I Need To Discuss Downton

February 25, 2013

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since the finale here in the States and I know most of us are caught up on the drama, but as an Official Downton Abbey Addict I must share some thoughts on Season Three.

Matt and I watched the first two seasons together but this time we watched it separately, me at first all by myself kept company by a bag of popcorn and with each episode awaiting every character’s lines and plot turns.

With him, I watched Season 3 the second time yes, the second time  while he was the one carefully listening for the brilliant lines and plot turns, I was eyeing the fashion and interiors and the subtleties uttering out loud things like “oooh, that writing desk” and “oh the beading on that dress” much to his annoyance.

So I have to get these thoughts off my 21st century chest since I love this show so much and I’ve been saving these snapshots for weeks and weeks, but first:


Do not read this post if you’re not caught up on the entire season!!!

May I begin? First of all the hats! The hats this season were so amazing, my compliments to the milliners, I especially loved the plumes on Shirley’s head.

hats downton abbey

plumes on downton

downton abbey hats

edith and cora hats

downton abbey hats on ladies


Did you notice the differences in the way they dressed Mary and Edith this season? The hair and clothing always more subdued and traditional on Mary and modern on Edith even in their wedding gowns – who do you think wore the dress and heirloom diamond headband best? They were both pretty but I liked Edith’s look a bit more, I was always rooting for her, despite the dramatic jilting.

diamond headband downton abbey

edith and mary gowns


Here’s Edith with Aunt Rosamund, I think redheads look beautiful in apricot and all shades of green, well done on the wardrobe for both.

edith and aunt rosamond

edith in green and apricot downton abbey


And speaking of Aunt Rosamund, I want to see much more of her house in London in Season Four after this quick peek with those dramatic black walls.

aunt rosamunds house in london


My favorite fashion moment was at the christening, with all the ladies of Downton dressed in hats and dresses in shades of lavender. I think we’ll see much more of these shades in fashion and interiors this year, don’t you?

shades of lavender on crawley women

downton abbey christening


Here are a few shots of some of the main living spaces I captured through the season:

Entry Hall:

entry hall downton abbey

entry downton abbey

entry rug


The morning breakfast room – I read that the middle painting of King Charles I alone is worth many millions . . .

morning breakfast room

breakfast room downton abbey


The Library with its two red velvet sofas, writing desks, and one scene where Lord Grantham is dense and in denial about the way Downton is run:

library red sofas downton abbey

library at downton

matthew and robert in library

library downton abbey


Isobel’s Drawing Room is my favorite, painted in a pale blue and trimmed with yellow brocade curtains and gold framed art.

isobels drawing room

isobels drawing room downton

isobels drawing room on estate

isabels drawing room downton abbey


Sybil’s wallpapered nursery:

sybils nursery downton

sybill nursery and crib


Matthew and Mary’s traditional bedroom with deep forest green walls:

matthew and marys bedroom downton

mary and matthews room downton


The drawing room at Downton:

drawing room

 downton drawing room


The Scottish Highlands Estate in the final episode:

entry scotish estate

scotland estate downton abbey

guest room scotland estate downton


And because I couldn’t resist, my most favorite lines of Season Three:

“He didn’t tell me Mrs. Patmore, you did” says Carson the butler when she inadvertently lets it slip that Mrs. Hughes has been tested for cancer.

you did mrs pattmore


Lady Grantham telling Mrs. Hughes who is worried who will care for her because she thinks she might have cancer: “The answer is here and we will.”

the answer is here and we will


When Thomas learns that Sybill has died, he breaks down and says “In life not many have been kind to me, she was one of the few.”  A rare display of Thomas’ good side.

she was one of the few


“Nothing succeeds like excess” says the Dowager to Mary as they conspire to show off so that Cora’s wealthy American mother will save Downton with her fortune.

nothing succeeds like excess


“My mother-in-law has been kind enough to invite you to dine, and I’ll not let you snub her” says Tom to his rough-around-the-edges brother who is visiting Downton.

branson mil comment downton


“Seems a pity to miss a good pudding.” says the Dowager when Lord Grantham demands they leave Isobel’s luncheon upon learning Ethel was a former prostitute.

seems a pity to miss a good pudding


“You cannot want your only granddaughter to grow up in some gahrage with a drunken gorilla” followed up by “That is an easy caveat to accept because I am never wrong.”

drunken gorilla comment dowager downton


The Dowager’s response to Edith’s offer for a position as a journalist: “I do think a woman’s place is eventually in the home, but I see no harm in her having some fun before she gets there.”

dowager have fun comment downton abbey


Speaking in that maternal way, Mrs. Hughes comforts Tom, “You’ve done well and Lady Sybil would be so proud…but you must be your own master.”

mrs hughes and branson downton


My vote for four best moments:

The agony + wordless emotion by Maggie Smith – she is brilliant.

dowager in mourning


Happiest moment tie: in-law happiness at the cricket match …

downton cricket match

. . . and The Birth

birth of crawley baby downton


Most charming moment award!  Carson comforting baby Sybil

carson and sybill


Okay, I’ve finally got it all out and feel much better. Now you. What were your favorite characters, plot twists, and lines from Season Three?

And what do you think will happen in Season Four? Do you think Edith will transform into a modern city girl while wealthy widow Mary clings to tradition at Downton?  Will Alfred become an assistant cook to Mrs. Patmore? Will Tom or Mary ever find love again? Will the “slippery soap” incident be revealed and O’Brien get the boot? Dish!



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  1. rachel says:

    I realize killing Matthew off was necessary because of the actor not renewing his contract, but honestly. Killing off two main characters is just a bit much in one season! It feels like the whole dynamic of the show will change and I hate when it is such a drastic shift.

    I love the integrity of Ms. Hughes, Mr. Carson and Isobel. They are so honest and genuine and caring and it just makes me feel like modern day life has lost something!

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