

  136. Alexia says:

    I love the Scramble Tin Cut Yardage… it would look fabulous as an accent in our master bedroom!

  137. Jenny says:

    Happy Poppies Blue Cut Yardage is so so pretty!

  138. Michele T says:

    Ohhh! I just love HAPPY POPPIES PINK – so pretty and cheerful! Thanks for the chance, this is an amazing giveaway!!

  139. Kathy S says:

    I love the Treehouse Linen one!

  140. Kelly Brown says:

    Oooh, I love Cabana Stripe Wide Cut Yardage….it looks so fresh and pretty!

  141. Katie says:

    I have been crazy about Toadstool Russet for a long time. So pretty!

  142. Brenda says:

    Toadstool Russet and the October Stripe are my favorites!

  143. Shweta says:

    I love the Hot House Floral Spring Cut Yardage!!!

  144. Lori H says:

    Love the Links Tobacco for some kitchen cushions!

  145. Susan M says:

    Links Tobacco for me please!

  146. Karen says:

    love the Links Pink Cut Yardage!

  147. Marissa says:


  148. Maria says:

    I love links in pink

  149. Ingrid says:

    The Sarala Slate is definitely my favorite.

  150. Gena says:

    Love Happy Poppy Pink!

  151. Elizabeth G. says:

    I love the Links Taupe pattern. Thank you!

  152. Ooooh I looove this!! My favorites are the indigo links and the scramble tin :)

  153. Ginny G. says:

    I love the colors in the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry Cut Yardage.

  154. Laura Osborn says:

    I need the Hot House Summer Floral in my life!!!

  155. Jenn A says:

    Honfleur Linen! And Shalini Ivory/Raspberry.

  156. Elizabeth Diaz says:

    Love the Toadstool Russet cut!!!

  157. Jeni L. says:

    Links pink is pretty!

  158. Heidi says:

    Ooh it is a toughie!! I think it is Happy Poppies Blue Cut Yardage for me- How can you go wrong with Happy in the title plus a hint of this seasons hot emerald.

  159. Lori L. says:

    They are all beautiful but my favorite at the moment would have to be the Happy Poppies in Pink!

  160. Cassie says:

    I love the Happy Poppies Blue!

  161. Sonia says:


  162. Becky says:

    Happy poppy!!!

  163. Kristen says:

    I like the Hothouse Floral Spring – pretty blues and greens!

  164. Jen says:

    I love the hot house floral fall cut pattern. It’s fun but neutral enought to match the pallet in my home.

  165. Beth says:

    I like the Hot House Floral Summer Cut.

  166. Rachel says:

    One of my most beloved quilts is from Pine Cone Hill!!! I love the Toadstool Peacock fabric.

  167. Laura says:

    Treehouse linen!

  168. Ashley says:

    Love the scramble tin cut yardage

  169. courtney d says:

    My favorite is the Toadstool Peacock fabric

  170. Liz H says:

    Happy Poppies in blue is my favorite!

  171. Kristina says:

    Toadstool in Russet. Love it!

  172. Tammy says:

    Love the links taupe!

  173. Kimm at REINVENTED says:

    Beautiful! I love the Shalini in ivory and raspberry!

  174. sylvia says:

    I love Links Key Lime Cut Yardage

  175. sarah r. says:

    happy poppies in pink!

  176. Katie M says:

    SO many amazing, bright colors! I love the Happy Poppies pink!

  177. Megan says:

    I love the Toadstool Peacock Fabric =)

  178. Lisa says:

    Cabana stripe wide cute. Love!

  179. Carol Triebel says:

    Love the happy pink poppies but they are all. very. nice!

  180. Audrey says:

    I love the links (in every color!)

  181. Yelena says:


  182. martha says:

    Loving that June Stripe fabric!!!! It would make some gorgeous napkins to be held by my pink flamigo napkin rings!!!!

  183. kathy says:

    What a nice surpise! I didn’t even know PCH sold just fabric. I love the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry. Thanks for the opportunity.

  184. Elise says:

    I like “links pink”. Would look great in my guest room!

  185. Ame says:

    Oh, so hard to choose. I’m going with Indigo Links.

  186. Anita says:

    My favorite is the Edelweiss Crewel pattern in black. I would make a beautiful travel bag out of it.

  187. Ruth P. says:

    The Toadstool Peacock… love the colors and the name!

