Retail Therapy: World Market

April 22, 2013

Yesterday I took a few hours to run errands and visit some favorite stores to check out new collections and popped into World Market. My sister is also fixing up her place so we were texting pictures back and forth, talking about the pieces and accents and textiles we like, it’s so much fun to shop like that!

cosmo cozy

World Market unveils several collections throughout the year but I always look forward to the outdoor options, full of color and exotic patterns, and picked up some accents there last year for our balcony seating area. I spied a lot of new favorites while I was there on Sunday – I especially love their patterned textiles for a variety of uses beyond the tea towel or napkin (think art and pillows!)

world market favorites

Today I have a $50 gift card from me to giveaway to one of you to pick out something special for yourself.

gift card

To be eligible, simply leave a comment on this blog post answering this question, what colors or patterns are you decorating with this spring and summer in or outside of your home?

I’ll pick a winner at random later this week, giveaway expires Thursday April 25th at midnight PST. One entry per person, US only.  Good luck! *not a sponsored post, just a fan of World Market!


Winner: Rachel Slotman #696, winner notified via email.




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1,484 Responses to “Retail Therapy: World Market”

  1. Andrea says:

    Love World Market! I’m giving chevron a whirl inside our home! And trying some lighter colors (Annie Sloan’s Paris Gray) in the kitchen!

  2. Susan says:

    I love world market, I just bought a curtain panel to make a valance out of this weekend!

  3. Beth says:

    Yellow seems so bright & summery to me… I’m trying to incorporate it more. Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

  4. Kim says:

    I’m way behind on the trend but I’m finally trying out a bit of ikat and I’m loving it!

  5. Hope Arroyo says:

    Blue, blue, blue. All shades of it, I am going crazy!!!

  6. Deb Cassady says:

    I am using aqua/beige/brown on our screened porch, with pops of melon as an accent

  7. Jess says:

    Crushing on teal & green inside right now!

  8. Kara says:

    I’m into red and orange these days.

  9. Michellelhb says:

    I am loving chevron and more modern prints:)

  10. Shar says:

    This year I am decorating with a lot of bright shades such as yellows and teals, etc

  11. Evelyn Schreiber says:

    colors and patterns of the sea!

  12. Carrie says:

    Does decorating with wine bottles count? Because I just stocked up at World Market’s white wine sale last week. : ) I am really attracted to anything robin’s egg blue this spring. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Bettie F says:

    Love World Market! I hope to use yellows nod right blues this spring. Great give away.

  14. Leslie W says:

    Love world market! Wicker, off white and light blue are the colors I’m using. Then some dark purple flowers in pots.

  15. Laura says:

    Just painted the living room a gray-green along with a few stripes in our entry.. now I’m looking for accent colors to add through pillows, window treatments, etc, etc, etc :)

  16. World Market always has such great stuff! I’ve been in a turquoise mood lately!

  17. Kelly D says:

    I’m loving vibrant teal tones and warm orangy-reds this spring!

  18. Jess says:

    I love light gray walls with turquoise and yellow accents! Chevron is something I am excited to try in our house. Thanks for the cool contest! I love World Market!

  19. April says:

    I’m doing chevron and trellis patterns inside with splashes of turquoise and ikat patterns for the pillows on our patio furniture. I’ve never been into pattern before so it’s a new and exciting experience for me trying to break up all of the neutral colors in our home.

  20. Mysty says:

    I just painted my office corn husk green and will be adding yellows, oranges and turquoises to the room. Possibly in the form of painting an old rug.

  21. Carolyn W says:

    Definitely a big fan of World Market! I bought some of their hobnail ramekins in blue, green, and yellow, and they are brightening up my kitchen this spring along with some yellow daffodils. :)

  22. Kristin Macri says:

    I want the potter bench at world market to se as an outdoor bar! I am also loving all of the orange!

  23. Monica says:

    I am head over heels for coral now in every way I can work it in; indoor and outdoor!

  24. Mallory says:

    Anything bright and bold is catching my eye this spring. I love your world market picks!

  25. Jan says:

    Ooooh, World Market is one of my faves!! I’ve been trying to mix some green and coral into my very blue house. And I’m dying for something ikat or otherwise global-inspired, so these pieces are all perfect!

  26. Maria says:

    Just painted my daughter’s room a beautiful gray. Accenting it with oranges and magentas!

  27. Jody says:

    I am leaning on teal, blue and yellow. I will be getting my Aunt’s wrought iron 3 seat couch for the patio. Right now the couch is white. Working on seat cushions and I may paint it black to pop from my tan siding by the patio.

  28. Crystal says:

    I’m really loving coral + navy or coral + turquoise! We just resurfaced our deck so I’m looking for some new furniture and accents, those colors would really brighten up the space!

  29. Michelle C says:

    Loving aqua and yellow.

  30. Andrea R. says:

    Love this giveaway! I am decorating my patio in rust, turquoise and natural woods and plants!

  31. Teah says:

    I will be decorating my new kitchen with cheery cherries some time this year, I love the red splashes in the kitchen! World Market is so fun!

  32. Jennifer M says:

    I’m kind of thinking red! I’m not normally a red person, but our backyard desperately needs a pop of color!

  33. Marla says:

    I am actually in the process of relocating and building a new home and after years with Tuscan colors,I am planning on lots of blues and greens for that coastal feel–and there’s a World Market in my new town!

  34. Andrea says:

    Since I’m STILL surrounded by snow, I’m really digging white pitchers filled with GREENS. We’re desperate for some spring here!!

  35. AshleyB says:

    I am loving the deep almost-red coral color. It’s not very traditionally spring-y, but the accents make my home feel fresh!

  36. Sheila Winton says:

    Well I did my formal living in teal and orange. My living room and kitchen in yellow, teal and gray. Then the other day went to World Market and saw these cute little jars to hang and put candles in them in the prettiest red and turquoise so that is my outdoor inspiration!! The jars were only $2.99 each, such a great deal!!!!

  37. Oh How I could use this gift card! We are re-doing our backyard and I would love to get some new furniture! I am trying to do the backyard in Sunset Colors with floral accents! Trying to make my backyard an extension of my house! Would love to win!

  38. Jennifer says:

    Whites with changing accents colors – mostly blues!

  39. Holly P says:

    I was just going gaga for their outdoor tablecloths! All the patterns are awesome, so its just a matter of deciding if we want to go green or orange!

  40. Dori says:

    Getting away from my red, green and gold stage. Going for more neutrals with pops of fun, bright colors. I’ve been painting lots of interior walls lately. Change is good, right?

  41. anima says:

    Love world market.They always have great stuff…..though i make it a point to visit once in a month only cos everytime i go there i will have something in my hands…as far as spring goes chevron and greens are ruling my heart now

  42. Katie says:

    We tecently moved into our house, and I cannot decide on anything for the outside of our very blue house! I did recently help my mom pick out some coral pieces, though. So fun!

  43. Gina Hill says:

    Turqoise, bright-blue, white, and orange for my outdoor furniture, little wooden bridge and arbor : )

  44. Jane says:

    Blues & Greens on the patio.

  45. Amy says:

    I love World Market – our state doesn’t have any, so not exaggerating, I drive to the next state to shop.

    This summer I’m feeling oranges and aquas with brown. No idea why, but that stool you posted made my eyes pop. I feel a road trip coming on…

  46. Lori Greco says:

    I am loving gray, teal and red.

  47. Laura says:

    Lime green and navy! Love the metal chairs at WM. Have fun with your sister.

  48. Laura says:

    Inside I’m all about blues and greens, but outside I have reds and yellows! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  49. I know it’s been everywhere, but I’d love some bright ikat to bring happiness into our tiny porch!

  50. Jussara says:

    I’m doing navy blue and white with some green accents.

  51. Lisa says:

    I can’t get enough blue! Turquoise, teal, navy, royal – I love it all!

  52. Kristy says:

    Outdoor cushions in mustard with navy and white trellis print pillows and a navy umbrella!

  53. Nancy says:

    I am working to change my home from burgandies to whites and tourquoise.I am loving the updated look that my home needs.

  54. Qwendykay says:

    I’m decorating with all blues… navy and a lot of aqua together. I love the way they remind me of the ocean.

  55. Rhonda Morris says:

    Love love love all blues, greens, aqua and oranges. A little bit of chevron too.

  56. susan owenby says:

    Rainbow baby! My daughter and I have really been into rainbows lately. All the colors all the time. :)

  57. Kendra says:

    I’m a blue/green woman all the way. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Hayley Y says:

    I am loving coral as well as aqua!

  59. kim says:

    CG- What a nice idea . Project wise I’m finally going to finish our sunporch and really the only color will be the floor- we’re going to cut stencils from cardboard boxes and probably go with a fawn and stormy blue paint colors. Walls will be white and I plan to blow up a bunch of old black and white pictures that my dad took when he traveled out west while working for the government in the 60’s and 70’s , amazing images of native americans and teepees . I’m going to cover one wall with ferns attached to repurposed wood plaques – there will be lots of kokedama (sp) along with palms and citrus trees. Still in planning stages because I think it’s important to take these things slow and enjoy the ride. Loving the Hawaiian pix- your photographs are amazing.

  60. Laurel says:

    I’ll never be able to get enough chartreuse!

  61. Jill says:

    I love chevron anything and blues :) World Market is one of my favorite stores!!

  62. Jena says:

    Anything bright in a fun geometric pattern is what I’m feeling these days!

  63. Karen says:

    Orange, aqua, grey, citron and white random width strips on accent wall.

  64. Jackie Vasquez says:

    Chevron and turquoise on our deck!

  65. I am loving orange inside & out! Floral & some stripes.


  66. Sylvia says:

    I love white and cream, really any time of year! I’ve been adding gray and light blue in along with wood tones to add depth and texture. And I always love stripes! Can’t get enough! Love World Market! :)

  67. jessica H says:

    We have a ton of outdoor projects happening this spring and I’m love the navy/turquoise combo for our deck. I’m so happy about warmer weather! :)

  68. Jen N. says:

    I’m about to get started on my craft room, and I’m loving gray with coral and navy.

  69. Mandy S. says:

    Aqua & mustard yellow in my family room and kitchen.

  70. Natalie says:

    We are moving to a new place in a few months and I can’t wait to redecorate! Hoping to mix in some coral/orange and navy blue!

  71. Kate says:

    I’m working in some ikat prints and accenting with turquoise and oranges.

  72. Tracey says:

    Teal & grey!! Quatrefoil designs and natural weathered wood!! Fingers crossed I’ll be the lucky winner n thanks so much!!

  73. Shannon says:

    I always gravitate to blues. I am incorporating pops of coral for summer…we live in Florida so I thought I would play up the coastal vibe. Love your blog!

  74. Sadie says:

    I am in love with turquoise for the summer! Currently, it’s snowing (again) in Minneapolis, so I am REALLY itching to dust off the patio furniture. Come on, Mother Nature!!

  75. Marilyn Chaffee says:

    I’m loving beachy blues, aquas and greens. Think sea glass. On the lookout for textiles/napkins for pillows and ceramic accents. Also, adding house plants this spring. . . .

  76. sarah. says:

    Our balcony is going to be reds & oranges with a little black and white stripes thrown in. Loving the world markets orange patterns this spring!

  77. Gretchen says:

    I love going to World Market! I’m using blues and greens to decorate my patio this year.

  78. Juli says:

    I’m gravitating toward pure, clear colors, like lemon yellow, turquoise blue, and light green.

  79. Jenelle says:

    Cool grays, greens, and blues – aqua, teal, peacock…love them all!

  80. Kim says:

    Ikat and trellis patterns, in shades of aqua with splashes of coral.

  81. Bonnie says:

    I’ve been adding a lot more orange both inside and outside. It’s such a happy color.

  82. Theresa W says:

    Blue & Yellow – no, Blue & Green… oh decisions, decisions! thanks for the chance :)

  83. Sophia contreras says:

    My backyard is a huge work in progress but I am picturing it Moroccan with bright reds oranges and vintage gold somewhere in there I want to incorporate some fun prints definitely a mix of DIY with unique store finds :)

  84. Julie says:

    Ooooh, exciting giveaway! I’m getting strangely back into florals this year. I never thought it’d happen again, but I’m a total sucker. And blue, blue, blue!

  85. Emily Johnson says:

    I’m really getting into more yellow these days. It’s such a happy color to me!

  86. Lindsay says:

    We painted our front door a deep orange and recently got some orange seat cushions for the dark brown wicker chairs on our front porch. Loved your post today about curb appeal. We plan to use a few of your tips this spring!

  87. Karrie says:

    Greens and blues are always a favorite of mine.

  88. Hannah says:

    I am loving softer colors…mint, coral, pale blue & green.

  89. Katie says:

    I’m currently working on some curtains with a big suzani print in blue, green, and gray. The curtains will go on our sliding door as a way to bring some of the outside in. I’m so excited to get them up!

  90. Leslie says:

    Changing up the backyard patio area, repainting white vintage metal clamshell chairs, glider, rocker and tables in turquoise, cobalt and orange!

  91. Stephanie says:

    I’m loving really bold stripes. This year, we have pink and yellow flowers in the garden so I’m hoping to go bold with the accessories. They make the yard so happy!

  92. Denise says:

    Love World Market – they always have something to brighten up our home! Right now, I am into blues and spring green. very fresh! Of course, I am always pulled to red, too, but I try to save that for closer to fall.

  93. Amy Mason says:

    I just picked up some new glazed ceramic pots over the weekend. I went with lime green, turquoise and orange. Should be colorful!

  94. BeckyB says:

    Orange is my new color. Surprised myself by how much I love it! Thank you!

  95. Brittney says:

    I Love me some World Market! I will be using Yellow and a little bit of pink to decorate our front porch this summer! I started with painting our door yellow last year and this year I’m going to add in some planters and a rug….if it ever stops snowing!

  96. Laura says:

    I’m using bright grass green in pillows, throws and accents. Has always been my favorite color, but especially love it for spring! There are quite a few things I have my eye on at World Market.

  97. Kim says:

    I would love to win the gift card to buy a few new spring accessories for our home. We are putting a new roof on the house this year so all our extra cash will be going to that – NOT new decor. I’m using your suggestion to decorate with glass bottles and need a few more light green or aqua to round out the collection on my mantel. Thanks!

  98. Joy says:

    Just finished the upstairs bathroom in turquoise and chocolate brown.

  99. Kristen says:

    I’m looking forward to painting our front door a bright color- probably turquoise!