  188. Happy Poppies in Blue. I would make a valance for my kitchen window. Gorgeous fabrics btw…

  189. Elle Janes says:

    Hi Kate, love your blog, and idea about the fabric covered boxs very cool! I have a new found love for fabric I cant get enough.All the fabrics in the yardage collection are beautiful, but I like the scrambled tin cut yardage best… oooh, the things I could create with this fabric gets me all warm n fuzzy inside xoxoElle

  190. kimyen says:

    Really love the happy poppies fabric!

  191. Laura says:

    I love Happy Poppies Pink and blue.

  192. Deb says:

    I love the Ila Chocolate because it would look great in my bedroom renovation!!!!

  193. Cathy S says:

    July stripe and a coordinating floral! :) Bright & Fun!

  194. Katie Marcel says:

    I have loved Links in Indigo for forever now! I made some pillows out of Annie Selke’s Tala and Seema patterns last year!

  195. Anu says:

    toadstool !

  196. Whitney T says:

    I love Shalini Ivory/Raspberry Cut! I’m a sucker for anything paisley!!

  197. Callie B. says:

    Absolutely adore – Hot House Floral Summer Cut Yardage! Fabulous!

  198. Kristen says:

    I LOVE the hot house fabric!

  199. Kristin says:

    Shalini terracotta is gorgeous!

  200. MelodyJ says:

    I like Happy Poppies Blue Cut.

  201. Melissa M. says:

    April Stripe Cut Yardage

  202. Carol S. says:

    I love the Scrabble Tin Cut Yardage.

  203. Tracey says:

    scramble tin cut! Love the blue grey color. Thank you.

  204. Happy Poppies Pink Cut and June stripe with it. Love these colors!

  205. Shanna Cook says:

    There were so many that I liked but if I had to choose 1, it would be the October Stripe Cut Yardage.

  206. Renee says:

    Links Pink Cut Yardage makes me happy. :)

  207. Laura says:

    I’m liking the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry cut yardage!

  208. risia bradshaw says:

    hot house floral spring but so many more I like too!!!
    thanks! :)

  209. Trisha Ham-Ying says:

    I like the Happy Poppies Slate Cut.

  210. Heather says:

    I LOVE Links Indigo and Tin, and also Happy Poppies. Gorgeous!!!

  211. Carolyn says:

    So hard to choose! Toadstool Verdi and the Links both Taupe and Tin. All could find a home in my house no problem. Okay, okay, (if I have to ppick 1) Toadstool Verdi.

  212. Linda says:

    I’d choose Hot House Floral Summer. So many good choices!

  213. Anna says:

    Awesome! I would use cabana wide stripe for my teenage daughter’s room.

  214. Robyn Vest says:

    I love the Dash Stripe Slate fabric!

  215. Robyn says:

    I love Dash Stripe Slate fabric!

  216. karen campanaro says:

    I really like the Links Indigo Cut Yardage.

  217. Love love love the toadstool print, in the multi and russet colors.

  218. Amanda says:

    I love the Happy poppies print!

  219. Melinda H says:


  220. Michele Q says:

    I love stripes and July Stripe is so gorgeous!

  221. Amy in PA says:

    Lots of great choices but the Honfleur Linen caught my eye. I’m a sucker for a beautiful blue stripe!

  222. pamela king says:

    Love the Happy Poppies Slate Cut…perfect for project I’ve been working on. Looooooove it!

  223. Erin says:

    Fun! I like Toadstool Multi.

  224. Stephanie says:

    I would love the Shalini terracotta.

  225. nancy says:

    I’m really partial to the Hot House florals.

  226. tricia says:

    Happy poppies!

  227. Mary says:

    The perfect fabric for me is the Happy Poppies print, but love them all.

  228. Amanda Bishop says:

    I love happy poppies!

  229. Beth Gallagher says:

    Wow, so many choices…. I just love all of them, but am particularly in love with Edelweiss Crewel Aqua. I can just see it made up! :) Thanks for the chance at such a great give-away!

  230. Amber says:

    My favorite fabric is Happy Poppies in Slate. I love the multiple blues with chocolate brown and I think it’s the perfect inspiration fabric for the guest room I’m redoing!

  231. Meriam says:

    Love the Happy Poppy Pink. I will go perfectly in my craft room!

  232. carol jane says:

    I love the Happy poppies pink!

  233. Kirsten says:

    I live the hot house summer and spring. The summer would be perfect for my living room and the spring for my daughters room we’re currently working on. Don’t know how I’d choose?!!

  234. Anne Atchison says:

    Love! Love! Love the Whitney fabric! This would be the perfect way yo pull in the touch of blue I have been trying to pull into my great room decor!!!!