  100. Amanda says:

    Obsessed with all things coral – almost any pattern will do as long as there’s at least a dash of that peachy pink!

  101. Christina says:

    love world market! still loving me some leopard print!

  102. Taiya says:

    Corals and mint green … crisp and clean ,:)

  103. SJ says:

    I’m loving anything turquoise with pops of yellow. For fabrics, I can’t get enough of ikat!

  104. Erin says:

    We just painted the exterior of our home a dark, rich green with a copper colored door. I’m going with dark woods and hints of orange outside. I’d love to get something new to cozy up my front porch. Thanks!

  105. Michelle Z says:

    I’m loving the trend of revamping older furniture with fun, bright colors. So far I have a bright fuchsia wrought iron table and an orange/gold side table. Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. Cindy says:

    Incorporating navy blue into several rooms right now. Pantry door, you have been warned. Great giveaway, thanks Kate.

  107. Jen says:

    Love world Market. I’m doing stripes in a variety of colors taken from my Dash and Albert Garden Stripe rug.

  108. Julia cox says:

    Using navy and yellow!

  109. Veronika says:

    Am a great fan of World Market myself – would love to have apple green accessories for our patio…

  110. Rachel says:

    Lime and chevron!

  111. Jennifer L says:

    Man, I LOVE World Market. I’ll be decorating next using mostly light grey and white, with a pop of orange. I’m jonesing for that orange metal chair up there!

  112. Sarah says:

    We’re building a house (it’s almost done- 28 days until closing!) and I’m loving so many things from World Market right now. I’ve really been gravitation toward fresh spring colors like apple green, yellow and aqua!

  113. Ashley Wilson says:

    i am loving greens….any and all…with some blue thrown in

  114. Tammy says:

    We are enlarging our back patio this spring so we are trying to be frugal while filling the space. We will spray paint our old patio set in fun colors. I am thinking blues and greens. Can’t wait for spring to arrive in our part of the country. Thanks!

  115. Julie says:

    I just bought new napkins and place mats…bright green, blue, teal!

  116. Michelle says:

    Love world market! I’m starting to play with the icat pattern! I’ve been trying to incorporate navy and orange indoors! Thanks for the new looks at world market we live 40 mins from one, so it’s a hike to see the new collections.

  117. Liz says:

    I like aqua and sea foam – I’m dreaming of coastal vacations!!!

  118. kathleen kelly says:

    More and more sea colors, turquoise, green, blue–probably because i am stuck in the middle of the country!

  119. Victoria Barnes says:

    Love World Market! Orange and yellow make everything so bright and sunny, combined with green to bring in the beauty of plants. Too much color is never enough for my patio. Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway!

  120. Holly says:

    I bought a new welcome mat with navy, lime green, turquoise and gold. My plain white front door will be one of those bright, fun colors soon!

  121. Katie Richards says:

    I could spend hours wandering aroun World Market! Right now, I’m decorating with a lot of Fisher Price Primary colors. Yup, I have a small child! I am looking for new master bedroom curtains though. I can’t make up my mind!

  122. Kelly Laws says:

    Loving coral for spring this year!

  123. michele double you says:

    Worked there years ago in college–I still call it Cost Plus. We’re doing backyard stuff–imagine robin’s egg blue with red. Kind of loving it. Still a work in progress, though. Always. ;)

  124. Traci S says:

    I am LOVING Coral! And chevron patterns are still going strong in my house! :)

  125. Liz M says:

    I’ve been creeping on the World Market website and drooling :) Waiting for the weekend to make a mini escape from the kiddos & hubby for some retail therapy too. I love reds, pinks and oranges…and I am a sucker for gold colored accents. Thanks for all your ideas!

  126. Megan says:

    I am loving Cheveron! Also, going to be painting our bedroom gray and accenting in yellow and navy…at least today because I am also loving coral, teal, and turquoise. I also mixing patterns and fabrics!

  127. Jeanette says:

    Turquoise and greens. I would love a gift card.

  128. Amie post says:

    I love your style and ideas!!! I’d love to replace the cushions on my secondhand outdoor sofa. I like neutrals with some shades if blue/teal/ indigo!

  129. Anne-Mare says:

    Blues and greens! I love this!

  130. Sue says:

    Kate, I love world market too! It makes me uber happy to just stroll around in the store. I will be incorporating bright colors in our outside decor. I love bright reds, yellows and blues. Thank you for sharing this opportunity!

  131. Sarah Hughes says:

    Yellow and white for the interior and exterior!

  132. Sonia says:

    Blie and red

  133. bridget says:

    Hot pink in my kitchen ad then yellow on my front porch and teal and green on my back porch

  134. Melissa R says:

    Trying to decorate my sisters new house in white turquoise and red! Love the textiles you found in those colors!

  135. Jill says:

    I am adding pops of yellow to my aqua/green decor. I love it- looks super fresh.

  136. sarah says:

    i am working on some mini renovations….and we are going with some oranges and greens with yellow accents….
    would love to have some help from world market.

  137. I was just at World Market today picking up some chairs and went crazy over all their bright colored outdoor decorations and furnishings. I am currently doing white, light gray, dark brown, and gold in my family room…but have a whole head full of ideas of incorporating all the fun colors I saw today!!

  138. Sherri F. says:

    I tend toward greens but want to add another pop of color this year, maybe tangerine. Love World Market!

  139. Elise says:

    Was hoping to do some spray painting of some aqua and yellow accent pieces this spring, but here in Minnesota we are having the winter that won’t end, with fresh foot of snow on the ground last week and more on the way tonight, so no spray painting going on around here… :-(

  140. Erin Cutshall says:

    I adore World Market!! They closed the one that was closest to me so I don’t get to go as often as I’d like but my budget is grateful for that!! haha.
    I’m decorating with green in all it’s forms: lime, kelly, light, mint, etc…

  141. Erin D. says:

    I am really into the chevron prints right now. I just bought some pillows in the print that were golden yellow. I really want to to some out door stuff in the coral red with some grey and gold accents… Everything is so pretty! I love it all.

  142. Darla says:

    Blue paisley is my thing this season. Thanks!

  143. Kim says:

    I’m drawn to warm version of cool colors: Blues, teals, and greens with touches of gold/amber and textures. But still lots of whites: slipcovers, ironstone, accents. Sophisticated cottage.

  144. Amanda says:

    I’m finding myself using a lot of coral this spring. Even going to paint my bathroom coral because I can’t get enough! :)

  145. Ann says:

    I’d like to be focusing on the outdoors. The 5″ of rain in two days, then snow…again…has me cooling my heels inside. We’re in our first house and have a grand total of 4 outdoor chairs and no table. So we’re thinking about furniture first. As far as color, maybe light blue or turquoise cushions, then I have a few yards of a cheery outdoor fabric in a rainbow of bright colors for an accent.

  146. Azure says:

    I’m very attracted to black and white florals and polka dots.

  147. Aleena says:

    I love cost plus.. I have been looking at their floral napkins and place mats. Also, I have been mixing florals with geometric prints. This is my favorite tome of the year!

  148. Stephanie says:

    I’m loving brachytherapy/sea colors for outdoors. Lots of blues & greens!

  149. Harlan says:

    Coral and Tiffany blue accents in the home office. Golden yellow, grey, and white in my new half bathroom. Small spaces are getting splashes of love this spring and summer!

  150. megan says:

    I’m really liking maroon, purple and mustard yellow. Although my house is mostly greens, blues and grays.

  151. Monique Gainor says:

    Cannot wait until summer…looking to incorporate navy with a pop of raspberry and lime green in my outdoor setting. Fresh and fun!! Love your blog site and all the inspiration!

  152. Rita says:

    Blue and white. Out with the ugly brown furniture! Thanks.

  153. Suzanne says:

    Peach and mint, especially swirls

  154. Korbywipf says:

    Wow,what a fun giveaway! I am loving crisp white and bright colors this year!

  155. Astor Taylor says:

    turquoise, lime and white……we live at the beach and those colors are ‘happy!’

  156. Katie says:

    I adore World Market and anything coral! Would love a gift card to help decorate my new place I’ll be in June!

  157. Just love incorporating reclaimed objects, so looking at maroon, bright red, electric blue and yellow! I can do it!

  158. Jen says:

    My main kitchen/ dining nook colors are red and yellow. Last year I put in a little apple green- but this year I am thinking of either orange or an old fashioned aqua .

    Liking yellow gray and white for my bedroom , but find most bedding in those colors is fairly modern, and my furniture is not…..

  159. Aja says:

    Coral!! And lots of white. Great giveaway- I love World Market!

  160. Nora says:

    I use lime green and am planning on adding a bright turquoise. I love the Seasise-Colored string bulb lights…I would string up 3 of them. I can’t wait!!!

  161. Stephanie says:

    I’m wanting to accent my neutrals with some brighter pops of green and blue :)

  162. Tammy says:

    I am loving coral right now! It makes rooms so cheerful!

  163. Lindsay says:

    We just purchased a new outdoor table from world market! My favorite part? The red chevron canvas chair at one of the ends.

  164. Caroline says:

    Navy and like green inside in my kitchen area. Outside, not sure yet :)

  165. Allison says:

    I’m loving coral, too!

  166. Marsha Wilson says:

    I am loving navy right now……

  167. Ally says:

    I love World Market! I’m moving and plan to decorate the main living space in teals, oranges, and white.

  168. antiquechase says:

    Sunshine yellow… I am in the middle of spray painting my garden furniture. I would love to win to be able to pick out some fresh pillows! I adore world market!!!

  169. Jean says:

    Navy and chevron!

  170. Kim walker says:

    Love world market. Chevron pattern for sure!

  171. Carmel says:

    I love reds and blues. World Market always has such great outdoor stuff! I so wish we had one here in Lexington!

  172. Bambi Walker says:

    Loving teal, coral, and gray! Reminds me of a beach vacation…also reclaimed furniture with funky pops of color!

  173. Becca says:


  174. Jen Higgins says:

    Teal, it’s my favorite color and perfect for summer!

  175. Geovana says:

    I haven’t bought anything new for the home in a while would love something blue or green for my bedroom, it would make me want to do something about that mess!

  176. kristin says:

    Coral!! I’m adding it in all over the place!

  177. Margaret says:

    I love Ikat and am trying to bring in a subtle beachy vibe

  178. Chelsea says:

    I’m getting ready to move and am planning on using teal, blacks and grays in my bedroom; navy & light mint in the bathroom; and black and red for my living room. =)

  179. Tammy says:

    I love blue and green and plan to finish our back patio with those colors. Can’t wait for warmer weather to arrive.

  180. Shannon S. says:

    Love World Market! I’m trying to layer bold color and texture into my living room.

  181. Melissa says:

    Loving bright colors this season. Turquoise, coral, yellow!

  182. Dani says:

    I’m loving yellow and gray…but for outside, anything I can hose off is perfect!

  183. SalBug says:

    Turquoise and orange – love that combo!

  184. Jordan says:

    I love all shades of blue! Aqua, cobalt, turquoise, navy, and more.

  185. Jess says:

    I’m super into blue/gray + orange + some green this year. Love WM!

  186. Kristen says:

    Too many to choose from! But I always love blue!

  187. Christy says:

    I’ve become quite the fan of yellow this season – new yellow patterned pillows, yellow tulips, and even a large snail spray-painted yellow. Very spring-like. :)

  188. Jennifer says:

    I found some striped sunbrella pillows at Costco. Now I am trying to decide what colors to use with them.

  189. susie says:

    We plan to put in more garden and less yard, so I am on the lookout for interesting lighting and colorful plant containers. Blue, yellow, purple, green, red ~ any saturated color :)

  190. Sarah says:

    Blue and green are my go to colors for this summer. Love world market!

  191. Megan says:

    I’m really into navy and white stripes or chevron this season. Love!

  192. Leanne says:

    I am hoping to bring in more teal and coral! I hope the teal makes the coral seem more manly so my husband doesn’t accuse me

  193. Leanne says:

    Of always decorating with pink!!

  194. Cara says:

    Aqua blue and Yellow…I’m lovin chevron patterns, stripes, and Moroccan designs!

  195. Jill Smith says:


  196. Elizabeth says:

    Istanbul will be my inspiration.

  197. Katy says:

    I have been into navy blue and turquoise this season.

  198. Melissa says:

    Loving Ikat and Chevron in greens.

  199. Jamie says:

    Love teals/turquoises and yellow right now!

  200. Kim Wood says:

    Red! Always loved it, always will. Thanks for the world market drawing.

  201. Kim Kauffman says:

    I’d like to bring in some coral. Our back patio is so small and BORING right now and I’d like to spruce it up with a rug and some fun patterned pillows!

  202. Lisa says:

    Yay, I love World Market! I’m looking at a bright green (chartreuse) and blue as my decorating colors this spring.

  203. Ailie says:

    I love world market! I’m planning to get a few of these pillows for our outdoor seating area ::

  204. Lee says:

    I Love World Market!! I have been browsing their website looking at the outdoor decor! I’m currently decoring my patio in Red, Black & creme. Add another “spot” of color from World Market would be devine!

    Thanks for the opportunity to do so!


  205. Stacy M says:

    Gray, navy, and yellow! All together or separate. I’m obsessed! And the ikat pattern might be last year’s craze, but I still love it!

  206. Sandy Thomas says:

    Teal and yellow. Love it!

  207. Natalie says:

    I am so excited to decorate with bold stripes this summer. (:

  208. sokunn says:

    I am loving yellow lately!

  209. Heather m says:

    Most of my house is in neutrals with touches of navy, so when it comes to the sunroom and patio, I’m loving bright pops of coral, orange and hot pink.

  210. Meridian Mama says:

    Herringbone & paisley for patterns, tangerine & grey for colors this spring!

  211. Brea says:

    I’ve already got gold and paprika, but going to switch to teal and coral – it’s so hot right now!

  212. Karamie says:

    Damask patterns with grays, neutrals-restoration hardware-ish for my family room:) Orange in our office/room.

  213. Paula says:

    Am also a big fan of World Market

  214. Sarah says:

    Deep turquoise & mustard yellow!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  215. Allison says:

    I am always drawn to turquoise and yellows as the weather gets nicer. Would love to have a shopping spree at World Market!

  216. Jennifer P. says:

    I’m loving gray and yellow. Or gray and coral. I like classic, timeless patterns or just plain

  217. Merri Jo says:

    I’m using aqua, chartreuse, and natural linen. I haven solid pieces, and I’m on the hunt for prints that combine all three.

  218. Jessica Dvorscak says:

    My husband just built a deck in our backyard, and I’m using tomato red, teal and green for the outdoor decor. World Market has such a cute collection this year!

  219. April was in CT now CA says:

    Turquoise and orange on the patio!

  220. Stephanie says:

    I am really liking orange this spring. I am thinking of adding some orange into my turquoise master bedroom.

  221. Michelle says:

    I am loving turquoise & yellow for spring/summer.

  222. Laurie says:

    Rich Blues! Deep royal, navy, peacock, teal.

  223. Sara says:

    Purple and yellow flowers

  224. Whitney M says:

    I am currently loving yellow and white with a lot of geometric patterns.

  225. Hilary says:

    We just built a new house and have decorated it in all grays and whites. I hope to incorporate some steel blue. As for patterns i don’t know yet! But am loving polka dots and florals!

  226. Sara says:

    I love all of the earthy tones at World Market, with pops of aqua & purple. I like patterns that can stand the test of time.

  227. Rhonda says:

    Our patio needs a makeover this summer. I’m going with greens in whatever pattern catches my eye when I finally go shopping.

  228. Teresa C says:

    reds on the outside, blues and greens on the inside

  229. Karen says:

    i definitely want to incorporate green and floral prints. most of my stuff is neutral with simple stripes or spots

  230. tiffany says:

    I want to start decorating with more yellow!

  231. Marie says:

    I’m decorating in reds, blues, greens, and yellows…with some pops of black and white scattered about. It’s a bright, happy place around here!

  232. Kerstin says:

    Still love yellow and white.

  233. Angela says:

    I did our bedroom in a masculine blend with charcoal, gray, and white neutrals and walnut wood tones. I’m now bringing in my feminine pieces with some patterned accessories, gold accents, and of course spring flowers. I love this season!

  234. Karen U says:

    I do love that blue/coral (teal/orange) combination!
    So peppy!


  235. Joseph says:

    I’m trying to bring in some green. I stick with minimalist pieces/decorating so I just spread out some big clear vases and greenery, branches, leaves, etc. I changed my darker, thicker curtains for white ones also.

  236. Cami says:

    I’m decorating with blues and greens outdoors. I love the neutrality and calmness those colors evoke

  237. Jovi says:

    This spring/summer I’m decorating with sunny yellow thrown in with some girly pink and maybe a bit of my favorite color, navy blue.

  238. Emily K. says:

    Lately I’ve been sprucing up my bedroom in whites and greys with touches of pink. I’ve also been adding TONS of plants around my house! It definitely spruces things up and brings Spring in :)

  239. Erin Macdonald says:

    Yellow and ikat!

  240. hatrick316 says:

    My house’s previous owner painted an accent wall burnt orange. I hated it at first, but now it’s really growing on me. I’m trying to find ways to incorporate it throughout the house.

  241. World Market is one of my favorite stores! Right now I’m working on our home office, which has a neutral backdrop of gray and white, with pops of turquoise.

  242. annelies says:

    Navy and white stripes…..just screams SUMMER for me.

  243. Dara says:

    Orange and blue for the outside patio!

  244. Heidi says:

    I was just there today looking at all the patterns! I’m doing black and white cabana stripes on the patio..classic with some color accessories!

  245. beverly says:

    I love the colors of the ocean… blues/greens…. maybe aqua…. cool and refreshing.

  246. Adrienne says:

    I love cost plus! Love the turquoise and gold light fixture the have.

  247. Carolyn says:

    Blue, white, and pink!

  248. Rachel says:

    I really really love World Market! I have fond memories of getting lost in the exotic food sections as a little kid.

    I love the marrakesh patterns – the quatrefoil especially! They are terrific in bright colors!

  249. Terri says:

    I’m obsessed with red and turquoise lately. This is life changing for me, I used to be a neutrals girl. I don’t know what’s come over me! I know, I know, I’m living on the edge.

  250. April D. says:

    Lots of orange!

  251. Tammy says:

    Wow, what a generous giveaway. I’m going with a somewhat Moraccan theme. I’ve ordered some beautiful Malta and Darien lanterns from Pottery Barn. I can’t wait for some warm nights, sitting on the deck with the glow of the candles from the lanterns.

  252. Jessica says:

    We are currently painting my daughters bedroom a soft lilac, and I love it! It’s a breath of fresh air from all of the pink (her former favorite color now replaced by purple) she has loved for so long!

  253. Elizabeth says:

    I always used to do my outdoor decorating with brights: bold yellow, pink, blue, aqua, herby green.

    But my husband really prefers simple, rustic styles and when we moved to a new home last summer, I promised him that I’d keep the treehouse-ish feeling of our (very high) deck. I sold all our old outdoor furnishings when we moved, and this summer I’m going to try to replace them with wood and white: mostly wood furniture, with some white chairs or occasional tables. White textiles for outdoors don’t sound terribly practical though. I’m not sure what I’ll do there.

  254. Andrea says:

    I LOVE World Market! I am overhauling a lot of my outdoor space this spring. I want to purchase or make a swing for the front porch and all of our IKEA outdoor furniture has seen better days so I would love this g.c. to even add some lovely new pillows or art!

  255. Kat says:

    I love damask and gold accents, so I’d love to find some outdoor decor that could fit the bill.

  256. Hayley says:

    I’ve admired world market for a long time but never actually bought anything there! I like your “frame it” idea. I’ve been trying to add more green to my house, but really, the more colorful the better in some things!

  257. Amy says:

    What a nice giveaway! My goal is to get some furniture for our patio this summer with cushions in lime greens and yellows.

  258. Miranda says:

    I’m adding in a bit of deep tones yellow throughout my living room. I’m feeling a need for color this summer! I sure wish we had World Market in Alaska. I’m currently thinking of biting the bullet and shipping a piece of furniture up here from WM.

  259. Adria says:

    Love World Market! I’ve been decorating with lots of yellow lately.

  260. Carlie Dallon says:

    We recently painted our kitchen turquoise and for spring I have brought in coral and beige

  261. Susan says:

    Cerulean Blue….I’m in love.

  262. Debra Lee says:

    I’m in the process of dong my bedroom in grey and avocado green.

  263. Debra Lee says:

    That would be doing not dong!

  264. Nicole says:

    I would buy some new throw pillows.

  265. MelodyJ says:

    Pastel colors.

  266. Tamie says:

    I found a lime green outdoor pillow on clearance last year and then some lime green and bright blue lanterns a few months later and it kicked off this color palette for our back porch that I am very excited about! Need a rug and some more pillows…maybe a planter or two in the same color scheme to tie it all in!

  267. Heidi says:

    We just painted our living room and dining room a neutral color that is close to your entry color (Wheeling Neutral by BM). We are trying to go more neutral on our first floor so that everything has a better flow.

  268. Kristen says:

    I’ve been stuck in the earthy brown and green colors in our living areas. I’m trying to incorporate fresher brighter colors because I’m a little bored

  269. Glenda says:

    Hi Kate, I am painting my back porch ceiling blue this summer and plan to use blue and green pillows on the swing and other furniture. I am also on the lookout for an outdoor rug that makes my heart sing!

  270. Ali says:

    I’ve been on the yellow-train for a while, and I can’t stop, so more yellow!

  271. Deborah says:

    Poppy orange and sunshine yellow – love how happy it makes a room feel!

  272. Erin Buchanan says:

    I’m loving beachy accents. And maybe a little ikat doesn’t hurt. Also, wanting to mix in more blues.

  273. risia says:

    That exactly what we are working on this spring, our patio/backyard. Thinking of teals, whites, and maybe yellows on the furniture.

  274. Kay says:

    I’m decorating with nice golden yellow and blues.

  275. Carol S. says:

    Currently using teal and lime green. It is such a fresh color!

  276. what colors or patterns are you decorating with this spring and summer in or outside of your home?
    I live in a condo and the balconies are almost an orange color- so want to add yellow, and other citrus hues,

  277. Tori says:

    I love washed-out, watery blues and greens against a neutral backdrop…colors of sea, sky, sand. I also love geometric pattern.

  278. Francy says:

    I think I am going to head to World Market this weekend and grab those Chevron yellow placemats to make pillows for outside! I am trying to go with red with punches of yellow and aqua for my outdoor decor this year.

  279. Jessica Toloczko says:

    I have a large front porch. My house is a light tan with an aqua door I have whiite vintage furniture so I like to accent with aqua, cobalt and a touch of lavender.

  280. Miranda Matheson says:

    My spring colors this year are teal, yellow and some hot pink (sorry hubby!). I have never experimented with spring colors before, but have been inspired by the many posts I’m keeping up with. I have to say, my house feels new with every season I’ve experimented with so far….I love it!

  281. Kari says:

    We just moved and now have a really great patio/outdoor area and I am so confused on what I should do with it. I really like turquoise, but am afraid it will have had it’s day soon. What do you think about it?

  282. Nicole says:

    I’m loving emerald this year so I’m trying to incorporate more of that into my decor. I also love the super graphic prints.

  283. Nicole says:

    I’m loving emerald and the graphic prints and hope to add that to my decor!

  284. Charlotte says:

    I really like the freshness of the coral accessories I have spied in stores lately.

  285. Lisa Cooper says:

    Aqua, coral and yellow are calling my name!

  286. I’m not quite sure yet on color (which is why our house is void of it except my craft room and pantry), but I’m so digging geometric patterns and graphic patterns, like the woven bowls in your picture. Love! I love World Market as well and can always find something to come home with. :)

  287. Emily says:

    I love gray with pops of color in paintings and accessories.

  288. Anne Marie says:

    At present, I am loving gray and yellow together. Would love to win this shopping spree.

  289. Linda says:

    We just painted our front door a citron/chartreuse color. There are pops of the color all the way out to the back deck, where it is met with teal and a bunch of other companion colors. World Market’s outdoor mosaic rug – which is GREAT, by the way – anchors the outdoor seating area.

  290. sarah may says:

    Inside I have a large variety of blues greens and Browns…turquoise teal icy blue robins egg navy etc can be found in every room with a lot of white mixed in for lightness and continuity. Red is one of my husband and oldest sons favorite colors so our front porch back patio and flowers always have plenty of red to make them happy.

  291. Carly says:

    Blues! Blue greens.maybe a pop of yellow. :)

  292. Claire rose says:

    Shades of aqua will be my summer outside color in my gardens!

  293. Linda Southworth says:

    Vibrant blues and soft yellows are my porch colors this year.

  294. jenny says:

    I could pretty much decorate with ANYTHING from World market, right now I’m on a quest for chevron :)

  295. Bethany says:

    oh I would love to win this! I just found some outdoor cushions at World market that I fell in love with. I’m thinking of going with coral, poppy, and turquoise for my outdoor patio!

  296. Malikah says:

    Luv luv luv World Market. Going to try and do grey with bright green pops of color.

  297. carol jane says:

    I am loving coastal colors for summer, with a splash of pink and coral. I need to bring some life into these boring rooms of mine.

  298. Kate Curren says:

    I’ve been looking for a colorful side table for my deck, one that is of a light/medium blue to match my dark, medium & light blue colors. World Market has some great affordable options.

  299. Patty says:

    Love World Market, so I would love to win. Might go with coral and blue for the summer !!

  300. Gail says:

    I’m so in love with turquoise and yellow. That pillow from World Market would fit the bill so well to go with our neutral patio furniture.

  301. Françoise Lecours says:

    All shades of green , yellow and bleu for my pergola , this would be a great start !

  302. Jane says:

    We love teal & yellow, and a little bit of pink to make my daughter happy. Thanks!

  303. Pam Eilts says:

    Attempting to move away from the Red, Whote and Blue and into Turquoise. Maybe a touch of orange.

  304. Cynthia says:

    I’m really loving aqua/turquoise right now!

  305. Dova Weinberger says:

    We are moving this week, backyard is a blank canvas. All we are bringing from our old house are some white benches ehich need some paint. I always need purple around me in some way, not the most Spring like color, but it makes me happy!

  306. Andrea m says:

    Just bought a new

  307. Andrea m says:

    Just bought a new house and am holding back from painting everything aqua

  308. Cathy says:

    Indigo blue and white, thanks for the contest!

  309. Claire H. says:

    I’m adding lots of florals which is out of character for me, must be the nice spring weather we’re having!

  310. Anne McManus says:

    I’m LOVING pops of Coral and/or Orange indoors AND out! My living room is Benjamin Moore’s Prescott Green- so calm and grounding, and accents in orange hues make the room vibrant and happy! I’m carrying the color outdoors onto my recycled brick (thanks, Dad) patio! Also, I plan to put a dining table (weatherproof, of course) smack dab in the middle of my potager, so I envision graphics mixed with botanicals. HOWEVER- I’m loving the “BUG pillows”, AND the paisley with the grey background… that lively pattern and the delicious colors would look great with the grey raised beds and grey pea gravel paths!

  311. Sharon says:

    Adding fresh floral colors inside to welcome the hope of spring. Modern floral prints and stripes to refresh the interior of our home as we waiting for the trees and flowers to bloom outside.

  312. Tricia says:

    Coral, coral, coral!

  313. Lynn says:

    Blue, yellow and green florals.

  314. DJINFL says:

    cobalt blue and lime green for the back porch – a happy combination!

  315. Jen says:

    I have been adding orange/corals…i have never used this color too much but I am loving it!!

  316. Gabrielle says:

    Love the global inspired collection. I think it would add such a fun vibe to a neutral area that could use some spice!

  317. Lynn says:

    I’m adding a touch of turquoise here and there inside and out.

  318. DeboraLynn says:

    I am also loving the corals this year.

  319. Stephanie says:

    I love aqua and coral!

  320. Emily says:

    I am really loving blues lately especially when the summer can be so hot, it can be such a refreshing color.

  321. Amy says:

    I keep my large pieces neutral, but I’m adding pops of color with turquoise and yellow!

  322. Jane says:

    All of the colors are so rich and beautiful this year, but I am leaning toward blues, yellows, and greens. Thanks for the giveaway!

  323. Laura says:

    Bright blues and yellows!

  324. Rebecca says:

    This is great! I’m decorating with punchy coral and I always love turquoise and aqua!

  325. Steph says:

    Stripes! Not original, but I love them.

  326. Kate Pitre says:

    I love turquoise and grey. Can’t wait to start decorating my porch.

  327. Sherry says:

    I just moved recently and don’t have anything outdoors yet but love blues and greens. Thanks for the giveaway!