  235. Erin says:

    Love the Happy Poppies! My fave is the pink, but I’d prob go for the blue to tone down the femme factor for hubby.

  236. Erin in CO says:

    How to pick just one!!? I would go with any of the Link patterns/colors, bc they go with a room redo I’m working on…thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  237. Tracey says:

    Toadstool Multi – it just SINGS to me! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  238. Rhonda says:

    Love the stripes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. Anna Flowers says:

    July Stripe makes me happy!

  240. Janice McGrath says:

    I like scrambled tin.

  241. Megan says:

    I could use a strong graphic in my decor right now so my fav is the links key lime. Love the geometric pattern ut it’s not like everyone else’s.

  242. elaine simmons says:

    I love the “Whitney”! The stripe looks like it would be perfect with my bedspread!

  243. Melissa says:

    I’m a fan of the scrambled tin. Just beautiful!

  244. Jacqueline says:

    I love the Hot House Summer. The colors in this fabric are the exact colors my daughter wants me to make her room over with. Thanks.

  245. sarah says:

    Shalini Ivory/Raspberry Cut Yardage LOVE IT!

  246. Lisa E says:

    I’m feeling the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry! So many pretty fabrics!

  247. Carol says:

    I love the Toadstool Verdi-it would look great in my bedroom.

  248. Ashley says:

    I am in love with Links Key Lime! Perfect for my living room :-)

  249. Carla says:

    So many I like but I guess I will have to say my favorite is the Hot House Florals! :-)

  250. Kate says:

    I love the happy poppies! Hard to choose between blue and pink, and perfect for the warmer weather!

  251. Angela says:

    Love the Scramble Tin!

  252. sue says:

    Hmm, just one? Since I need a burst of Spring after our long Winter, I am leaning toward the Happy Poppy Pink and I am usually someone who chooses blue, so who knew?
    Thanks for the giveaway and I hope I’m the lucky winner.

  253. Linda says:

    I really like Links Indigo Cut Yardage

  254. Denise Carter says:

    Links taupe cut yardage is not very colorful like some of the others but it matches my new couch and would make great curtains.

  255. Heidi says:

    “Happy Poppies Blue” makes me… Happy!

  256. patti says:

    I love the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry!

  257. Tammie Burton says:

    So many pretty choices but the one that I choose is the Happy Poppies, blue cut!

  258. Lisa R says:

    I love the Hot House Floral Spring Cut. Perfect for Spring and Summer.

  259. Karen says:

    Happy Poppies in blue has always been a favorite of mine.

  260. Bonnie Peters says:

    Toadstool Verdi is my pick.

  261. heidi says:

    Oh my…a win would be incredible…found the perfect fabric for a chair makeover…Sarala Slate Cut Yardage is absolutely “it”~the floral blues and greys are perfect!

  262. Angie says:

    I LOVE the links in lime and indigo. and the Happy Poppies in pink…i love it all!

  263. Mdavis says:

    I like the link….in all the colors!

  264. Robin says:

    Interlaken Matlasse in cream, lucious!

  265. Denise W says:

    Oh, the Happy Poppies are so….happy! Very bright and pretty on this 3rd day of May, as it is snowing like crazy here in North Iowa. Thank you for sharing.

  266. Katie says:

    I love these fabrics. They’re so bright and fun! The toadstool-russet and the happy poppies-blue are probably my favorites.

  267. Barbara says:

    Love your boxes and I love Treehouse Linen. Color combo in that stripe is beautiful

  268. Ardi says:

    I have 2 favorites…Hot House Floral Summer and Shalini Ivory/Raspberry. What great fabrics!

  269. Jane says:

    I love the Happy Poppies print! Thanks!

  270. Mary says:

    I like April Stripe. A great foundation fabric to compliment other prints.

  271. i’m loving the hot house floral and the edelweiss. i’ve been on the lookout for something with blues and greens and florals.

  272. Terry says:

    Cabana stripe wide reminds me of summer!

  273. Pat F. says:

    Beautiful fabrics. Love the Shalini/Raspberry for my decor. Thanks for the Giveaway.

  274. Amy says:

    Happy poppies slate! It’s so cheerful!

  275. Nicole says:

    I love the shalini prints! They have a sort of bohemian flair to me…so fun! I could take some in each colorway.

  276. Kara says:

    I love the bright colors of Hot House Floral Summer, and Links is a great go-with-anything design.

  277. Emily M. says:

    I like the Hot House Floral Fall because it matches perfectly with the general color scheme for my entire house, but I also like most of the other ones, too.

  278. Sue H. says:

    It’s a toss up between Hot House Floral Spring and Toadstool Verdi…maybe both!

  279. Lori Goodwin says:

    I just moved into a new sewing room and boy is it drab! It could sure use some Happy Poppies Pink fabric to brighten it up! And the fabric covered boxes would go a long way in getting me organized.
    This fabric line is nothing short of AMAZING!!!

  280. Liz Vanzant says:

    I”m loving the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry Cut Yardage… would look wonderful on this wing chair I’ve been waiting to re-cover. The colors are awesome!

  281. Jett says:

    I love them all, but I think Sarala Slate is my very favorite!

  282. Alina says:

    Love, Love, LOVE the Honfleur Linen Cut Yardage. Gorgeous.

  283. Kathy Charles says:

    After lots of Spring cleaning I could use some beautiful storage boxes. Love the idea and Happy Poppies Blue cut.

  284. Sean says:

    The Happy Poppies Slate Cut Yardage would have to be my fav.

  285. Kate says:

    Happy Poppies!

  286. Ann says:

    Honfleur looks beautiful and beachy. I know just what I’d use it on.

  287. Michelle B says:

    Love the Interlaken Matelasse’ in Ivory. That could work with so many things! :)

  288. Mandy says:

    Hot House Floral Summer Cut Yardage would help bring spring to the midwest!!

  289. L. E. Bruce says:

    Hard to decide, but I think I have to go with the Hot House Floral Spring.

  290. Marla says:

    Definitely the Whitney – classic/traditional – ideal for the DR & something my DH can live with;)

  291. Kimberly says:

    I like the Scramble Tin Cut Yardage.

  292. I like the Poppies Slate Cut!! :)

  293. merry z. says:

    The Hot House Floral makes me happy.

  294. Bobbi G says:

    Happy Poppies Blue would be perfect for my dining room at the lake. Cool stuff here!

  295. Maegan says:

    I’m really loving the Shalini Ivory/Raspberry!

  296. Ariadna says:

    I like the June Stripe and the Happy Poppies! I’m sure I could use them somewhere in my little girl’s nursery!

  297. Marisa says:

    Happy Poppies in Slate

  298. Jen P says:

    June Stripe Cut Yardage. I LOVE a great stripe!

  299. Jane Crisp says:

    Love, love, love the Shalini Terracotta/Slate!

  300. amy says:

    I like the links taupe fabric. Neutral and interesting.

  301. Bev says:

    Happy Poppies Blue–Beautiful!

  302. Linda Stegall says:

    It would be a toss up between Toadstool Peacock and Toadstool Verdi—love the colors! Thanks for the opportunity.

  303. Kayla Bushman says:

    I absolutely love the Links Key Lime Cut Yardage! Will go great with my Caribbean Blue and kelly green motif I have going for my living room!

  304. meg says:

    What an easy (and cheap way) to add pops of color toyour decor!

  305. Colleen husted says:

    Love Happy Poppies Pink Cut and it’s a good price as well. Just built a new home and would add great color. Keep up the great work bringing us great ideas, love your post.

  306. Tamara Wood says:

    I just love love love “Edelweiss Crewel Aqua”. It has such class!!!!! Thank you for all your great
    giveaways!!! And fantastic ideas, I look forward to your emails daily! Thanks!!!!

  307. Veronica S says:

    Just fell in love with the Toadstool Peacock!!!!!

  308. Suzi says:


  309. Michelle says:

    The Shalini Bluemarine is fabulous.

    Thanks for your great site and constant flow of useful ideas!

  310. Kelly says:

    I love the Edelweiss Crewel Aqua Cut. Soooo pretty!

  311. Laurel says:

    Happy Poppies are gorgeous. I could think of a few projects to make with that fabric.

  312. Anne Haun says:

    I love Hot House Floral.

  313. Maryellen says:

    Indigo Links….beautiful!

  314. May says:

    Ok…how can one possibly pick? Beautiful. I finally chose Happy Poppies Pink Cut Floral.

  315. Auntiepatch says:

    Ila Slate is my favorite!

  316. Jennifer says:

    They are all gorgeous and I could seriously find a place for any (or all) of them!!

  317. Meg says:

    Oooh I love the happy poppies! Thanks for the chance to win!

  318. Shannon says:

    LOVE the Links Tin fabric. I have the perfect place in mind for it!