  328. Linda says:

    I don’t know if this makes any sense to you, but I am choosing “bright pastels” for this year’s decorating color scheme.

  329. Lindsey says:

    I am loving aqua, neutrals, gold, coral and yellow. Thanks!!

  330. Mindy says:

    I am crushing on coral!

  331. heidi says:

    busy with my own home and painting plant stands and little boxes for a local studio…mustard yellow and pops of deep slate turquoise…beautiful combination~

  332. Amber says:

    I’m doing a guest room in a Moroccan flavor so the bright exotics are igniting lots of color scheme ideas! I’m leaning toward coral, turquoise, purple, red and teal green. The walls are taupe so anything goes as an accent. The more fun the better.

  333. unmitigated me says:

    I have been working on a conversion of styles, from traditional to mid century mod, and aqua and white accents with natural wood seems to be calling to me!

  334. Karen Ryan says:

    Spring always means yellows, blues, and greens with pops of pink.

  335. Angeline says:

    We have some metal furniture that needs painting – I think I am going with white (again!) and we’ll add some cushions w/ lots of green – Also grass seed, we need lots of that this year! :)

  336. Susan says:

    I would say red, with pops of yellow and orange. Now if only spring would appear! Not fun waking up to snow again. Gotta love Minnesota!

  337. Christina Brunk says:

    I just love aqua and pea green together…modern and fresh!

  338. Lori H says:

    I love World Market! For summer, I am incorporating some aqua and yellow into my sunroom which is mainly cream and Granny Smith apple green :)

  339. Jessi Biagi says:

    I actually went crazy at World Market – it all started with my obsession with their ‘Warm Venice Paisley’ cushions and went from there. I love the bright colors and beautiful design. I threw in several of their richly colored hanging candle holders in different sizes to complete the look. Love it!

  340. Amber says:

    Im doing my back patio in reds! Looking for a new converstation set with red cushions to really make the space cozy!

  341. April Hoff says:

    I’m using florals and stripes!

  342. Laura Webb says:

    I’m obsessed with mint this year! my house is turning into a mix of soft greens blues and creams but i need to punch it up with a couple bold colors!

  343. Sandy N says:

    We just painted our dining room “Tropical Nut” which is kind of a burnt sienna color. Now, I need accessories! Thanks for the opportunity to win. =)

  344. Judy says:

    I love turquoise and yellow for summer. Thanks for the chance.

  345. I absolutely LOVE World Market- a lot of my home is decorated with it. My favorite outdoor item from World Market I snagged so far this year was one of the large plastic outdoor rugs with a demask like print on it. We will be doing Demask and Coral shapes I believe. Enjoy your World Marketing!

  346. Tomi Blevins says:

    I’m right on trend with turquoise and an orangey red!!!! I love color! That garden stool is gorgeous.

  347. nancy says:

    I have a new condo and they are still building on the landscaping so I’m limited to the deck and front porch. I’m partial to making a bright scenrio adding some turquoise this year.

  348. RD Shugart says:

    I love World Market! I was there over the weekend – didn’t buy anything yet – but we’re revamping some outdoor spaces with lots of color! Green, peacock blue, yellow, orange, red and neutral furniture.

  349. Jessica says:

    I’m really into blue and red right now!

  350. Jenna says:

    I’m digging the blues and yellows this spring.

  351. Lisa says:

    lime green and blues

  352. Nicole Shah says:

    I’m injecting yellow and sapphire blue in family room and kitchen. I’m attempting to refinish my kitchen cabinets…..uppers will be in white and bottoms will be in a charcoal gray. Thank you for giving away such a generous gift!

  353. I love all the bright colors this year, coral and blue is my favorite.

  354. TM90 says:

    I’m into coral!

  355. Glenda Wagner says:

    Hi gloss black and lime green!

  356. Kara says:

    I an really loving coral and green. I will always love Polk a dots too.

  357. Shannon says:

    I’m a world market fan too. For our outdoor areas, I’m going with Aqua, dark blue and cream with pops of yellow!

  358. Elizabeth says:

    Yellow, and love honeycomb patterns.

  359. Marnita Parry says:

    Anything bright and colorful! I tend to lean towards blues and greens in the summer months though.

  360. Renae k says:

    Any shade of turquoise and some yellow or orange for an accent color. I love these colors!

  361. Aimee Avella says:

    Turquoise and mint

  362. chelsea says:

    I am loving aztec this season! Not a lot but little pops here and there.

  363. Evonne says:

    I love teal,coral and white right now. Happy fun colors!

  364. annie says:

    We seem to be on a blue kick in our new house. WE are planning on painting the front door BRIGHT blue with light aqua door mat and planters and our bedroom will be painted Navy.

  365. Melanie says:

    Great timing! I’m going global in saturated teals, berries, etc. I always forget about WM because its a 40 min drive…but You reminded me to shop the website today!

  366. Ann says:

    I love almost all shades of green so I try to pull in different complimentary hues and then add splashes of color – purple, yellow – whatever I find that will pull it all together.

  367. Lindsey H. says:

    I’ve been using blues and greens to decorate. We moved into our home about 6 months ago, and it still has a long way to go! Love World Market!!!

  368. Courtney says:

    Sounds like an odd combo but when we built our screen porch last year I bout furniture with aqua seat covers and soon decided to add in some olive green and coral for more color. I really like these colors together and keep looking for accessories to add in some more pops of color. THANKS!

  369. Annie says:

    Vivid turquoise and bright orange.

  370. Laura D. says:

    I’ve been loving coral, navy, and lime green this year!

  371. Stacey says:

    Loving blues, greens and florals!

  372. Martha says:

    loving bold blues this year!

  373. Christine says:

    I’m loving lime green and navy.

  374. melinda says:

    I’m using brown/cream giraffe print cushions & aqua umbrellas around my pool! Love the combo.

  375. Christine says:

    I’m using pops of yellow inside for spring and summer and I’m using bright apple green on my front porch and screened in porch!

  376. Keesha says:

    We are starting our great room remodel this month. We’ll be decorating with blues, greys, and pops of pink!

  377. maureen says:

    We just got a house by the water…right now I am loving accents in blue/green.

  378. Lisa says:

    Hi Kate,
    I’m using gray, yellows and just a touch of the newly-popular turquoise. Pretty!

  379. Carly says:

    I just set up our deck with mostly greens and blues. I really want one of those garden stools!

  380. U Zach says:

    I’m using the acid-y green that’s popular right now and purple for outside. Inside we’re changing (slowly but surely) to a cottage look in blues, greens and sand colors. Your site constantly inspires me to do more! I can’t tell you how many pieces of furniture I’ve painted lately based on your inspiration. I’ve even got my 9 year old daughter hooked. She painted a bookcase last weekend by herself using your methods, and it turned out great! Thanks so much!!

  381. Julie S. says:

    Blues and Greens!

  382. Liz G. says:

    We moved into a new place recently, and have a beautiful deck to enjoy for the first time ever. I scored some second hand chairs in great condition and am planning on getting some bright accent pieces to pair with them. I haven’t quite decided on the color scheme yet! Turquoise or yellow are always good, also debating red…

  383. Nicole P says:

    I’m loving a bold chevron stripe in navy and white for my outdoor decor this Spring! Thanks for hosting this great World Market gift card giveaway!

  384. KimK says:

    I’m decorating my porches with blues, greens, and yellows.

  385. bethany says:

    i love bright colors like yellow, turquoise, coral, or green, etc. paired with navy! we moved into our first home last spring and still have a ways to go decorating it and updating it to make it our home :)

  386. Minniette says:

    I’m really loving the aqua, just made myself a sewing room (after oldest moved out), in aqua and white! Thanks for the giveaway!

  387. elisa says:

    I’m decorating my dining room with cool blues and greens!

  388. Lisa says:

    My home is primarily decorated in shades of blue and gray and I’d like to add some pops of emerald or coral for accents.

  389. Amy Wolff says:

    I am a big fan of yellow, green, and blue for our enclosed patio.
    That Peacock towel framed in a white Ikea frame would make the room complete!

  390. Jennifer M says:

    I just purchased a silvery blue umbrella for the patio, so that is setting the tone for the rest of any decor I get.

  391. Jennifer says:

    Cobalt blue, turquoise and lime green. Monochromatic back porch!
    New pillows would really pop!

  392. Sara says:

    Love love love World Market!! I’m decorating my outside this year with black and white stripes, black umbrellas and red geraniums. I love the combo.

  393. Melinda says:

    I don’t know that it has to do with patterns, but I’ve been eyeing a potter’s bench from World Market! :)

  394. Jen K says:

    I’m loving white and gold! Going crazy with gold spray paint is a real diversion from my silver loving self!

  395. Liz says:

    I am decorating my patio with shades of yellow, turquoise, hot pink ,and just a hint of orange! Love world market!

  396. Allison says:

    I’m loving navy and light green right now. Yay!

  397. Amy Wilch says:

    My husband recently doubled the size of our deck out back and I am so excited to have a living room out there! We are going with red, lime green and blue. It is a fun combination and I love those colors together…they are happy!

    Amy from Colorado

  398. Brenda says:

    I’m using lime green and turquoise on the porch and patio — it looks fresh and ‘hot’ — I actually found a rug with both colors to pull it all together..

  399. We are decorating nautical style this year! Using stripes and solids in navy, red, and white with a pop of chevron thrown in! :)

  400. Kelly D says:

    I have been loving bold jewel tones lately! Lots of color!

  401. Brightening our great room with pops of fresh sherbet – raspberry, orange and lime. Much less fattening than loading the freezer with ice cream; and almost as satisfying. Just different senses.

    The screened porch is getting a makeover with the colors of sea glass.


  403. Kyleigh says:

    I am redoing my master bedroom in shades of teal, green, yellow, white, and gray! My hubby and I are making our pool deck perfect for summer and I’m thinking some fun patterned outdoor cushions in teal or red will be perfect.

  404. Dotti O says:

    I am working with blues, whites and a dash of lime green on my patio. Love your blog and this giveaway!

  405. Kristin says:

    I’m trying to find somewhere to slip in some peacock blue accents. I adore peacocks!

  406. April says:

    Peacock blues and greens mixed with lots of neutrals and natural elements (wood, metal, stone, etc)

  407. Angela N says:

    I am using turquoise and lots of blues. I recently scored a fantastic cobalt Ralph Lauren Home lamp at the thrift store for $5!!

  408. Melissa says:

    I LOVE all the textures and bright exotic patterns at World Market. That medallion plate is gorg! My color choice is always aqua, aqua, aqua and I’m loving a little coral thrown in lately.

  409. Taryn says:

    I am loving minty blues & greens :) Love World Market too!

  410. Bibiana says:

    Coral is THE color for me this year! :-)

  411. bree says:

    I’ve been doing lots of navy blue, turquoise, and white. It’s very preppy meets coastal. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  412. Heather says:

    Blues and grays seem to be the color combinations I always gravitate back to.

  413. jamie says:

    We just bought our first home and I’m loving turquoise and gray! I’d love a chance to get some decor outside!

  414. Ashley says:

    I have fallen so in love with turquoise and bright yellow!! I found a fun rug at Target and a ceramic lamp base at a yard sale now everything in my living room is changing to turquoise or yellow :-)

  415. Jamie says:

    We are redoing our whole downstairs so I get to start over with my colors! I am thinking rust for a main color??

  416. jenny says:

    I love the bright turquoise blue and coral colors together!!

  417. Diane Allen Parks says:

    I’m still lovin’ chevron stripes! …. and anything in grey and yellow!

  418. Karen says:

    I just picked out a new gray sofa yesterday, so I’m doing my living room in gray and navy with accents of apple green and bright yellow.

  419. Melissa M. says:

    I’m thinking I need to add some yellow or orange around the house to brighten things up a bit.

  420. Marilyn says:

    I’m adding coral and aqua to my white and cream and wood neutrals. Loving this coastal feel and look. Thanks for your inspiration!

  421. Hanna says:

    Yellow and blue

  422. Debbie w says:

    Love a punch of red….probably not on the cutting edge….but it brightens my patio and makes me smile! Thanks for the give away!

  423. Kathy Groah says:

    Taking my interior colors of turquoise, grape, and chartreuse outside to the deck. Think crowded Turkish flea market vibrancy!

  424. Colleen says:

    I painted our Adirondack chairs red last summer, and found navy & white striped pillows this spring, so I’m going with classic colors this year. LOVE World Market!

  425. Katrina says:

    I am going orange, turquoise, and purple this year for my outside spaces. I painted my huge picnic tables and benches bright turquoise and added soft orange cushions. I have a bunch of Moroccan lamps in various shades of blacks, whites, and turquoises that act as accents. I have been planting purple, orange, and white flowers in the front yard as well as in pots on top of and around the tables. I am loving the look, it goes perfectly with my light brick house.

  426. Lynne says:

    I am loving red. Chaise cushions with a bold red and white flower pattern. Red geraniums in white pots.

  427. Kelly says:

    Turquoise for sure!

  428. Martha says:

    I finally have enough green plants in my backyard that it is starting to look lush! Now that I have something nice to look at back there I have been decorating with bright colors. Nothing like a hot pink adirondack chair to make your morning coffee so much better!

  429. Lucia says:

    Shades of blue and maybe a hint of red!

  430. martine walker says:

    i really love the morroccan and bali influenced stuff. i want to decorate with greens, blues and a pop of red.

  431. Krista says:

    Bold blues and botanical prints!

  432. martine walker says:

    greens, blues and a bit of red.

  433. Kirby says:

    I’m remaking my room, white, gray and …..I haven’t decided on a color, I’m thinking yellow but I really like blues and then again coral would be fabulous. Thank goodness I have time!

  434. Aly says:

    This year I want my outside to be all about blues and greens. I wanna step back from bolder geometric prints like chevron- and have something more relaxing and comfortable.

  435. Blue and green of any type!

  436. Heidi says:

    I’ve been decorating with coral/red, turquoise/aqua, and bright blue – funny to see that in all the Pier 1 things! Thanks for the chance to (possibly) add to that!

  437. Jenna says:

    Navy and other blues!

  438. Kelsie W says:

    I’m moving into a new apartment and most excited about decorating the balcony in tribal patterns with lots of rich color! World Market definitely fits the theme…

  439. April says:

    Turquoise, lime green and bright purples seem to be my go to colors lately. I am loving the nautical stripes I’m seeing everywhere this year though too.