  319. The fabric is all so cute! I love the Happy Poppies one the most though!

  320. Asiyah says:

    Dangit…I can’t decide. I like them all for one reason or another!

  321. Mindy K says:

    HOT HOUSE FLORAL SPRING is my favorite, I think…but TOADSTOOL RUSSET is a very close second. =)

  322. MrsSW says:

    I love the Happy Poppies Blue Cut Floral but most of the fabric is too bright for my place – so I would choose Interlaken White Matelassé – the white will work. :)

  323. Christine says:

    I really LOVE the toadstool multi; so gorgeous and so perfect for summer!

  324. Jennifer says:

    My favorite fabric is Scramble. Thanks for the chance!

  325. sheila says:

    Happy Poppies!

  326. Kim a. says:

    I love the colors in the treehouse linen!

  327. Grammy says:

    Scramble Tin would look sooooo fab in my living room! Droolin’ over here…

  328. Susan says:

    All great but I love the links indigo.

  329. Debbie says:

    My favorite is the pink links. I would make a cute clutch for summer if I win!

  330. Katrina says:

    The Scramble Tin is my favorite, though I really like almost all of the fabrics. Great website!

  331. kathleen says:

    I love the toadstool Peacock fabric

  332. Camille says:

    HAPPY POPPIES PINK CUT YARDAGE…’s just like the name says, ‘Happy’. Very appropriate for the Spring & Summer. Love the colors too.

  333. Alison says:

    I love the toadstool!!!

  334. Martha Walsh says:

    Sarala Slate is beautiful. Thanks!

  335. Michel says:

    Happy poppies, both pink and blue!

  336. Belle says:

    Shalini blue marine is my fav.

  337. Pam says:

    Links Tin Cup Yardage

  338. Merry says:

    Shalini BlueMarine is one I’ve been eyeing for a while! Thanks!

  339. Gina F says:

    Love the Toadstool and the Hot House Spring Cut. Thanks!

  340. Sarah Beaird says:

    I love the Toadstool Multi Cut Yardage. Actually had hard time deciding; I loved several!

  341. Kim C says:

    The Happy Poppies in Blue would be perfect in my kitchen. Love all the bright colors.

  342. Ardis says:

    My favorite is Shalini Ivory/Raspberry, but they are all beautiful.

  343. Ardis says:

    The Shalini Ivory/Raspberry is my favorite, but they are all beautiful.

  344. Margaret says:

    Happy Poppies in pink!! Love that fabric.

  345. Karleen Taylor says:

    Wow, the fabric certainly does wonders for those boxes. Hard to pick a favorite fabric but Happy Poppies in Pink is fun!

  346. Judy says:

    I like the shalini ivory/rasberry cut yardage!

  347. Joyce Ward says:

    Links Key Lime Fabric is a fav – thank you very much

  348. Sally says:

    My choice would be Toadstool Multi Cut – fun colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  349. Stephanie Roybal says:

    They’re all gorgeous but Shalini Ivory/Raspberry is my fave

  350. Katherine Donovan says:

    There are so many beautiful fabrics to choose from. If I had to choose, I would pick the Links Indigo Cut Yardage. I love the pattern and the color.

  351. Linda says:

    Definitely love the Happy Poppies Blue

  352. Tracy says:

    Love Shalini Terracotta/Slate–would look perfect in my dining room!!

  353. Coran says:

    Hot Floral summer, spring or fall cut. Gorgeous!

  354. Suzanne Beyer says:

    I really would love to see the July Stripe on my front porch !! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  355. Holly says:

    I like the Ila Chocolate Cut yardage.

  356. Jenni says:

    I like the links pattern — especially in indigo.

  357. Michelle Hudak says:

    I love the SCRAMBLE TIN CUT YARDAGE…would make a great set of curtains for my dining room.

  358. Robin says:

    Love Edelweiss Crewel Aqua Cut Yardage – Thanks so much!

  359. Jill says:

    I’d love the hot house floral fabric. Oh please, giveaway gods, pick me!

  360. Valerie Skusa says:

    So hard to choose just one but I love the Treehouse Linen. Great colors!

  361. Valerie Skusa says:

    Treehouse Linen! Love the colors!

  362. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Toadstool peacock!

  363. Meghan Finley says:

    Scramble Tin Cut Yardage

  364. Elsa says:

    Oooh, I like the Ila Slate!

  365. stephanie says:

    Links Tin Cut Yardage- I absolutely need to recover by daybed in this fabric!