  440. Charity Grubbs says:

    Paisley – outside

  441. Robyn says:

    I’m working on my basement and girl’s room right now. My girls’ room looks a lot like yours’! It has a pale gray base wall color, with teal, pink, purple, and yellow accents. My basement has a neutral background, and I’m trying to bring in more vibrant, modern accents than I usually use…perfect for World Market! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  442. Katharine says:

    We’re currently updating our bedroom with light purple and coral.

  443. Danielle D says:

    Corals, orange and aqua outside!

  444. CC says:

    No pattern yet, but using blue and lime/avocado green. Hope to win to try new stuff!!

  445. Patty says:

    We just bought a new patio set with bright green cushions. I want to add a pop of orange, red.

  446. Rhea says:

    Redoing my toddler’s room to gray with pops of pink, yellow, and orange to liven it up!

  447. katie says:

    I am looking for some teal or turquise cushions for our patio…we are planning to build an outdoor couch this spring!

  448. Susan says:

    I am decorating now using paint chips as my pallette. I have colors from Lowe’s: Beach(deep sandy color) Barnwood (sort of a cross of caramel and honey) Linen (speaks for itself) Sea grass (a pale green) Crystal Blue (a great blue gray sort of turquoise) and clotheline fresh ( very pale blue gray). I love the combo its very serene but it’s not boring. Thanks!

  449. Malisa says:

    We have a gender neutral nursery to decorate this spring/summer so I’m hoping to use splashes of color here and there against the neutral walls and carpet. I’m loving navy, coral, teal and yellow!

  450. Alison says:

    I am loving blues and pinks- more specifically teal and coral!!!

  451. Julia C. says:

    Red and yellow! I love those two colors playing off of each other…they are the colors of summer sunshine and my new outdoor lanai!

  452. Nancy says:

    Looking for furniture for our front porch with some bright colors to match our red-brick house.

  453. heather f says:

    I’m painting one of the walls in my family room a rich eggplant. i have a big hand made rug I want to display on that wall and i’m hoping this will make it “pop”

  454. Debra Schramm says:

    Coral and Orange!

  455. Tracy says:

    I have made new pillow covers for my couch in a rust and cream chevron print. I’m sure I could find some accent pieces at World Market. Thanks.

  456. Lisa says:

    I’m obsessed with coral and pale turquoise (think sea glass). Infact I’m getting a pedicure this morning with my go to summer polish color: conga line coral. I even decorate myself in this color!

  457. Ann says:

    I love the blue and coral. Thanks for the give-away.

  458. Amy in PA says:

    Colors for this year’s flower beds are: red, yellow, purple & white!!

  459. Jane says:

    Sage green and cream

  460. Amanda s says:

    Deep rich yellow and pink!:)

  461. Sandra says:

    I like navy and lime green with yellow. Our porch furniture is from World Market and I love it!

  462. Lindsay says:

    I’m currently redecorating my living room with sage green, mustard yellow and light blue- I love World Market!!

  463. Jennifer York says:

    I’m looking for cool colors with geometric prints or ikat design for accents around the house and outside.

  464. Emily says:

    combining classic florals with trendy trellis!

  465. Janine says:

    I love WM! I am from Germany and also used to live in Turkey for a few years and I always find great goodies that remind me of home and my favorite homes-away-from-home! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  466. Kate Craig says:

    We just moved into a new house and I’ve found myself doing mostly blues. Which is maybe boring, but hopefully classic?

  467. Linda says:

    I love World Market. My colors outside are yellow, red and blue – primary colors which makes for a colorful outdoor retreat! Thanks for the giveaway.

  468. Ginna says:

    Yellows, blues and coral. :)

  469. marley m says:

    Love World Market! Eye candy all around! Love too many things to post one! :)

  470. Nance Meeker says:

    Global/boho has danced me away! I’m using gypsy wiles to bring it to my softer palette of aqua, coral, creamy gold and rose. You and World Market are playing my song!

  471. Martha says:

    Turquoise seems to be my color inside and out

  472. Jennifer says:

    I am a huge fan of shades of green and blue!

  473. Julie says:

    I am doing yellow, coral and white flowers this year.

  474. Tiffany Hendrickson says:

    I am loving the quatrefoil pattern…would love to decorate with this pattern this summer!

  475. Monika says:

    Green is my outside color (unsuprisingly).

  476. Tina says:

    I am painting my front door orange!

  477. Jana J says:

    I’m loving muted blue colors right now!

  478. Loving anything teal and yellow right now. So much fun.

    What a great giveaway!

  479. Rebecca Musser says:

    I love to walk around World Market. We’re in a new place this spring and I’m planning turquoise and red.

  480. Maryellen says:

    Turquoise and orange with black painted furniture on my porch.

  481. Bertie DeWane says:

    We’re going to repaint the outside of our house and I’m using turquoise on the shutters and front door!

  482. Martha says:

    I love red and purple flowerbeds!!

  483. Cathie says:

    Last Year…black and red… this year turquoise and white…

  484. MelanieL says:

    Blues! All hues, love them all the time actually:) I can say I’ve never been to World Market but I need to go, so much pretty!

  485. sarahannerw says:

    I LOVE World Market! We are still trying to set a color scheme for our outdoor spaces. I just can’t seem to pick one – I love them all!

  486. Kate B says:

    We’re currently renovating our master bedroom and have chosen a warm gray for the walls with bold pops of color throughout the room.

  487. Allison says:

    We’re sticking with bright green, but with yellow and purple flowers this year.

  488. Sydney says:

    I’m loving mint and coral with golf accents for spring!

  489. Deb Wostmann says:

    I am adding in a lime green to my outdoor decor along with white, blue/purple, and chartreuse flowers in my planters and window boxes. Love World Market – so reasonable and stylish.

  490. Jaye says:

    I am totally into Blue and White porcelin and patterns. I just bought an 8 serving set of Blue Willow plates.

  491. Chris Baker Cox says:

    I love natural colors…browns, tans, greens, with a pop of color.

  492. Linda Stegall says:

    Thinking pink and white for this year’s flower beds.

  493. Joel Goddard says:

    White with Turquoise accents and pops of Orange.

  494. Sara says:

    I’m loving herringbone! And blue.

  495. Lisa says:

    I still can’t get enough of different shades of turquoise, turquoise & more turquoise, with a little bit of sunshine yellow thrown in :)

  496. parisusan says:

    I have always been a fan of blue. I will use pale blues and neutrals outside and in!

  497. Lots of light and airy blues, soft golds and ivories!

  498. Christie says:

    I am loving gold and soft blues this spring.

  499. Heather Soukal says:

    Orange is my new go to color! I would also add some navy and white!

  500. Lauren McF says:

    Our outdoor patio will be a blossom of colors — watermelon, birds egg blue, grassy green. All refreshing and soothing. Thanks for the trip to World Market!

  501. Janet says:

    World Market has some amazing colors for the outdoor patio. We are definitely ready for some color; reds and oranges.

  502. Kim Siegers says:

    I walk in the morning and this spring while walking on garbage day I snagged a piece of granite ( had to get the pick up and the husband to lift it) I’m thinking about making it into an outdoor table. It can withstand the elements and clean easy.

  503. Cheryl R says:

    I love brights and am replacing the cushions on the porch with a pattern that has lots of red in it.

  504. Lisa says:

    yay! thanks for the chance. I love yellows – not too golden, not too bright. :-) Sounds perfectly springy don’t you think?

  505. Dawn says:

    This year I’m feeling coral!! Can’t wait to add to the backyard

  506. Eri says:

    I am so excited about spring! Am changing out my reds and dark greens to soft light greens, grays and even amethyst. Bringing spring in my house:)

  507. ErinY says:

    I use lots of blues and chartreuse with red-orange accents. And geometric/mediterranean patterns are my favorite!

  508. Melissa says:

    I’ll be using a lot of creams, grays, and blues in our new house (moving in 10 days!) I have a ton of blue ikat fabric that will go in the living room. Getting excited!

  509. Jessica says:

    I am in love with all things bright, so yellow and shades of aqua! I also love severl patterns, I love all the chevron stripes and I really love all the Ikat patterns, it reminds me of all the beauty in Thialand and european country’s. I also love the morrocan feel….that pattern can be used in so many different ways! I love coral’s as well.

  510. Amy says:

    Orange!!! World Market have some beautiful oversized pillows in a soft velvety fabric

  511. Cate Z says:

    Pinks in flowers outside, and trying hard to find some navy accents inside!

  512. Rosanne says:

    Blues and greens… for now. I just painted a dresser I keep outside Turquoise. I actually have the outdoor sectional from World Market and change out the throw pillows several times thoughout the year. I make easy enevelope covers….so in a few months I’ll add some red white and blue, fall I do oranges, winter reds & bright greens (I am lucky enough to live in a place that we can use our outside patio year round) It’s really fun and a cheap way to change things up. I like to mix up the patterns, pretty much anything except solids!

  513. Becca says:

    I’m loving coral, bright green, and navy this year!

  514. Megan says:

    I’ve never been much of a turquoise fan but I seem to be gravitating to it lately for outdoor elements.

  515. Becca says:

    For our backyard patio area, we’re going with blues and greens this summer. World Market is one of my favorite go-to places!

  516. ilona says:

    Turquoise and cobalt outside. I have World Market’s Parrot Ornithology curtain in my kitchen and am using it for color inspirations inside. Thanks for great giveaway!

  517. Pat says:

    Turquoise,pink and lots of terra cotta pots filled with pink,lime, and purple flowers. I also gt some turquoise cracked glass solar lights that are beautiful during the date but at night change colors (which I don’ care for)

  518. Rosanna says:

    I’m actually in the process of updating our back lanai right now! Our furniture is dark brown wicker with beige cushions. I’m updating the look with some tranquil blues and pale greens. I found some great pillows at Marshalls with a a blue & beige ikat to mix with the striped ones I already had. I also purchased a couple of new plant containers to mix with ones I had sitting lonely in the garage. The doors going out to the lanai are flanked by brown and white coral print curtains I had made for our wedding, so I also plan to put a coral print rug under the furniture to tie the indoors to the out. Can’t wait for it all to come together!

  519. Emillie says:

    I am loving bright greens and yellows outside this summer!

  520. Janna says:

    Accessories are turquoise and the plants are all the pretty succulent, sweet potato vine and coleus colors!

  521. Alisia says:

    This year we are planning to add more yellow and purple so that it will pop against the black mulch we laid and the black shutters on our house :)

  522. Christina says:

    Well I’m starting with a blank slate this summer and since everything is neutral I’m thinking some bright blues and some fun prints, maybe staring with a Chevron print…

  523. Donna says:

    Burnt orange, red and yellow are my outdoor colors this year. Now I just need a green thumb so my flowers will stay alive!

  524. Katie says:

    I’m planning navy and coral for my wicker seating in the sun room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  525. Randi C says:

    Blue Green and Turquoise, I just love those colors! Those woven baskets in your picture have my name ALL over them!

  526. lisa says:

    I’m loving coral and navy!!

  527. This year I’m really drawn to softer tones reminiscent of watercolors as well as deeper richer jewel tones. I’m obsessed with mint, emerald, aqua, crisp white, deep navy, and neon. My style is eclectic so all those colors will be popping up in both my exterior and interior spaces. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway.

  528. Stacey Albee says:

    I’m painting my laundry room walls a bright creamy yellow, keeping open cabinets with pink and white patterned lining on the inside cabinet walls.

  529. Rowelyn perkett says:

    Going to use lots of plants (shrubs & hanging) outdoors to add colors and adding pops of teal, orange, yellows and whites.

  530. Ida says:

    I am re-doing my patio area and will be using red, yellow and blue (not sure if a light blue or navy). I would like to add fun stripes to the cushions I will be making for all the chairs! This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks!

  531. Donna says:

    I just potted the prettiest bright pink flowers this weekend. Now I need some new outdoor cushions to match!

  532. Sarah says:

    Planning to frame kids art in apple green, turquoise and orange!

  533. Catherine says:

    We have mostly neutral pieces in our home so this spring I’ve been adding accent touches in pink, blue and green for small pops of color.

  534. brenda says:

    I LOVE world market…..
    I would like to redecorate my front porch this season with calming blues and greens

  535. My colors this season, as always, are true blue, grey, and ochre. The difference is I’m going for large, contrasting prints. Thanks for the giveaway. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  536. Amy says:

    Turquoise and reddish-coral are my colors of choice this spring!

  537. Katie says:

    First year with actual furniture on the deck, and I’m all about orange! If only it will stop raining and get warm already so I can put out all the cushions, pillows, and plants!!

  538. Beth Popowski says:

    Limey green, reddish orange and white will be the colors this year!!

  539. Rachel says:

    We always are suckers for bright colors, so we’ve just finished painting our bathroom lime green, and we’re planning aqua blue and strawberry pink for other areas of our (currently very beige) new home!

  540. Misty says:

    Yellow and chartroose are going to be the colors I am accenting with inside my living room this year!

  541. Valerie J. says:

    Our home is a “camaieu” (Engl.?) of blues (bold navy in the entry and upstairs landing, pale greyish blue in the bedrooms and different shade of pale grey blue in the living room) and sand colors (yellow undertones) in dining room. I am adding some tangerine(orange-pink-red mix) pops this year starting with our front door. :)
    Wondering if the capiz hanging pendant from Worldmarket might work over a pull string lamp that is now in our living room (removed a closet but did not rewire everything and nightmare to find an attractive pull sting ceiling fixture! I might need to hack one).

  542. I am soooo in love with all colors inspired from the ocean! Sea blues, turquoise and subdued greens. :) Mix in some natural textures and you have one HAPPY girl!!!!

  543. becca h says:

    I know it’s still trendy but I still love the chevron pattern and will be adding several pops of color in my home. We just repainted our kitchen cabinets white and I love the way it’s freshened up the space and I can’t wait to see the rest of the home transform along with it! Great giveaway!

  544. Vickie says:

    My deck has black furniture so this year I will add accents of orange and dark purple.

  545. Ardi says:

    World Market is so fascinating. I’m liking turquoise, lime and coral in geometrics and florals.

  546. Shannon M. says:

    I absolutely love World Market!!! I would love to win this gift card!! Thank you!

  547. I’m decorating in turquoise geometrics!!

  548. Sharon says:

    Am trying to get away from my go to beiges and add a pop of color with organge and pink! Thanks for a chance to achieve that!

  549. Brynn says:

    I have no idea yet! Im loving the brights though, but I dont want to look too rainbow-y!

  550. LM says:

    I love World Market!!

    This year, I am drawn to yellow. Mix in some orange and green and I’ve got a party goin’ on! :)

  551. For me it’s turquoise and lime green outside, lots of blue and white inside. Thanks!

  552. Krista f says:

    Ohhh i love world market!!!!!

  553. Kelly says:

    I was just perusing their site yesterday and thinking how much I loved their outdoor pillows this year! I also adore their vintage inspired sort of Tolix industrial chairs! But what do you think of metal outdoor furniture? I am in Ohio and it gets pretty hot here. Would I be able to sit in one in August?

  554. Meghan W says:

    I have been gravitating towards navy, teal and white.

  555. Sam says:

    I’m starting with the new earth tones in Jacquard Products’ textile colors and decorating a new house with abstract art and fabrics that fit those tones.

  556. Christina M says:

    I’m really liking the chevron pattern this spring and am looking for ways to incorporate it into my decor.

  557. Jade says:

    Marine blue with touches of chartreuse and red.

  558. I love that place, and find it so dangerously good! I am using navy and white this year.

  559. Jennifer says:

    I love floral everything lately!

  560. Holly K. says:

    We are doing grey/turquoise/coral inside with morrocan and industrial elements. It is also starting to make it’s way outside!

  561. Jill says:

    Thank you for hosting give away…I am currently loving the coral and french blue…

  562. Ashley says:

    I’m loving bold floral patterns in neutral colors- grays and whites mainly, layered with blue and green.

  563. Lisa D. says:

    Pinks, whites and purples are in my flower beds. I use greens and would love to incorporate some blue into my cushions!

  564. Alicia says:

    I am wanting to start painting my house medium tan with dark brown shutters. I was thinking I would do turquoise accessories but I could really do anything with the tan and brown.

  565. Anu says:

    Orange and blue is in my radar to decorate with. flowers & otherwise.

  566. Pam says:

    I will be painting my house yellow this year and decorating with a mosaic tone

  567. andrea p says:

    Lately I’m loving happy yellows with aqua! Thanks for the great giveaway!! :)

  568. I have a brand new house and am working with teal, navy and coral. But because it’s new construction and at 11 months the builders will come and repair and repaint nail pops, etc back to builder’s white, I’m waiting to paint. So all my colors will be in my accessories -firing up the sewing machine right now!

  569. Rachel says:

    For inside the home my color palette is sage green and gray with hints of neon accents. I would love to win the gift card and update my throw pillows!

  570. Liz C. says:

    I really want to add Chevron in bright colors!

  571. Lauren says:

    I’m liking blues and greens.

  572. Gena in Texas says:

    I’m loving turquoise and yellow! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  573. I’m bring in more aqua to go with orange and a touch of bright green!

  574. Jennifer G. says:

    I’m adding lime and cool blue to neutrals on the back porch! Ready for the warmer weather to arrive!

  575. Ashley says:

    I’m looking for green!

  576. Sue H says:

    I like brights, so lime green, orange and purple!

  577. Courtney says:

    I’m thinking orange with a pop of turquoise!

  578. Katie says:

    Currently, we have reds and yellows in our outdoor space. I’m really drawn to the global insired accents at World Market though. Love World Market!

  579. Allison says:

    Hello! I’m doing cobalt and mint pots with coral flowers! cannot wait for summer!

  580. Lisa E says:

    Going to continue with the colors in my cushions I bought last year at Costco, with blues and greens on a background of brown. However, I’m thinking of incorporating some pops of Coral as well to freshen it up. After such a long winter and a spring that has felt like winter, here in the midwest, I’m looking for anything fresh to brighten things up!

  581. Meriam says:

    Turquoise and coral florals and geometrics. Love to shop at World Market!!!

  582. Lauren says:

    I am decorating with pink and green – my fav color combo! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  583. Katie S. says:


    I am decorating with gold, yellow, green, blue and trying to incorporate some red and pink too!!

  584. Rachel says:

    I am loving turquoise, coral, and yellow this spring!

  585. Danielle says:

    I’m always drawn to bright colors outside and neutral colors inside with small pops of color. I have a sun porch that desperately needs some World Market attention!

  586. Kathleen D. says:

    I am still loving the iKat/Chevron prints in shades of blue for outdoor pillows. I also want to incorporate yellows, reds and bright green. Small lantern lights to string along the patio and a garden stool. Oh, and lots of citronella candles to ward of mosquitoes!

  587. Michelle S. says:

    I’m decorating mostly in white and grey with blue and coral accents. What a fun giveaway! World Market is the best! Thanks :o)

  588. Jamie says:

    I am in the process of starting my back patio. I plan on using alot of Green and a spicy orangey red with accent colors mixed in. I have alot of ferns and green folage plants as well.

  589. Megan says:

    My favorite color is yellow. I love pops of yellow in decor it always looks so cheerful. I’m also color crushing on navy and white for the master redo.

  590. Paula says:

    I love white, orange, and yellow! Makes me smile!

  591. Shannon says:

    I working on adding some pillows with patterns-ikat, florals. I’ve been using your recent post on advice on this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  592. Kristen says:

    I’m usually a light/aqua blue with tapes and grays but I’m loving navy right now and trying to find ways to encorporate it. I’m also loving some floral/birds as well as the classic geometric shapes

  593. Tessa says:

    I was also in WM yesterday, and I loved all of the new Summer decor. The new Solano Outdoor Sectional was my favorite! Oh, how I just want to sprawl out on that comfy sofa on a warm Summer afternoon!

  594. Elisha D. says:

    I am loving colors from nature, especially light purples, greens and white. It just makes the whole house feel like spring.

  595. Julie says:

    I am loving navy and coral, or grey and yellow

  596. Alison Smith says:

    I am loving the oranges and bright blues.

  597. Brooke Carlock says:

    My outdoor pots are bright blue and I have bright reds, oranges, yellows and pinks for my flowers and my outdoor pillows. So fun!

  598. Melissa says:

    I am loving turquoise and orange!

  599. Brooke says:

    Outside I’m using a sea of blue colors, everything from cobalt to turquoise in glazed pots of varying sizes and heights and added a new bird feeder and bird house in blue also. Unfortunately, windy KS doesn’t allow for pillows and I’m hesitant to put a rug down considering my plastic Adirondacks keep sliding all over the deck :( Color has to come in the form of heavier items and I’m LOVING their chairs and the colorful stools. I would love to add some red or coral on the deck to carry my living area colors outside!

  600. Carlotta says:

    Loving some teal outside.

  601. Laura B says:

    I’m decorating with navy and white…I’ve got two little boys rooms to decorate. One is moving out of the nursery into his big boy room and the other is moving into the nursery, so we are changing it up a little for him.

  602. Jennifer O. says:

    Well, my daughter is getting married this year and I would like to have our deck and patio area to look super nice. I was thinking of blue striped cushions since they would blend in next to the pool water. Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card.

  603. Jennifer says:

    Just bought a new navy sofa so the accent colors I’m gearing towards are cream and some turquoise thrown in. I would LOVE a World Market gift card and know exactly what I would purchase with it. I’ve been eying the Cute as a Button Chair. Fingers crossed!

  604. Dina says:

    I am really liking turquoise, aqua, sea glass, etc for accents both inside and outside. I love red or orange to go with those colors for my flowers.

  605. Elizabeth says:

    Spring is taking WAY TOO LONG to arrive over here, so I’m thinking a nice goldenrod would be appropriate!

  606. Since red is my favorite color, I always have some red indoors and out, but I think this year I want to add some other bright colors to the mix. I love aqua and yellow mixed with red. I can’t wait to get started!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  607. I love that store! I was just there to wander and gaze and drool. What a wonderful place for inspiration. And I fell in love with those same color candle small hurricanes.

    I’m sticking with my favorites…blue, green, and yellow. “We” (Hubby) just finished the backyard sprinkler and drip systems, so now we are waiting for the concrete guy to pour our edging and a few concrete pads to extend the patio. Then some sod can go in…and we’ll enjoy it all summer long from the air-conditioned house!

    Living in Phoenix can be tricky…

  608. Jessica W. says:

    We just purchased our first house, so I am going crazy picking out furniture and outdoor decor! So far my outdoor color combinations are teal, yellow and lime but I’m wanting to add in some orange or coral to brighten it up some more. I love the pieces you picked out!

  609. Rachel Scott says:

    We are doing teal and orange for our colors. We need bright colors out here in West TX because everything is dead and brown from the drought.

  610. Jenn Baron says:

    I’m crazy in love with all shades of gray & chevron always catches my eye! :)

  611. Trudi McD says:

    Outside the colors pop! Lots of red, orange, yellow – bright colors reflecting our south Florida sun. Inside, neutral, soothing colors reign with pops of red. Gotta have my red:)

  612. meg says:

    Great picks!
    I always forget about World Market.
    I need to go there ASAP!

  613. mia says:

    turquoise, all things turquoise. :)

  614. Jen says:

    Pink and aqua!

  615. Kylie says:

    Lots of blue and purple flowers this year :)

  616. Pat F. says:

    Loving turquoise this year! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  617. Jessica says:

    I’m running with stripes this year.

  618. Jessica says:

    choosing florals with gray and coral colors!

  619. Patti Jones says:

    I am loving the orange and teal colors! Might even through in some greens depending on what I find. Love summer!

  620. Casandra says:

    I’m using white and martha stewart metallic glaze in mercury in large arrowed stripes (basically the zoom-in of a chevron pattern) to spruce up a unfinished round wood end table into a snazzy nightstand. :)

  621. Jill says:

    blues and corals all the way!

  622. Shannon Eaton says:

    We’re closing on a new house May 22nd…so I’m excited to even consider doing stuff on our big new deck!! I’ll lean towards bright colors, for sure

  623. HEATHER LEWIS says:


  624. Marcie says:

    Coral and Navy and crisp white! love the contrast.

  625. Beverly Halsey says:

    I’ve been searching for a chocolate brown and white stripe to put with a small turquoise print …. But that being said …I love all color and can be swayed to the colorful eclectic side of decor in an instant !

  626. Quin says:

    Thick orange and white stripe fabric sitting on a black and grey concentric rectangle patio. I’m feeling very graphic and bold.

  627. Terri says:

    Bright green, like the fresh new growth of spring.

  628. Carrie Eastman says:

    Im loving navy, mint and coral right now.

  629. Meg says:

    Seascape (bright blue) Rustoleum spray paint for a little metal table I keep on the patio for barbecue-ing…love World Market–just scored a great mirror I had been keeping my eye on there–for 50% off, yaaay!

  630. Melanie F says:

    We are doing blues and purples with our flowers but I always stick with beige and neutrals for my decorating… it calms me so much! Love all of your ideas. :)

  631. Lisa Sipe says:

    I am trying my hand at bright, colorful accessories for my subdued kitchen. Orange, blue, green, red, yellow. Thinking colors that make me happy!

  632. Shauna says:

    I just started working on our patio area, painting our furniture a light teal & bringing in pops of yellow & red in pillows & plants. I love World Market, thanks for the giveaway!

  633. Stephanie C. says:

    I am loving bright blues and greens, with just a splash of orange.

  634. Erica says:

    I’m decorating with aqua and orangey coral outside and I love it! I’ve gotten several things that were just right at World Market. But our upstairs needs an overhaul and that dresser you posted would be the perfect piece to get started!

  635. Stefanie D. says:

    blues and greens and black for your blog

  636. Melanie says:

    I haven’t decided yet! I’m pretty sure it will be navy and white, but I can’t decide what accent color I’m using. Maybe bright yellow? Perhaps turquoise? Both?!

  637. Shondra says:

    I’m loving gray and yellow right now, we just redid our guest room in those colors!

  638. Stephanie says:

    I’m doing teal and orange in one area and blue, gray and yellow in another. Love those chairs!

  639. Anna Flowers says:

    We are trying Robin’s Egg blue with lemon yellow for a change this year.

  640. Stefanie says:

    I will be adding some Caribbean sea inspired colors to our deck this summer. Lots of deep blues mixed with turquoise green!

  641. Lisa says:

    I’ve just redone a bathroom and bedroom and I painted Agreeable Gray SW; I absolutely love it as a new neutral, now just trying to find artwork for the bedroom and accent colors. I’m leaning toward sea glass, corals, and turquoise…

  642. Jules says:

    I love World Market. Turquoise and orange are my go to colors this summer!!

  643. Stacey M. says:

    I am working on my patio area and looking to do greens, reds with creme/beige.. Lots of plants with color.. Working with complementary patterns and dark woods. Love your blog, just recently stumbled on to it and have passed on to friends! Thanks for the giveaway..

  644. Tracy Napper says:

    I’m loving the teals/oranges. I love World Market – was just there on Sunday!

  645. Nicolle says:

    Orange and blue and a little red outdoors this year, that is if winter ever ends here in SD.

  646. SONIA says:

    I love Teal… with some bright pinks
    Love World Market

  647. kc says:

    I’m concentrating in my living room these days and am using teal, orange and yellow.

  648. Carrie M says:

    Loving the whole summer line at World Market. My living room is bright and cheery decorated in peacock colors so I’m really digging the color collection they have. I love to incorporate outdoor elements inside and make my front and porches feel relaxing-like your inside. Backwards, huh? But I love it! For the porches, I’m crushing on the bright colors-orange, pink, emerald green-decorating with lots of flowers, lanterns and outdoor rugs. On the lookout now for funky containers for flowers!. Can’t wait to stop in at World Market and see all the new stuff. My wallet and husband are already in protest!

  649. crystal says:

    anything jewel toned + multicolored! i literally have to restrain myself from browsing world market on a daily basis!

  650. cindy says:

    I have been wanting to get some lights from World market. This would really help!

  651. Jenngchicago says:

    Turquoise and navy – perfect poolside colors!

  652. Lori says:

    Citrus colors!!! Happy oranges, yellows and greens. I’m hoping it livens things up a bit!!

  653. Andrea T says:

    Don’t really have a color scheme for the outside area, but am concentrating on getting as many colors as possible planted in the garden. Love the English garden look – organized chaos!

  654. Jen says:

    Loving blues and greens right now!!

  655. Laura says:

    Citrus green, turquoise and yellow :)

  656. Martha P says:

    I just got a brass candelabra from an elderly relative. No one else wanted it, ugly, but after reading your blog, i knew i could do something with it! Found the post about the free brass chandy you painted white, wa-la! Thank you for so many helpful ideas that are rapidly making me a lady in waiting to the queen of spray paint.
    P.S. I am redecorating my family room using in Ikat fabrice that has red, yellow, green and aqua in it. bright and cheerful.