  366. beth says:

    Love the Links Indigo to make pillows for my bed

  367. Nadya Kotik says:

    i love Edelweiss Crewel Aqua Cut Yardage fabric!

  368. Pam says:

    I like the Shalini Bluemarine.

  369. denise says:

    I love the June Stripe. Makes me want to eat sorbet.

  370. Jacqueline says:

    My favorite fabric is the toadstool peacock. We see a lot of peacocks near our house :)

  371. Toadstool Multi! Pink and lime greens are my thing!

  372. i liked shalini–blue marine & ivory/raspberry cut, both of these were my favorite altho it was hard to pick out a favorite from all of these pretty fabrics. thanks/chance

  373. PA says:

    Toadstool verdi, I think.

  374. Joyce says:

    I could use Tooadstool Peacock or Toadstool Russet to make pillows for my home! Beautiful colors!

  375. Jamie says:

    Love all fabrics! I would choose the hothouse floral fall cut. Thanks for a chance to win :)

  376. megan says:

    I love the toadstool peacock, it is so bright and fun.

  377. Lisa says:

    Tree House Linen! So beautiful!

  378. sally SHepard says:

    Treehouse linen would make lovely chair cushions..or even curtains!

  379. Judy Selkirk says:

    I love the Key Lime and would use it in my home office.

  380. Sandy N says:

    Shalini Terracotta-Slate Cut is my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  381. Cheryl E says:

    My favorite is the Scramble Tin but the Links Tobacco is a close second!

  382. Ramonita says:

    I love the June Stripe cut yardage!!!! Would bring so much color to my guest bedroom.

  383. Ramona says:

    Hot house floral summer cut yardage.

  384. Patricia Crowley says:

    I love the Shalini Terracotta/Slate cut yardage!!!

  385. Emily R. says:

    Love the Toadstool Russet Cut Yardage!

  386. Annie Higbee says:

    Edelweiss Crewel Aqua is a color that will blend with just about any decor. There are multiple color combinations that will bring out a certain element of the fabric every time.

  387. IndianaWildflower says:

    The Links Key Lime would make great curtains for my bedroom/office!

  388. Stacy Alfano says:

    Wow! The happy poppies pink is beautiful!!!

  389. Brenda a says:

    I love the poppies in pink but I can’t say no the the scrambled in tin. These are all great fabrics!

  390. Trinity says:

    So hard to choose! Love the links key lime and hot summer floral.

  391. stephanie says:

    I love the Links Tin Cut Yardage and the Interlaken White Matelassé Cut Yardage. I just can’t decide they are both so beautiful!

  392. Lerin Holmes says:

    I love this pattern it’s to die for (Links Tin Cut Yardage)

  393. Angie says:

    Ooh they’re all so pretty! I love toadstool in russet best.

  394. Emily Cantu says:

    I’m in LOVE with the Links Key Lime! Already dreaming of where this would go in my house :)

  395. Sharon says:

    Love them all! But the Happy Poppies Pink makes me HAPPY!

  396. Kathleen says:

    I like the July Stripe, it would match the colors in my home perfectly. Thanks.

  397. Melissa says:

    The Links Pink for accent pillows. It would go perfectly with my daughter’s new bedding she received for her birthday.

  398. Katie says:

    Hot House Floral Spring. It would be perfect in my dining room! Thanks

  399. Olivia says:

    Hot House Floral Spring Cut, it would make great throw pillows for the new banquet I just built!

  400. Melissa says:

    I love the Links in several colors!

  401. Jenna says:

    I love the Toadstool Russet Cut! Thanks

  402. Leslie says:

    I love the Hot House Floral Fall! My next bedroom redo!

  403. Lisa says:

    The linen treehouse is beautiful and one of many favorites. Great giveaway, thanks! Lisa

  404. Joey Carnes says:

    I love the July cut and the Whitney Cut. Very, very cute!

  405. Shirley says:

    Well, that was about as easy as picking your favourite child! However, I love the two you chose so have decided on July Stripe. Beautiful website!

  406. Nancy K says:

    Happy Poppies Pink Cut! Love it for it’s cheery colors.

  407. DJ says:

    I like the Scramble and the Ila slate. Both are so pretty!

  408. heather says:

    i like the happy poppies thanks for the great chance to win this one

  409. Elisa says:

    July stripe – so happy! Thanks.

  410. jessica w says:

    I love the Links Tin Cut Yardage the best

  411. tiffany says:

    I like Scramble Tin Cut Yardage!!

  412. Rachel says:

    Indigo links!

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