  657. Jen says:

    We’re building a new house and are supposed to close in 2-3 weeks. I am changing my whole color scheme and my new house will be decorated with turquoise, navy, and greens. I sure would love to go shopping at World Market!!!

  658. Alice says:

    I am loving some blues and whites and pops of yellow!

  659. Gabby says:

    I am kind of in love with yellow, red and turquoise right now. I’ve always loved exotic prints; even before I met my Nigerian in-laws who bring me loads of gorgeous clothing and art pieces from their country. World Market is one of my fave places; you are so sweet for offering a non-sponsored giveaway!

  660. Destiny says:

    Right now I’m going towards dark purples. But that could change!

  661. Liza Glick says:

    I love peacock colors right now!

  662. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all. I love the colors and there is a table there i’ve been DYING to buy :)

  663. Melissa says:

    Trying to bring in more yellows to pop against our mainly neutral family room

  664. EmilyR says:

    Citrus colors outside in our new backyard!

  665. Suzan says:

    I am loving bold geometric patterns in coral.

  666. Angie says:

    There’s green everywhere this year. On my walls, pillows, blankets. And of course, in the garden.

  667. Corrie says:

    Right now I’m in the middle of two different things- light and airy in our master bath and something darker for Evie’s big girl room.

  668. Heidi says:

    I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I’m getting ready to move in to a new house so I would love it to help me figure out what I’m doing.

  669. Heidi says:

    Well, I’d like to get some grass growing in the front yard so while I’m out there working on that, I’d love to put some cushions on an adirondack chair – one of the colors would have to be the apple green (gotta have green out there somewhere!)

  670. Kristin says:

    Hi Kate! I’m on the blue-and-white geometrics train right now. (I’ve never left the blue-and-white train, but the pattern changes occasionally.)

  671. Alana says:

    I am definitely loving orange this season!

  672. SMW says:

    Going with some big chevron stripes on the wall – just can’t decide between neutral and navy!

  673. Hallie says:

    I’m always a fan of paisley, and love me some teal/turquoise!!

  674. Jennifer says:

    Love, love, love World Market!! I tend to keep things pretty neutral, but when spring and summer come around so does the color. I love using entertaining decor/accessories in crisp whites, blues, greens, yellow and orange. Thanks for your generosity!

  675. Sabrina says:

    Scoping out chairs for the front porch – looking at bold jewel tones to compliment our blue house!

  676. Eileen says:

    I’m definitely into turquoise/aqua these days. Every accessory I buy is that color.

  677. Mary says:

    Pops of orange and turquoise inside. Outside, our deck is still covered with snow – bleh!! Once it goes, I’ll have a better idea of what I’ll do there!

  678. Lynelle says:

    I’m loving greens, so fresh for spring!

  679. Katie says:

    was JUST at world market in our city yesterday wanting to buy the Laguna patio set. Love love love. thank you for offering this! definitely want bright colors and chevron pattern :)

  680. Lisa says:

    I love World Market even though there are no stores in CT. I visited the store in Mountain View, CA while visiting a friend. I recently re-did my living room and love the blues and purples that are out there. Now I need some accents. Love your blog and website. You’ve inspired me to re-invent some furniture by painting it.

  681. Auntiepatch says:

    My patio set is black glass & metal and my swing is black so my cushions are going to be coral and turquoise. Or maybe teal. Haven’t decided yet.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love World Market. I could spend hours just walking around there.

  682. Julie Drake says:

    I am still loving the aquas and turquoises, but am thinking about a flirtation with purple. Perhaps in the bedroom?

  683. Laura says:

    I love anything chevron! I’ve got my eye on a few different things… deciding is the hard part!

  684. Lori says:

    Bright blue and apple green to brighten my neutral screen porch!

  685. Susan says:

    I am always partial to yellow but also have a lot of greens and blues in my near-the-beach home!

  686. Liz H says:

    Blues and greens, with some chevrons in there. So happy we can be outside again!

  687. Ashley R says:

    Burnt orange and aqua:) I’m loving my patio so far!

  688. Love world market! Navy and yellow with some crisp white are my go-to colors this year. Bring on Spring! :)

  689. Rose says:

    On a grey and yellow kick this spring.

  690. Kateann says:

    I’m working on this right now as the weather has been sooooo nice here in Marin. I think I’ve decided on sprucing up our patio furniture with emerald and rich blue pillows. I also want to find some pillows with prints. Love your blog!!!

  691. Ruth P. says:

    Brights! Florals! Paisley!

  692. Mary says:

    Just repainted most of the house-lots of blues and neutral greige on walls-use different accent colors in fabrics and linens depending on room. Outside I usually gravitate towards lime greens with any other colors in my containers…love this time of year bc containers are filled outside with new annuals!

  693. Rachele Slotman says:

    I Love turquoise and a tangerine color right now- hoping to bring that outside more too!

  694. reggie says:

    i am loving ikat and anything with blues greens and yellows are what i am loving right now.

  695. Susan says:

    My home in in woodsy setting with lots of brown and green, so I’m brightening it up with a bright blue wicker chair on my porch and other colorful accents in purple and lime green. My chair really needs a sassy cushion from World Market! Thanks for the give away, Kate.

  696. Lindsay says:

    My husband and I just bought our first home, so we are trying to figure out what styles work best inside, but we both agree on bright cheery colors outside. We love oranges, blues and greens the best.

  697. Holly M says:

    Redecorating my dining room, I’m using gray’s and blue’s. Love World Market!!

  698. Katie says:

    I’m loving stripes right now. I think I’m going to go for bright vibrant colors in stripes or maybe dots! I love decorating for spring/summer!!

  699. seleav says:

    having fun with items in gray and BM’s beach plum!!

  700. Michelle says:

    My backyard palette is mostly red and purple, with splashes of white and yellow. Last year however, a friend gave me a strappy-leaved plant, that just threw out the most gorgeous orange flowers. So I’m sprucing with orange for a change. So pretty!

  701. Emily V. says:

    Black and white stripes… little hints of blue here and there.

  702. Cindi says:

    Lots of yellow to add sunny color to my family room and fresh spring green!

  703. Kacee says:

    Anything bright! We are in the process of fixing up our backyard space!

  704. Janae says:

    happy and bright! mostly aquas and corals are being sprinkled through my house right now!

  705. sarah villa says:

    Hello! We just bought our home and will move in after we finish painting. We’re looking for a neutral-colored rug with a fun pattern….maybe moroccan or ikat (how original, i know).

  706. Meigh says:

    I’ve got a fun minty thing happening right now. I’m so over dark colors!

  707. sheela says:

    I am loving chevrons and ikat right now- preferably in teal and reds to brighten up the space

  708. Kasey says:

    I’m doing rust colored Bhakti prints, an redoing the coffee table with paint and patchwork gold leaf on top. Indian accents and orange and green througout.

  709. aubrey says:

    I’ve been very into the soft coastal colors this spring. I’m hoping to bring in pops of yellow outside shortly, whether it be pillows on our outdoor furniture, or flowers. Something yellow and happy!

  710. Kate says:

    I love ikat! I’d like to find a few colorful pillows to brighten up my living room.

  711. Kristin says:

    Ikat and ombre in every color possible!!!

  712. Wehaf says:

    Inside I’m using blues and greens, outside I’m using some bright red!

  713. Erin says:

    Orange and turquoise!

  714. Rebekah says:

    Blues and creams :)

  715. Michelle B says:

    Really drawn to turquoise right now!

  716. Jan says:

    Loving orange, green, & yellow!

  717. Caroline says:

    I love World Market too! I’m doing turquoise and kelly green outside.

  718. Tonya says:

    To be honest, I haven’t done anything different inside (no budget). Outside I’m leaning toward bright colors like oranges and reds!

  719. vel says:

    I’m still going for yellow and black, but might just add a pop of navy! :-)

  720. Ellen says:

    I’ve always loved blues and greens for decorating and I’m sticking to it!

  721. ANNA POTTER says:

    Purchased some patio furniture off CL-it’s an old, antique white set made in Poland.

    Refinished and repainted white. I want to add some blue tones to my outdoor deck…teals, emeralds, blue, yellow, and lime green. I’ve also got plenty of planters in a teal color and some with painted with chalkboard paint showing what’s in the pot (basil, cilantro, mint, etc.)!

  722. Regina says:

    We hardly had any good weather yet to get all wild in the yard, but so far we are still cleaning up the winter mess. Once we turn to the deck, we will decorate everything in a red and white color scheme: pillows, seat cushions, umbrella. I am thinking of adding an outdoor rug and maybe some accent placemats. I might add navy to the mix to keep it on the nautical palette….

  723. Bonnie P says:

    Turquoise and white are my cabin colours right now maybe I’ll pop in some orange. Thanks.

  724. Patricia Lipp-Strayer says:

    I’m hooked on orange and lime green right now! The “orange crush” began last summer for me, but the addition of lime green is new for me. And then I need to know….can I keep my “purple passion” too? I plan to!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love World Market. Lots of my outdoor furntiure is from there!!

  725. Melissa says:

    I just can’t shake my loves for stripes, specifically white and navy ones. I’m looking forward to mixing them with bright, loud, colorful patterns for the summer!

  726. Nydia F says:

    I want to decorate in chevrons and florals, i’m loving the turquoise and orange color combos. Thanks for being so fabulous!

  727. Cindy says:

    I always love green but have added some yellow and orange too in my home.

  728. Jacki says:

    Well, I am re-using the same outdoor decor that I have had for several years; red, taupe,and black.
    If the budget allows, I would like to add a set of drop cloth drapes on the deck. If I won the gift card, I would add some fun bright accessories to liven things up a bit!

  729. JennyA says:

    I am definitely into colors this year but only as accents, not on the main base pieces…loving the Moroccan/Global vibe this year as well!

  730. Val M says:

    I’m hooked on Ikat still, even though I’m sure that fad is already last season! I also am loving bright colors right now.

  731. Carol D says:

    I have cobalt blue in the kitchen, but have been adding some bright colors to complement it – green, orange….

  732. Renee S. says:

    I am redoing the master bedroom right now and I am using blues and greens. I love World Market!!

  733. Emily says:

    Ikat… always, always Ikat.

  734. Danica H says:

    Gray & turquoise!!!
    **crosses fingers**

  735. Joanne says:

    I’m loving purple and lime green for my outdoor colors right now, but looking outside, all I can see is WHITE, as it’s snowing AGAIN! Will spring ever come?!

  736. Jenny Southard says:

    Planning on lots of solid orange pops of color.

  737. Chetna says:

    Doing my living room with teal, navy, and orange!

  738. Laura McG says:

    Cobalt blue and lime green around the pool!

  739. Amanda S says:

    Lots of green!

  740. Cindy says:

    Right now I’m still in love with bright colors paired with crisp white. I love the cottage-y feel of bright colors along with the chance for the eyes to rest a bit with the white. I’m really digging that vibe!

  741. Morgan says:

    I am trying to bring the outdoors in by using blues and greens. I love World Market too!

  742. Blues and greens seems to be what I’m drawn to for outdoor decorating. They really play off the color of the pool.

  743. Eliza says:

    I just moved into a LARGE one bedroom from a teeny tiny studio and have been working to acquire all of the furniture I never needed below. So far, the color palatte is shaping up to be primarily navy, ivory and dove grey with accents of aqua, coral and mixed metallics to warm things up a bit. Like the trend in fashion for a few seasons/(years?) now, I LOVE layering patterns and textures in the home. Trellis, zebra, chevron; linen, leather, fur, metal, wood, give me more!

  744. Jessica says:

    Blues and greens on the patio with some watercolor-y accents!

  745. Jeni says:

    I’m using a lot of bright colors like turquoise to decorate my outdoor space!

  746. Veronica S says:

    Definitely going with some bright blues and yellows for my patio this year :)

  747. Jill in MN says:

    I love the aqua/turquoise colors that I am seeing.

  748. Heather H. says:

    oh my gosh, i don’t know – we just bought our house and haven’t done any decorating yet, but i know a trip to world market would provide some much needed inspiration!

  749. Holly R. says:

    I am loving orange with navy blue! I love the contrast of the two colors together and think they compliment each other well.

  750. Crystal says:

    Love the moroccan designs. I just bought a shower curtain with it to hang on my claw foot tub, but I’m thinking of stenciling the walls too!

  751. Nandini says:

    Navy and coral inspired by your oldest daughter room.

  752. Alexia says:

    I’m quickly realizing that I have a love for all shades of blue, green and turquois… and everything inside and outside are beginning to reflect that :)

  753. Dana says:

    I am drawn to so many colors this spring and we just moved to a new rental with a deck so i can’t wait to go buy furniture and accessories for my new space. I think the colors i will go with are coral, white and blue accents

  754. Coral and Navy will always hold my heart…this season at least!

  755. Jenny F. says:

    My husband is still in the process of building our back deck, but I’ve already chosen all of the decor (most from World Market) and have even purchased a few pieces – Our house is a light gray, green so I’m accenting with creams, grays and reds with lots of metal and wood furniture.

  756. Joey says:

    Decorating a girls room with blues, teals, greens…

  757. Cynthia says:

    I’m loving everything aqua right now! Thanks!

  758. Haley W says:

    I’m loving greys and corals right now!

  759. Kimmer says:

    I’m using blue/green/beige in the living spaces… but outside I’m going a little wild with reds/oranges and lime. Nothing like a splash of color to wake things up!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  760. ms.courtneyelaine says:

    With my upcoming move (more space, yeah!) scheduled for mid-May, I have already begun to create an “inspirations” folder of things I find online — thanks, Centsational Girl! to include some refurbished furniture I’ve had since I was a young girl. I can’t wait to try out the Paintable Wallpaper you shared that you used in your bedroom. I’m using lots of cool colors to decorate like purples, blues and greens plus mixing in texture pieces such as fun rugs that will create interest in the rooms.

  761. Robin Koch says:

    Purple seems to be the color I am painting everything right now, ideally Annie Sloan’s Emile. I am finding ways to pop that color all over my house!

  762. Alison says:

    Bright aqua & teal, with soft yellows & splashes of something bright like coral or orange :)

  763. Krista C. says:

    I’m loving grey, yellow and blue this year

  764. Christina Ehrlichman says:

    Ikat patterns in navy, teal and aqua are definitely catching my eye right now!

  765. Linda says:

    I seem to be drawn to turquoise, orange & hot pink – more exciting colors & options than ever before. I always see several things I want when I look at the World Market ad. I agree that the outdoor options are super. Even 1 something will give you a new pop of color in your outdoor living space.

  766. Olivia says:

    mints and corals and gold….so trendy, but i can’t help it!

  767. Lori says:

    I just made all new pillows for my sofa in a turquoise and white chain-link pattern and I’m in the process of adding touches of coral and white chevron. Bright and busy and I love it!

  768. Bev says:

    Doing our master bedroom in sea colors-blues and greens–and loving the new “watercolor” decor and fabric I am seeing available this spring.

  769. Sarah S says:

    ikat!!! I know its been trendy for a while now, but I hope it stays in style forever!

  770. Wendy R says:

    Ohhhh! Love World Market! I have been trying to find the time to just “pop” in but I know I’ll be there for hours. Thanks for your inspiration. You have a really fun blog!

  771. Niki Bradley says:

    I was not the biggest fan of emerald green – even though it’s the new “it” color. And then I bought a piece of artwork mostly colored in – you guessed it – emerald green. Now I’m really enjoying the pop of bright candy color and am working on pulling in pretty accents that match.

    Otherwise, I’m very neutral with decorating, with just little splashes of bright colors, particularly yellow!

  772. Rosalind R. says:

    I am finding myself being drawn to blues, greens, and yellows- inside and outside!

  773. Oranges, corals, and turquoise! Really loving outdoor pillows in Ikat design in these colors!

  774. debbi says:

    coastal blues and greens – so soothing and summery!

  775. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    I’m loving turquoise and coral or orange accents….which is so weird because I have red hair and have never before embraced orange! Yeah, I’m getting crazy this spring.

  776. Julie says:

    I’m decorating a girl’s nursery, so I’m going whimsical.

  777. Sara says:

    All the cool blues, coral, and yellow! All the gorgeous colors right now make decisions for our new house so exciting but so hard!

  778. Ari says:

    Blues and green in the dining/family room; multi-color in the dining room; red for the entryway; orange, beige and brown for the master bedroom.

  779. Liz says:

    I love the oranges, blues and yellows, especially for outdoors. (Orange and blue were our wedding colors, so carrying the theme in our backyard would be personally significant for my husband and I). The colors are bright and happy and reflect how the sun and summer warmth make me feel!

  780. Kimberly says:

    I am looooooving all the brights – especially the blue/green/yellow combo :)

  781. Megan says:

    I’m really liking the blue and mint combo lately.

  782. Heather W says:

    I am so loving teal, apple green, and coral right now. I just bought some new seating cushions yesterday with these colors in a fun chevron print. Can’t wait too add some more accessories and flowers!

  783. Kate says:

    I love the turquoise & tangerine combo (and just about everything from World Market).

  784. Sjohnna says:

    Still loving grey but now mixing with coral and/or oranges!

  785. I am loving native American + tribal prints right now. Arrows, feathers, etc. Also, Cost Plus, World Market is my all-time fave. They just need to change their name to one or the other: Cost Plus or World Market. :-)

  786. Grey says:

    Bright aqua and lime green outside on my back porch in solids—Coral, blues, yellow and green inside in solids and florals–Love bright happy colors! Nice giveaway!

  787. Amanda S. says:

    I am debating between blues/greens or stepping out of my box and going more bold with reds/oranges.

  788. Nina says:

    I have been loving bold aqua’s. But I am also loving the subtle blues that could look grey or green depending on the lighting.

  789. Lindsey says:

    I have been decorating with various shades of blue and am especially loving the ikat and ombre prints that are everywhere!

  790. Marta says:

    Our house is grey with white trim, so I love the contrast with yellows and purples. It’s beautiful!

  791. Melanie says:

    I love World Market! I’ve been jazzing up my neutral living room with bright blues and lime.

  792. Jennifer says:

    Inspired by you, I painted a side table in Rustoleum’s Night Tide (that perfect shade of peacock blue), which we now use to hold my son’s first fish tank. I’m now looking to add a few more pops of that color in the room, which seems like a color World Market would carry in spades!

  793. Jennifer says:

    Loving coral and turquoise accessories inside. I left the outdoor cushions out all winter (covered patio), so just need to vacuum them. Need new ones next year!

  794. Atiyya says:

    Turqoise, kiwigreen and tangerine.

  795. Melissa says:

    I’ve been gravitating toward all hues of blue this spring :)

  796. Chelsea says:

    Since i live in an apartment and don’t have an outdoors to decorate, I’m adding some grays and ikat indoors to bring in spring

  797. Usha says:

    I’m drawn towards teals and bright whites this summer! Also on the lookout for some great outdoor furniture!

  798. Aubree says:

    I am evolving from orange to coral – looking for the perfect coral to update our front door. Inside the house, I’m still using grays, but now adding texture (wood grain, stencils) to walls and furniture. Centsational Girl – your site makes me happy – my daily dose of DIY inspiration!

  799. Kris N says:

    Blues and greens and greys! :)

  800. Kelly M. says:

    Pinks and blues are my favorite this season, with pops of purple flowers. I love those bird napkins.

  801. Monika says:

    Orange accents inside and out!

  802. Valerie says:

    Im into the coastal living look! blues greens wood glass

  803. Doreen says:

    I am loving blues and greens. I wish World Market would open a store in Massachusetts!

  804. Lois says:

    On the prowl for outdoor furniture/decor in orange/pinks, greens and teals for a very small patio.

  805. KimberlyH says:

    I’ll be decorating with some bright green and blues- but this year I think I’m going to have to add in some bright corals because I’ve been LOVING it lately! Annnnd patterns of any kind that just scream summer!

  806. Chelsea says:

    I’m loving florals right now–and I love to mix them with geometric patterns. So this year in our living room, we have a jute rug with a smaller chevron rug on top, and then some floral pillows and accessories. Yay for spring!

  807. J says:

    Teal and coral :)

  808. Cher says:

    I’m decorating with greens, and staying away from ikat and chevron.

  809. Jennifer says:

    I’m loving green and purple. A true kelly green and a dark purple with touches of light blue to lighten it up a bit. I love WM there is always something new and fun in that store!

  810. tessa says:

    just painted our kitchen yellow, and are working at adding pops of tomato red as well as some orange and lime to complement and pay homage to our Fiestaware collection!

  811. Abby K says:

    I’m decorating with a darker shade of aqua. I was inspired by your blog on spicing up rented spaces and got a beautiful aqua quilt for our bedroom. It transformed the space! Now I just need accents to finish it off. Fingers crossed for this gift card. :-)

  812. Melissa says:

    My outside colors are in yellows, blues and oranges. I would love to do a little updating inside but not sure what to match up to with my copper drapes in my family room. any ideas???

  813. April says:

    I’m liking the teals and corals with solid and geometric patterns!

  814. hill says:

    I’m loving throw pillows with bugs on them, like the one featured in the first photo!

  815. ohhhhh ….. for outside I want to go with a coral/boho look . . . this would help : )

  816. Neely Brown says:

    Corals!! LOTS LOTS LOTS of patterns!

  817. Jeni T says:

    Gotta go orange and geometric for a fun modern vibe!

  818. Nancy S says:

    I’ve picked up a few new things this year with the geometric patterns on them. This surprised me, especially since they were in greens & yellow.

  819. Michelle says:

    I’m watching myself being drawn to anything with birds on it these days!

  820. Brooke says:

    I’m looking for delicate paisleys in white, green, and aqua :)

  821. Kelly says:

    I’m really into geometric patterns and botanical prints right now.

  822. Jana Whipple says:

    I picked up four blue seahorse napkins at World Market which I plan to make into pillows with a pale yellow pattern for the cushions for an outdoor table. I am thinking of continuing the turquoise and pale yellow theme except every time I go into the World Market I get new ideas and change my mind!

  823. Courtney says:

    Looove World Market. I’ve been adding some red and orange touches around the house lately.

  824. Carrie says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love pillows in soft blues and greens with pops of yellow, all against a neutral backdrop. Love your blog–so inspiring!

  825. Deborah says:

    Red, red, and more red! Red florals, stripes, dots…just give me red.

  826. Tara says:

    I am more into solid colors like greens and blues! Anything but WHITE. As much as I love white, it now only reminds me of all the snow we STILL have and how I want spring to get here soon!

  827. Laura says:

    Decorating my new house inside and out w/turquoise and red, grounded with some earth tone neutrals. I bought these curtains from World Market and they inspired our new eat-in-kitchen area: I have to order everything online since we don’t have their stroes around here in New England. Next trip I take out West though and a shopping trip is on the list! :-)

  828. Rachel says:

    I’m working on adding color and texture to our bare living room.

  829. Nem says:

    I love greens! Green this, green that.. It really makes my backyard feel more vibrant and forestlike.

  830. Erin says:

    I just painted over my quatrefoil stenciled living room in navy blue to do an eclectic gallery wall. So I guess my “pattern” would be bohemian thrift store? I did buy a beautiful damask rug from Home Depot. I’ll never think damask is not hip!

  831. Liz says:

    I really love Moroccan patterns for both inside and outside the house.

  832. Whitney says:

    I have a completely empty deck that I’d love to decorate with some reds, aquas, and greens.

  833. Paula says:

    I am loving periwinkle blue this year – I want to get some outdoor cushions in this color!

  834. Kerry says:

    Loving yellow patterns right now for a summer update to my living room! I’ve been meaning to stop in World Market so thanks for the preview!

  835. amy says:

    I’ve been using a yellow ikat fabric to redo chairs. Happy and bright!

  836. Carolyn G. says:

    I am using different shades of blue…peacock, sky, navy…in different rooms. The living room has (literally) peacock accents (including framed peacock feathers) with the neutrals that dominate. In the dining and family rooms I’m adding touches of sage and sky blue, which feel like spring to me.

  837. Jean Gogolin says:

    I seem to have passed through my peach and bright Mexican phases and entered a new one — off white, pale aquamarine, and a few punches of chocolate brown. Yum.

  838. Julie says:

    Using turquoise and red for fun patio accent pieces.

  839. Jennifer P says:

    We’re decorating with stripes! Blues & greens are the main colors, but I try to work some pink in places too (since it’s my favorite color, but my husband is not a fan)

  840. Karen M. says:

    Outdoors I have chosen, turquoise, orange and cream.

  841. Amanda says:

    Honestly, I have no idea how I’m going to decorate outside yet. Spring is just barely breaking in Buffalo, NY (we had snow this weekend)! I did pick up a beautiful teal side table recently though…

  842. Rachel says:

    I’m starting a myriad of new projects around the house (now that I don’t have someone else complaining about!) I have really come to love turquoise and maroon.

  843. Brittany says:

    We are starting to decorate our porch for the first time! We are looking at using bright green and sea foam green with some neutrals for our outdoor escape. We want to surround the space in plants and flowers and create an oasis we can enjoy evenings and on weekends. We are itching to get started decorating!

  844. Amber says:

    We are decorating with yellows to brighten things up!

  845. Julie D says:

    For outdoors I’m liking wood tones, red, turquoise, and navy.

  846. Rita Dee says:

    We’re in the process of re-painting our home’s interior, changing from warm, sunny yellow to cool, clean gray and white with pops of bright colors like yellow and aqua!

  847. DJ says:

    I have been gravitating towards navy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  848. Angie says:

    I tend to gravitate toward cool colors. Right now I am am working on my masterbedroom. Painted the walls a soft gray, am puchasing white bedding, and will probably accent with blues and greens.

  849. Stephanie Pope says:

    We just moved into our new house & have had a ball picking out paint, easiest decorating anyone can do. What color can do. We chose a bluish/green wall color for the dining & sitting room, distance-by Behr & will be accenting with peacock feather wall paper or a mural (can’t decide). Can’t wait to enjoy the sheer richness as we catch up on the events of the day! In the kitchen we chose Silver mink by Benjamin Moore & will accent with Sunray yellow ( good old Ben Moore) doors & textiles on the window seat to mingle the two. Can’t wait!!

  850. Taryn says:

    I’m still completely in love with Moroccan tile patterns (have been for years) and want to go with a more global feel for my outdoor deck this year. I’m thinking turquoise, pink, and green for the color palette.

  851. Kimber says:

    I have been liking turquoise and red inside. Maybe I need to bring them outside too!

  852. Von Ann says:

    Sunflower yellows and greens with a touch of red. Would love that ladybug pillow, would fit right in. Can’t wait to get out and enjoy the outside.

  853. Lorna says:

    Since we have a big bright blue pool, I’ve been accenting the surrounding seating area with reds and oranges. Up on the deck, though, I want to use cooler blues and greens for al fresco dining and long summer evening conversations.

  854. Catherine says:

    We’re moving this summer, so I’ll be doing lots of decorating! I’m planning to use blues and greens throughout the main living area, whites and yellows in the master, and possibly red outside.

  855. Rhonda K says:

    I have been considering a change for my bedroom. The other day, during a Target walkthrough, my husband mentioned that if the bedroom was on my “list” for a change, he’d like to see gray, black, white in there. Imagine my shock when after 22 years of marriage, he uttered a decorating preference! I am now on the lookout how to incorporate his request with my love of color. I love the bright “punches” of color in my house but I have not one room in his color request! Since this is the first request he’s ever offered, would like to make it work. Would love help with this one!

  856. Sheela says:

    I always love orange, yellow, and blue, so that’s reflected in a lot of my decorating. Thanks for the giveaway!

  857. I am always into turquoise and lime green. And I am thinking of doing my guest room in navy and coral like the one you did!

  858. Michelle says:

    I am loving Orange and trying to place a pop of orange color throughout my house this spring! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  859. Rebecca says:

    i love geometrics in teal, mint, and coral

  860. Dee says:

    I le the brass pendant , would love to convert it into a chandy

  861. Virginia says:

    I love the nautical blues and yellows and will add them to the outside deck this year.

  862. Christy says:

    Sea colors: turquoise, midnight blue, sand and cream. Inside and out!

  863. Tanya says:

    I’ll be using greens and blues, with maybe a pop of yellow or orange!

  864. Suzanne says:

    Red is still an exciting color to me. This year the deck needs to be power washed and my thought is to stain it in a red and brown harlequin pattern (house is stained brown; trim is red) and use red pillow accents and umbrella. Great colors that look warm nestled here in the woods….